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  • Kartell tissue grinders and serrated pestles
    The Kartell range of labware includes a range of different sized tissue grinders and serrated pestles. Completely transparent and suitable for grinding vessels, the product is coupled with the serrated pestles to have a precisely controlled grinding clearance.
  • SSI UltraFlux RT sealing film
    UltraFlux RT is a clear polyolefin film suitable for real-time PCR.
  • Kartell test tube racks
    The Kartell range of plastic labware includes a variety of test tube racks, designed to fit test tubes in an extensive range of sizes from most manufacturers. Most of the racks are made from polypropylene, which features high resistance to most alcohols, alkalis and acids.
  • Greiner Bio-One biobanking tubes
    Biobanking tubes from Greiner Bio-One are designed to fit more samples in less space. With secure seals, robust walls and medical-grade polymers, the range protects samples from evaporation, leakage and the rigors of cold storage and thawing processes.
  • GermanRepRap X400 3D printer
    GermanRepRap's X400 3D printer meets the requirements of professional construction and development departments for prototyping, as well as small batch production. Made in Germany, the product utilises OpenSource technology.
  • Duran Youtility laboratory bottle system
    Duran laboratory bottles are widely used in scientific research for activities such as sampling, storage, mixing and sterilisation of liquids. The Youtility bottle system addresses the critical issues of safe handling and bottle identification through the systematic design of the individual components.
  • BD Falcon culture slides
    BD Falcon culture slides provide a suitable surface for any study requiring a small, accessible culture area. In-situ analysis allows the user to culture cells in a plastic chamber affixed to a specially prepared glass microscope slide and then analyse them on the slide.
  • Eppendorf Tube 5.0 mL system
    The Eppendorf Tube 5.0 mL system is suitable for samples in the 2-5 mL range. The product provides simple, practical and ergonomic single-hand operation.
  • Duran 10 mL laboratory glass bottle
    Duran has produced a miniature size 10 mL bottle. This is a suitable size for the testing of products.
  • AMSL Stand Up Bag
    The AMSL Stand Up Bag is a suitable alternative to hard plastic specimen jars, beakers and bottles. They can be used for sample collection, transport and testing.
  • Pyrex media-lab bottles and connection systems
    The latest range of Pyrex wide-mouth media-lab bottles is now available. Manufactured from Pyrex borosilicate glass for chemical and thermal resistance, each bottle features a GLS80 screw thread with a wide internal neck diameter, aiding filling and pouring of powders and viscous liquids.
  • AMSL Stand Up Sample Bags
    Stand Up Sample Bags store flat and, when ready for use, the special gusseted bottom flattens out, allowing the bag to stand up without the need for a rack or holder.
  • New Brunswick CelliGen BLU 5 L packed-bed vessel
    The New Brunswick CelliGen BLU 5 L packed-bed single-use vessel is preloaded with 150 g of Fibra-Cel discs and ready to use out of the box.
  • Mettler Toledo 100 mL Hastelloy Pressure Reactors EM20-100-HC and EM60-100-HC
    The 100 mL Hastelloy Pressure Reactors EM20-100-HC and EM60-100-HC are designed for use with the EasyMax, the synthesis workstation which enables the development of robust chemical processes at lab scale.
  • Phenomenex Tabless Tube Holder accessories for SPE sorbents
    Phenomenex has introduced two Tabless Tube Holder accessories for its Strata and Strata-X lines of silica-based and polymeric solid phase extraction (SPE) sorbents. These accessories hold SPE tubes in 96-well spacing to integrate with automated systems.
  • DKSH Australia LabSource plasticware range
    DKSH Australia has launched its own brand of laboratory products - LabSource, a range of commonly used products featured in labs around the country.
  • Xenon Corporation Sinteron 2010 sintering system
    Warsash Scientific delivers even greater flexibility for sintering conductive Cu and Ag metallic inks, curing thin-film substrates and for solar and surface modifications with the Sinteron 2010 from Xenon Corporation. The product allows for digitally programmable pulse widths, making it very flexible and valuable to process development.
  • Duran GLS 80 wide neck bottle in 250 and 3500 mL
    The Duran GLS 80 wide neck bottle has an 80 mm opening. The wide neck, along with a blue screw cap and pouring ring, allows for optimum filling, pouring and cleaning, while the quick release closure allows the bottle to be opened and closed in less than one turn.
  • VWR carboys
    VWR Carboys are a fluid handling system with an ergonomic design and versatile cap technology, which are claimed to make the product easy to use and to clean.
