Posted: 9 December 2013  |  Supplied by: AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd

PAC IRIS Software for lab instrument data integration

Phone: 03 9017 8225

PAC has launched its instrument data integration software designed specifically for PAC laboratory instruments. IRIS Software provides users with the advantage of connecting their PAC laboratory instruments and managing these instruments, including gathering and analysing test data and communicating results, from a single computer.

The product is said to improve laboratory efficiency as the software has the same look and feel across all instruments, which reduces the amount of training needed when working with multiple software platforms. In addition, it can perform data reprocessing without re-running a sample, which increases laboratory productivity.

The software is compliant with security and quality protocols. It includes password protection at multiple levels and user traceability. This helps ensure that the laboratory instrument data is secure and only accessible to authorised people within the user’s organisation. Integrated statistical process control charting is also available for many instrument models.

The software has numerous plug-ins (PAC instruments it connects to) including the Herzog OptiDist, ISL PMD 110, Herzog HVM472, ISL VIDA and many more. All IRIS plug-ins include a results section to view previously completed tests, a run control section that displays real-time instrument data, a reports section to print reports, a LIMS connection to automatically transfer data and an online manager to allow web-based control of the software and remote data access.

Some plug-ins have more advanced features, including the ability to start a test, to define upper and lower limits and targets, to define the test results from a sample test as a standard to compare to other test results, or for users to modify units of the instrument parameters. With its adaptable configurations, the product offers flexibility to each laboratory.

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