VWR Amersham ECL Select Western blotting detection reagent

Sunday, 27 May, 2012 | Supplied by: Bio-Strategy Pty Ltd

Amersham ECL Select is a highly sensitive reagent for chemiluminescent Western blotting detection. It is the most sensitive of these reagents in the Amersham ECL product family.

The wide linear dynamic range of the product, enabling quantitation of medium to very-low protein levels, is complementary to that of Amersham ECL and Amersham ECL Prime. The product is optimised for imaging with ImageQuant LAS systems (CCD-based imaging) and it is also compatible with the Amersham Hyperfilm product range.

The good signal intensity of the product makes it suitable for the most demanding Western blotting applications, including the detection of minute protein quantities. Users can perform multiple exposures because of the long-lasting signals and the convenient time window between experiment and analysis.

The signal from the product is based on the emission of light from horseradish peroxidase (HRP)-catalysed oxidation of luminol, which generates chemiluminescence with a wavelength of 425 nm. Since the light output is proportional to the amount of protein detected, this results in a precise quantitation across a wide range of protein levels on a single blot.

The product works with a wide range of antibody dilutions, which allows the use of highly diluted antibodies and reduces the need for lengthy optimisation.

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