  • Interpath Services S600 MultiRack
    Available from Interpath Services, the S600 MultiRack preassembled autoclavable rack can be used for a wide range of applications in any laboratory.
  • Kartell heavy-walled carboys and aspirators
    Kartell has updated its heavy-walled carboy and aspirator range, to improve performance and renew the design.
  • Waters TruView LCMS certified vials
    TruView LCMS certified vials are low-adsorption sample vials certified for LC/MS/MS analyses where analyte concentrations are of the order of ng/mL or pg/mL and where analytical sensitivity and accuracy are critical.
  • Greiner CELLview glass-bottom dish
    Greiner has developed the CELLview glass-bottom dish that combines the convenience of a standard 35 mm disposable tissue culture dish with the optical quality of glass, providing high-resolution microscopic images of in vitro cultures.
  • Greiner Bio-One Advanced TC tissue culture vessels
    Greiner Bio-One has released a range of Advanced TC tissue culture vessels for the propagation of fastidious cells like primary or sensitive cells as well as cells cultivated under restricted growth conditions.
  • Kimble Chase heavy-duty laboratory glassware
    Kimble Chase offers a selection of glassware with thicker, highly uniform walls for increased safety and durability in demanding laboratory applications
  • Duran Pure glass bottle range for pharmaceutical packaging
    The Duran Pure glass bottle is covered with a dust cover during the production process to avoid contamination of the inner surface of the glass bottle during transportation. Glass properties are type I according to USP <660>, EP 3.2.1 and JP 7.01 Method 1.
  • Eppendorf LoBind Tubes and Plates and epT.I.P.S. LoRetention pipette tips
    Laboratory consumables from Eppendorf feature high purity levels, the absence of additives which could influence assay results and minimised sample-to-surface binding, so meeting the needs of scientists using tips, tubes and plates for routine assays or specialised work with sensitive samples.
  • Corning HyperStack cell culture vessel
    The HyperStack Cell Culture Vessel is the latest addition to Corning’s High Yield PERformance (HYPER) Platform. This product line combines the best of two Corning products; the CellStack Culture Chamber and HyperFlask vessel. The use of gas-permeable film technology in the CellStack Culture Chamber allows the HyperStack vessel to be an efficient, scalable cell culture vessel for adherent cell culture.
  • Kartell polypropylene hose connectors
    Kartell manufactures a wide range of hose connectors suitable for use with the full range of the company’s hoses.
  • ThalesNano O-Cube flow reactor
    The ThalesNano O-Cube flow reactor has been designed to take the risk out of ozonolysis and other low-temperature reactions and enables chemists of any level to safely perform ozonolysis in a laboratory environment while achieving the same results.
  • ThalesNano H-Cube Pro flow hydrogenation reactor
    The ThalesNano H-Cube Pro flow hydrogenation reactor, an upgrade to the H-Cube, has been designed to provide higher throughput and enhanced control, a wider temperature range and greater chemistry capabilities. It retains H-Cube features including fast reactions, safe high-pressure hydrogen generation from water, catalyst cartridges and ease of use and improves on them. The H-Cube Pro features active cooling for more selective reactions and a user-friendly interface.
  • Schott Duran GL 25 and GL 45 premium caps
    Designed to fit on all Schott Duran laboratory bottles, the GL 25 and GL 45 premium caps are made from TpCh260 with a PTFE coated silicone seal.
  • Worldwide Glass Resources specialty vials
    Worldwide Glass Resources specialises in the manufacture of chromatography vials, sample vials, specialty vials, custom vials, microwave vials, crimp top and screw thread headspace vials, shell vials and tubes. A wide range of accessories including lined closures, aluminium seals and inserts is also available.
  • Kartell 2010-11 catalogue for tubing and hoses
    Kartell manufactures a selection of tubing and hoses suitable for a wide range of laboratory uses.
  • Interpath Services cryoware range
    Interpath Services is now offering a range of cryoware to assist users to assure sample integrity in cold-storage environments.
  • Duran 125 mL narrow neck Erlenmeyer flasks
    Duran has added a 125 mL intermediate size flask to its range of narrow neck Erlenmeyer flasks. There are now a total of 13 different sizes in the range.
  • Duran GL45 screw cap connection system
    The connection systems for Duran laboratory glass bottles have been expanded to include the GL 45 screw cap with two hose connections.
