A powerful web resource for viewing proteins

Scientists have announced the release of Aquaria - a publicly available web resource that streamlines and simplifies the process of gleaning insight from 3D protein structures. Read more »

Genetically modified E. coli dependent on synthetic nutrients

While genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have imparted many benefits on society, they also have the potential to upset natural ecosystems if they were to escape. Physical containment of GMOs is not foolproof, so attention has since turned to biocontainment. Read more »

Bacterial banter: new method of chemical communication discovered

A team of German scientists, led by Dr Helge B Bode from Goethe University and Dr Ralf Heermann from Ludwig Maximilian University, has succeeded in decoding a previously unknown yet widely distributed chemical type of bacterial communication. Read more »

Featured Products

PerkinElmer Opal Multiplex Tissue Staining
With Opal Multiplex Tissue Staining, users can achieve robust, specific multiplex tissue biomarker measurement.
Aaeon AFP-6152 stainless steel touch panel PC
The AFP-6152 is a projected capacitive touch stainless steel panel PC from Aaeon. It is housed in a fanless, sealed, 316L stainless ...
Malvern Omnisec GPC/SEC platform
Malvern has produced a gel permeation chromatography (GPC)/size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) solution by coupling efficient sample...
LLG Electrical Pipette Pump Plus
The Electrical Pipette Pump Plus from LLG accommodates 1-100 mL glass or plastic pipettes and is designed with the user in mind. It ...
Inlabtec Serial Dilution System
The Inlabtec Serial Dilution System automates the traditionally labour-intensive process of serial dilution and replaces glass tubes...
Phenom desktop SEM with PoroMetric software application
Fully automated visualisation and analysis of pores can be realised using the Phenom desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM) with...
Malvern Mastersizer 3000 particle size analyser with Hydro Sight imaging accessory and Hydro SV wet dispersion unit
The Mastersizer 3000 laser diffraction particle size analyser enables rapid particle size distributions for both wet and dry dispers...
Sy-Lab IceCube 11XS controlled-rate freezer
Sy-Lab's compact IceCube 11XS controlled-rate freezer features a cooling rate of 10°C/min and resolution of 0.01°C.
Peak Scientific Precision series GC-dedicated gas generators
The Precision series of GC-dedicated gas generators, from Peak Scientific, are specifically engineered with a space-saving, stackabl...
Horiba LAQUAtwin meter range
Horiba's LAQUAtwin meter range allows measurements of critical parameters in water and food to be tested accurately and have res...

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