Brocade to handle genome facility's big data

Driven by the growth of genomic data sets, the Australian Genome Research Facility is deploying a high-performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) core network across its entire estate, with its Melbourne node the first to go live with new switching infrastructure from Brocade. Read more »

The secret to twisting light

Scientists from the Australian National University (ANU) have uncovered the secret to twisting light at will - the latest step in the development of photonics. Their research has been published in the journal Nature Communications. Read more »

The debate on criminalising research fraud

The BMJ has featured an article in which two experts go head to head discussing the potential criminalisation of research fraud. Read more »

Featured Products

Phenom desktop SEM
The Phenom desktop SEM is a user-friendly tool that bridges the gap between optical and ultrahigh-resolution microscopes. The deskto...
Clontech Guide-it products for CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing
CRISPR/Cas9 technology offers an efficient, simple system for targeted genome editing. Guide-it products are said to improve the CRI...
Malvern Zetasizer NanoSampler for automated nanoparticle size measurement
The Zetasizer NanoSampler is a compact sample delivery system for the highly precise and reproducible automated loading of samples i...
LLG-Digital microlitre pipettes
The fixed-volume microlitre pipette features an ergonomic design to fit comfortably in any sized hand. The risk of repetitive strain...
Enzo Life Sciences cortisol ELISA kit
The cortisol ELISA kit from Enzo Life Sciences can be used with a large variety of sample types and produces highly reproducible res...
Merck Millipore mass spectrometry compendium
Merck Millipore has offered chromatography products since 1904, with columns, plates and mobile phases used in mass spectrometry (MS...
Thermo Scientific SampleManager 11 LIMS
SampleManager 11 puts decision-making power in the hands of users who can make logical choices about workflow, instrument integratio...
Nanolane Surf optical slides
With the development of Surf slides from Nanolane, images of nanometric samples from regular light microscopes have been made possib...
GeneCopoeia stable cell line development services
GeneCopoeia offers services for establishing stable cell lines for protein overexpression, gene knockdown or genome editing which me...
Clax Cart trolley
The folding Clax is a lightweight trolley for any situation. Made in Germany, the trolley folds completely flat and weighs 7.3 kg. I...

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