  • Thermo Scientific Nalgene Mr Frosty freezing container line
    The Thermo Scientific Nalgene Mr Frosty line of freezing containers now accommodates 3.6, 4.5 and 5.0 mL cryotubes. Designed for use with the complete range of Nunc and Nalgene cryogenic storage tubes, the Mr Frosty portfolio provides a flexible solution for any tube size. The freezing containers are safe, easy-to-use and enable simple cooling of samples at an optimal rate of -1°C per minute, effectively maintaining cell viability. Requiring only 100% isopropyl alcohol and a mechanical -70 to -80°C freezer, the containers are suitable for any laboratory requiring cost-effective and repeatable cryopreservation of cells.
  • Schott Duran GL45 laboratory glass bottles
    Schott Duran has extended the range of volumes available in its GL45 laboratory glass bottles to include 150, 750 and 3500 mL bottles.
  • Kimble Chase KimCote coated glassware
    Kimble Chase KimCote coated glassware protects users while improving laboratory productivity. The glassware coating adds a measure of safety to the glassware user.
  • Syrris Atlas Potassium Pressure System
    Syrris has launched the Atlas Potassium Pressure System, a modular 3 bar pressure reactor. With the ability to be controlled automatically or manually, this easy-to-use system can be supplied with glass vessels ranging from 100 mL to 3 L, which can be changed in less than 1 min.
  • Biotix biodegradable reagent reservoirs
    Biotix biodegradable reagent reservoirs have an SBS footprint and are suitable for general or high-throughput applications with lot-specific certification, bar-code traceability and RNase, DNase, pyrogen, endotoxin, nucleic acid and trace metal-free status. The reservoirs are also compatible with multi-channel pipettes and robotic grippers, and have a wide chemical compatibility.
  • Duran baffled Erlenmeyer flasks
    Duran baffled Erlenmeyer flasks are claimed to reduce cell growth, due to limited oxygen transfer, and cause a turbulent flow which increases the gas exchange surface.
  • Simport FlexTainer C590 containers
    Simport FlexTainer C590 containers are expandable accordion-type jugs which flatten down for easy transport. The containers are suitable for carrying and storing numerous types of fluids and are suitable for use in any laboratory.
  • Thermo Scientific 8-channel decapper
    Thermo Scientific has released an 8-channel decapper for handheld capping and decapping of multiple tubes in a 96-well microplate footprint. With the ability to remove and replace screw caps with precision and ease, the time-consuming task of manually capping and decapping, as well as the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI), are eliminated.
  • Excel Scientific sealing films on rolls
    To facilitate high throughput automation, Excel Scientific has introduced sealing films on rolls for its adhesive products. They are suitable for use in large laboratories and with automated systems, and are a cost-effective alternative to individual seals.
  • Wheaton Cryoelite polypropylene cryogenic vials
    Wheaton has introduced the Cryoelite polypropylene cryogenic vials for cryopreservation of biospecimens for long-term storage and the efficient traceability for future retrieval.
  • Kartell Safety Box (Art. 569)
    The Kartell hermetically sealed Safety Box (Art. 569) is a closed system designed to protect users during transportation or elimination of potentially biological hazardous material. The box is 330 x 175 x 180 mm and for extra stability Kartell’s Test-Tube Racks (Art. 563, 564, 565, 566, 567 and 568) can be carried inside the box to hold potentially infected substances stored in test tubes or other similar containers.
  • Duran Super Duty beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks
    For mechanically demanding work, Schott has added Super Duty beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks to its Duran product range.
  • Schott Conturax Pro non-round glass tubing
    Schott Conturax Pro non-round glass tubing is made from Duran borosilicate glass.
  • Smeg GW3060 laboratory glassware washer
    The Smeg GW3060 laboratory glassware washer features precise, dual peristaltic dosing pumps to ensure long-term, reliable cleaning results. The ergonomically designed membrane keypad allows adjustment of all significant parameters quickly and, with the addition of the new optional LAN connection, remote centralised control and monitoring are possible.
  • National Scientific Mass Spec Certified Vials
    Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced the new National Scientific Mass Spec Certified Vials, which are cleaned and tested as standard.
  • Lomb Scientific Tygon Laboratory Tubing
    Tygon Laboratory Tubing handles most inorganic chemicals in laboratories and is claimed to be the most consistently reliable tubing for the transfer of liquids and gases.
  • Radley Reactor-Ready Lab Reactor
    Radley’s Reactor-Ready Lab Reactor is a multi-volume jacketed reaction station for chemical synthesis or process development.
