African skeleton throws light on our origins

The DNA of an African skeleton, belonging to a man who lived over 2000 years ago in the southernmost tip of Africa, has thrown light on humanity's earliest common genetic ancestry. Read more »

The complex journey from stem cell to blood cell

An international group of researchers has discovered previously undetected steps in haematopoiesis - the process by which stem cells become blood cells. The team established that a highly complex series of events determines the fate of closely related populations of blood progenitor cells. Read more »

Full Court confirms isolated DNA is patentable in Australia

In a unanimous and significant decision, a five-member bench of the Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia has confirmed that a claim covering naturally occurring deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) or ribonucleic acid (RNA), which has been isolated, can be a "manner of manufacture" and therefore a patentable invention. Read more »

Featured Products

Brady Lab Labels
When using generic labels, researchers run the risk of having ink dissolve, disappear or become illegible. Brady Lab Labels are said...
GDMS Micro Plate Read microplate analyser
The Micro Plate Read is a user-friendly microplate analyser which is designed to measure and interpret in-vitro enzyme immunoassay r...
Malvern MicroCal iTC200 for understanding biomolecular interactions using ITC
Isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) enables label-free measurement of binding events by measuring the heat released or absorbed d...
LABWIT ZWYR premium shaking incubator
LABWIT ZWYR premium shaking incubators deliver precise performance and 24/7 operation for various applications of sample preparation...
Bio-Rad ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System
The ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System, from Bio-Rad, is a complete solution for gel and western blot imaging. The system combines the se...
MSR145WD data logger with built-in Bluetooth
The MSR145WD data logger allows the monitoring of measured data with a built-in colour OLED graphic display, via a Bluetooth Low Ene...
Macherey Nagel NucleoSpin Food lysis and DNA purification system
NucleoSpin isolation technology from Macherey Nagel provides a lysis and DNA purification system for nearly all types of food sample...
Malvern m-VROCi microfluidic viscometer/rheometer
The Malvern m-VROCi delivers accurate and robust viscosity measurements for low-viscosity materials to extreme shear rates.
Brady labels for laboratories
Brady ensures sample integrity by offering identification labels that remain intact for life, ensuring traceability through the enti...
HTL Discovery Pro pipettes
HTL has launched the Discovery Pro pipette - a product with low mass and light piston actions. The body of the pipette is carefully ...

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