Analytical instrumentation

Hitachi FlexSEM 1000 variable-pressure scanning electron microscope

23 May, 2017 by | Supplied by: NewSpec Pty Ltd

The FlexSEM 1000 VP-SEM is a compact system (450 mm wide) that delivers the performance of a conventional SEM in a lab-friendly footprint and requires only a standard wall outlet for power.

Trajan expands manufacturing footprint

18 May, 2017 by

Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan) has expanded its organisational and global manufacturing footprint with the opening of a Penang Malaysia facility. Re-Scan Confocal Microscope

16 May, 2017 by | Supplied by: SciTech Pty Ltd

The Re-Scan Confocal Microscope from includes two scanning-mirror sets: the scanner and the re-scanner. While the scanner scans the specimen, the re-scanner writes the emission signal on the camera chip.

High-performance microprobe installed at University of Tasmania

16 May, 2017 by | Supplied by: AXT Pty Ltd

The University of Tasmania (UTAS) recently installed a new microprobe in its Central Science Laboratory (CSL).

World's biggest X-ray laser generates first light

09 May, 2017 by

The European XFEL, the biggest X-ray laser in the world, has reached the last major milestone before its official opening in September — the generation of its first X-ray laser light.

Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-series X-ray inspection systems

08 May, 2017 by | Supplied by: Mettler-Toledo Ltd

Mettler-Toledo's range of Safeline X-ray systems is said to offer manufacturers significant benefits when installed on production lines.

New method for producing PET radiotracers

03 May, 2017 by | Supplied by: ANSTO

Researchers at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation have led the development of a new method for producing PET radiotracers.

High-flux XRD keeps researchers at the forefront

03 May, 2017 by | Supplied by: AXT Pty Ltd

UNSW recently purchased a 9 kW Rigaku SmartLab X-ray diffractometer for its Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre — a central analytical facility that brings together a vast array of measurement and characterisation equipment.

Nanolane N-Lab Station for live imaging and analysis at the nanoscale

01 May, 2017 by | Supplied by: ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

The Nanolane N-Lab Station uses optical sensors to enable label-free live imaging, surface interaction studies and topographic analyses at the nanometre scale.

Breaking the colour barrier: microscopy in biology

26 April, 2017 by

Researchers are one step closer to breaking the so-called 'colour barrier' of light microscopy for biological systems, allowing for more comprehensive labelling and imaging of biomolecules in living cells and tissues than is currently attainable.

SPOT Imaging boom stands for microscopes and cameras

25 April, 2017 by | Supplied by: SciTech Pty Ltd

SPOT Imaging modular microscope boom stands provide stability and easy positioning for stereo microscopes and cameras.

Kiwi crystallographers benefit from X-ray diffractometer

24 April, 2017 by | Supplied by: AXT Pty Ltd

AXT has announced the sale of an XtaLAB Synergy-S single-crystal X-ray diffractometer to the University of Auckland, where it will serve a large research community.

Geoscience research gets a 3D boost

19 April, 2017 by | Supplied by: Hawker Richardson

Hawker Richardson recently installed a GE Nanotom M micro-CT scanner in the laboratory of Professor Ralf Haese and Dr Jay Black, where it will support their research into carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology.

Chip-sized super-resolution microscopes

07 April, 2017 by

A new European project, ChipScope, is set to revolutionise optical microscopes with super-resolution capabilities, making them chip-sized, convenient, affordable and ubiquitously available.

Postnova Analytics AF2000 MALS system

06 April, 2017 by | Supplied by: Scientex Pty Ltd

Postnova Analytics announces the AF2000 MALS — a temperature-controlled system developed to provide good separation, characterisation and fractionation of biopharmaceutical proteins.

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