  • Tenak ULT freezer storage racks and boxes
    Tenak offers economically priced racks and storage boxes for chest and upright freezers, and cryogenic storage systems including ultra low temperature (ULT) systems.
  • BD Vacutainer Rapid Serum Tube
    BD Diagnostics’ Preanalytical Systems has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance for the BD Vacutainer Rapid Serum Tube, a blood collection device designed to help acute healthcare facilities rapidly analyse blood serum for patient diagnosis.
  • Greiner Bio-One Datamatrix Barcode Cryovials
    Greiner Bio-One has introduced 2D Datamatrix Cryovials for simple and accurate sample identification.
  • Laser-coding system
    A laser-coding system enables glass containers for parenteral use to be clearly coded at the glass syringe manufacturer and tracked from production to end user, enabling a track and trace system and reducing mix-ups of syringes and batches. It also counters drug counterfeiters.
  • Microscope slide boxes and mailers
    Kartell produces a range of high-impact polystyrene microscope slide boxes with slots that are well spaced for easy handling of 76x26 mm slides. Each slot is clearly numbered and can be cross-referenced with corresponding index card. Lids are totally removable. 25, 50 and 100 place boxes are available and the 50 and 100 place boxes have locating lugs for easy stacking.
  • Racks
    As an extension to its comprehensive range of racks, SSI (Scientific Specialties Inc) has released the Revolver Rack.
  • PET media bottles
    Greiner Bio-One PET (polyethylene terephthalate) Media Bottles are non-cytotoxic, non-pyrogenic and are free of RNase, DNase and human DNA.
  • Single-use bioreactor
    The Mobius CellReady 3L Bioreactor is a ready-to-use three-litre bioreactor which demonstrates all the benefits typically associated with single-use processing, while incorporating standard design features familiar to customers already using benchtop, stirred-tank bioreactors.
  • Sample homogenisation
    The IKA Ultra Turrax Tube Drive allows the user to homogenise samples in individual, closed tubes.
  • Funnel to solve 'open waste container' problem
    Safety ECO Funnels claim to solve the 'open waste container' problem in your laboratory by reducing exposure to hazardous waste and preventing toxic chemical evaporation.
  • Engineering plastics for the medical industry
    Dotmar can offer an extensive range of medical-grade thermoplastics that meet strict FDA and USP Class IV requirements. Designed specifically for the medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, these medical-grade thermoplastics will replace existing solutions made of stainless steel, titanium, glass or ceramics.
  • Wash bottles
    The Kartell Plastilab range of wash bottles includes traditional wash bottles, wide and narrow neck, graduated and ungraduated, capped and uncapped bottles as well as spare screw caps and adhesive labels which are sold separately.
  • Microwave digestion vessel
    CEM has introduced the EasyPrep Vessel for use in the Mars Microwave Reaction System. EasyPrep has no fittings or membranes and is simpler to assemble and use than many other high-pressure/high-temperature vessels.
  • Cell culture media bottle
    The Gibco cell culture media bottle has an angled neck for easier pipetting and pouring; a compact form for improved handling and storage; and a wider mouth to reduce the chance of contact with the pipette.
  • Adhesion slides
    ImmunoSelect Adhesion Slides by Squarix Biotechnology feature a surface that immobilises cells and tissue sections and maintains a high retention of cell and tissue morphology. This helps to reduce the amount of cellular material and reagents required.
  • Flip-top sample tubes
    The BD Falcon 50 ml polypropylene conical tube with flip-top cap is suitable for any research applications requiring one-handed operations to open and close the cap.
  • Permeable membrane cap
    The Schott Duran permeable membrane cap can release gases to relieve pressure in a sealed bottle.
  • Reagent reservoir
    The V-shaped wells of the Scienceware 12 Channel Reagent Reservoir allow complete sample withdrawal and minimise the waste of reagents. Each channel holds up to 5 mL and is numbered to facilitate serial dilution.
  • Single-use laboratory plastics
    Formerly part of Barloworld Scientific, Sterilin is a newly formed independent business, specialising in the manufacture of single-use laboratory plastics. Having adopted the name of its market leading brand Sterilin, this formed company will comprise four established product brands: Sterilin single-use plastics; Iwaki tissue culture Products; Sterilin Silicone Devices (formerly Esco Silicone Rubber); and Sterilin Packaging Products (formerly Azion Packaging).
