LIEBHERR laboratory refrigerators and freezers

Sunday, 01 October, 2017 | Supplied by: Andi-Co Australia

Lkpv6523 40 g

LIEBHERR laboratory refrigerators and freezers are German engineered and equipped with features and functions to securely store the user’s valuable samples and reagents safely at precise, temperature-controlled conditions.

The laboratory refrigerators and freezers come with the high-tech Profi electronic controller (with digital display), which allows temperatures to be set to 1/10°C accuracy and controlled using the in-built 3-point calibration function. Temperature stability and consistency is maintained by the dynamic (forced-air) cooling system working in conjunction with the highly efficient compressor and eco-friendly, energy-efficient refrigerant (R 290).

The laboratory refrigerators and freezers are said to defrost less often and faster using a hot gas defrost system. Freezers defrost in 12 min while refrigerators defrost in 8 min. Prior to the hot gas defrost cycle, the Profi electronic controller lowers the internal temperature by 2°C to mitigate any temperature rise during defrost. This not only maintains a stable temperature within the cabinet, it also safeguards the integrity of samples and reagents.

The laboratory refrigerators and freezers are fitted with locks, equipped with integrated visual and audible alarms to warn users of undesirable temperature deviations, and have a data memory to record the last 30 alarm events and one week’s worth of temperature profiles. Temperature data can also be transferred to a building management system via RS 485 interface and alarms can be forwarded to an email, phone, etc via volt-free contact.

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