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Has the Australian biotech sector the potential to fill some of the gaps left by the demise of traditional manufacturing areas? Find out at AusBiotech 2014. Read more »

Clean tech lab to make products "benign by design"

In November 2013, Flinders University officially opened its Clean Technology Laboratory - a $1.1 million initiative to research and develop sustainable manufacturing methods. Read more »

Micropumps for lab-on-a-chip disease diagnosis

Researchers from Pennsylvania State University have demonstrated an acoustofluidic pump powered by a piezoelectric transducer the size of a coin.  Read more »

Featured Products

Macherey Nagel NucleoSpin Food lysis and DNA purification system
NucleoSpin isolation technology from Macherey Nagel provides a lysis and DNA purification system for nearly all types of food sample...
Malvern m-VROCi microfluidic viscometer/rheometer
The Malvern m-VROCi delivers accurate and robust viscosity measurements for low-viscosity materials to extreme shear rates.
Brady labels for laboratories
Brady ensures sample integrity by offering identification labels that remain intact for life, ensuring traceability through the enti...
Statebourne Cryogenics Biorack storage system for LN2 refrigerators
Statebourne Cryogenics has developed the Biorack racking system based on a 133 x 133 mm footprint to accommodate blood bags, cord bl...
Labwit ZXRD/ZXFD programmable drying ovens
The Labwit forced-air drying ovens are engineered for daily work - from routing simple glassware-drying sterilisation applications u...
HTL Discovery Pro pipettes
HTL has launched the Discovery Pro pipette - a product with low mass and light piston actions. The body of the pipette is carefully ...
3M Zeta Plus Encapsulated System
The Zeta Plus Encapsulated System is a single-use depth filtration system designed for the bioprocessing industry where upstream cel...
Mettler-Toledo FiveGo pH FG2 pH meter
The FiveGo pH is a handy, portable meter that provides rapid and reliable results on the go. The device can be used in applications ...
Thermo Scientific SampleManager 11 LIMS
SampleManager 11 puts decision-making power in the hands of users who can make logical choices about workflow, instrument integratio...
Abcam RabMAb rabbit monoclonal antibodies
Rabbit monoclonal (RabMAb) antibodies offer the antigen recognition of the rabbit immune system combined with the specificity and co...

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