  • Freezer storage boxes
    Edwards has expanded its range of in-house moulded laboratory products with the addition of a polypropylene 100 place freezer storage box with hinged lid for tubes up to 2 mL. The hinged lid allows for easier handling and security and can be used in a range of freezers down to -80°C.
  • BOD bottles
    The EPA has approved the Environmental Express' biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) bottles. BOD refers to the amount of oxygen that would be consumed if bacteria oxidised all organic materials in 1 L of water.
  • Hematocrit tubes
    Drummond Scientific offers a choice of either plastic or plastic-coated hematocrit tubes to improve blood collection safety.
  • Glassware traceability
    Schott Duran has introduced the Retrace Code, an eight-digit batch code shown on Schott Duran laboratory glass bottles, beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks and reagent bottles that allows the bottles to be retraced to the point of production, including the matching batch.
  • Smeg laboratory glassware washer
    Washing laboratory glassware can be both monotonous and a waste of time. The Smeg GW1050 laboratory glassware washer features a fully stainless steel exterior and interior. The unit is functional, durable, stylish and affordable.
  • Laboratory ware catalogue
    Mirella Research continues to distribute the Heathrow Scientific range of laboratory products in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Vented sterile flasks
    Vented closures are now available for all Nalgene sterile disposable flasks. The vented closures, made of HDPE, feature a 0.2 µm hydrophobic PTFE membrane that provides sterile gas exchange for shaker and suspension cell culture.
  • Pressure- and vacuum-resistant glassware
    The Schott Duran Pressure Plus laboratory glass bottle permits safe working under vacuum and pressure and provides increased safety to technicians and security to contents. The pressure and vacuum resistance is from -1 to +1.5 bar.
  • Customised plastic housings
    Rutty Tool-less Plastics manufactures customised plastic enclosures and parts.
  • Plates for robotic handling
    The Nunc 1536-Well High Base Plates are designed for high throughput screening laboratories. The plate's height provides a large area for secure plate gripping by automated systems and for applying barcode labels. These plates are suitable for cell culture analysis or assays involving luminescence, fluorescence or colorimetric reactions.
Microsite Product (7)
  • DURAN double-walled, wide-mouth GLS 80 bottles
    The DURAN double-walled, wide-mouth GLS 80 bottles incorporate an integral jacket that isolates the contents from the external environment. Heated or cooled liquids can be circulated through the jacket to control the temperature within the screw-topped bottle.
  • Aktivlab waste container
    Aktivlab now offers a compact 10 L system which is suitable for the disposal of flammable chemicals.
  • Lonza Platinum UltraPak Bioprocess single-use containers
    The Platinum UltraPak Bioprocess single-use containers can be used for packaging of cell culture media, reagents and buffers as well as containment and storage vessels for final product yielded from downstream manufacturing processes.
  • Syrris Globe jacketed reactor platform
    Syrris has released the easy-to-use Globe jacketed reactor platform which has been designed by chemists to offer high reaction flexibility.
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Adhesive Flask Mat
    The Adhesive Flask Mat can be used as an alternative to flask clamps for securing odd-shaped objects such as bottles, volumetric flasks and test tube racks to a shaker platform.
  • Magic Touch ice buckets and pans
    Lightweight and colourful, Magic Touch ice buckets and pans have good insulating properties for maintaining temperature sensitive samples in an optimal environment.
  • TPP Bioreactor 600 mL filter tube
    The TPP 600 mL Bioreactor tube will be available in March 2010. It is supplied with a gas porous filter facilitating culture growth using suitable supports, while shaking at a temperature of 37°C.
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  • Bubble-wrap blisters serve as tiny test tubes
    Researchers from Harvard University have found that the blisters on bubble wrap can be used as a sheet of small, test-tube-like containers for the analysis of medical and environmental samples.
  • Kartell products used in The Wolverine
    The Wolverine, the latest blockbuster from 20th Century Fox, was filmed and produced at Fox Studios in Sydney throughout 2012 and 2013. Labware provider Kartell was contacted by the production design team for assistance in creating the high-end, high-tech Japanese interior for the ‘fusion lab’ set and throughout the film.
  • Nanoscale glassblowing
    The study of single molecules in solution is being facilitated by the development of nano-scale glassblowing techniques. Nanoscale funnels can direct molecules into chambers and possibly even sort different-sized molecules.
  • 'Smart Petri Dish'
    Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have developed a ‘Smart Petri Dish’ that could be used to rapidly screen new drugs for toxic interactions or identify cells in the early stages of cancer circulating through a patient’s blood.

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