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Varian Australia Pty Ltd

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Address: 678 Springvale Road, Mulgrave VIC 3170 (Directions)


Varian 708-DS dissolution apparatus

The 708-DS dissolution apparatus can be used for testing tablets, capsules and other dosage forms and supports applications ranging from manual dissolution testing to automated, high-throughput analysis.

Varian 971-FP flash purification system

The Varian 971-FP flash purification system can be used by pharmaceutical chemists during the drug discovery stage to purify candidate compounds. The 971-FP instrument is equipped with intelligent sensors, automated diagnostics and a ‘Guide-me’ feature, which help achieve efficient compound purification on the first attempt, saving time and providing confidence that product has not been lost.

Varian Pursuit UPS 1.9 and 2.4 µm columns

Varian has added to its family of Pursuit LC (liquid chromatography) columns for pharmaceutical applications. New materials address needs from drug discovery to bioanalysis, saving time on analysis and method development. The Pursuit range now covers a much broader array of bioapplications, from cutting-edge, ultra-high-pressure and fast-gradient UHPLC to more traditional analytical and preparative HPLC techniques.

710-ES series of ICP-OES instruments

Varian has announced a series of productivity enhancements for its 710-ES series of ICP-OES (inductively coupled plasma - optical emission spectrometer) instruments.

Gas Clean Filter System

Varian has announced advances to its Gas Clean Filter System, for delivering clean gases for gas chromatography and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography/mass spectroscopy and inductively coupled plasma operations.

NMR automation products

Varian has launched a suite of products to enhance the flexibility and automated use of its 400-MR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) system. The collection of tools comprises the OneNMR probe, a choice of two autosamplers and an easy-to-use, user-centric software package. Designed with enhanced sample throughput and streamlined data management in mind, it is claimed that each piece can improve laboratory workflows on its own.

Benchtop ion trap GC/MS

Varian has released the 225-MS benchtop GC/MS (gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer). The 225-MS ion trap encloses all of its components, including the foreline vacuum pump, in one compact design. Intended for use in high-throughput laboratories for applications ranging from environmental analyses to product safety, the 225-MS addresses the issue of space limitations while offering improved performance at the same time.

Size exclusion chromatography solution

The Prosec 300S is a size exclusion chromatography column designed for the accurate and precise analysis of globular proteins in the pharmaceutical and bioscience industries.

Vacuum gauge controller

The XGS-600 high-capacity vacuum gauge rack controller provides monitoring and control of multiple roughing, high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum gauges in a standard half-rack package.

Vacuum controller

Varian has released a high-capacity vacuum gauge rack controller that provides monitoring and control of multiple roughing, high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum gauges in a standard half-rack package. The XGS-600 replaces Varian’s MultiGauge and SenTorr controllers and requires from 50 to 75% less rack space.

X-ray diffractometer

The SuperNova dual wavelength X-ray diffractometer from Oxford Diffraction is designed for the analysis of small molecules and proteins. The instrument uses high-intensity micro-source X-ray technology to determine the structure of small molecules and proteins at high resolution.

Gas chromatographs

Varian has released its 400 GC series family of gas chromatographs and application-specific analysis solutions.

Ion trap mass spectrometers

Varian’s 200-MS series of ion trap mass spectrometers for GC/MS comprises three instruments (210-MS, 220-MS and 240-MS) for use in applications from routine analysis to advanced research.

FTIR spectrometer series

Varian has announced its 600-IR series of FTIR (Fourier transform infrared) spectrometers, microscopes and imaging solutions. The series comprises a range of products for both routine analyses and advanced research.

Sorbent for solid phase extraction

Varian has introduced PLEXA, a sorbent for solid phase extraction (SPE) that is suitable for extraction of bioactive compounds from natural sources and biological fluids.

Preparative HPLC columns

Pursuit XRs Prep columns are an extension of Varian's Pursuit XRs line of high-performance liquid chromatography columns. Pursuit XRs Prep columns are specifically designed for benchtop preparative liquid chromatography applications.

Oral fluid drug testing device

Varian has announced an improved version of the OnSite OraLab oral fluid drug testing device. Featuring a proprietary detection methodology, the OraLab is more accurate and achieves lower detection limits for parent-THC than previous devices. OraLab is an extension of Varian''s drugs of abuse oral fluid testing product line that offers devices for both on-site and laboratory-based testing.

NMR magnets

Varian has debuted its first shielded vertical high-resolution superconducting magnets designed to reduce stray magnetic fields by up to fivefold (in volume), allowing researchers to save space in pharmaceutical and academic laboratories and making nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) more accessible for routine applications. The 500 and 600 MHz premium shielded magnets are integrated with the company's Varian NMR System and are compatible with its suite of cold and room temperature NMR probes.

Ultra-low bleed columns

Varian has expanded its Factor-Four series of capillary gas chromatography columns with two products, including the VF-5ht for high temperature analysis and the 0.15 mm ID columns for high-speed productivity.

Low bleed capillary GC column

Varian has expanded its FactorFour series of capillary gas chromatography (GC) columns with the VF-5ht for high temperature analysis, and the 0.15 mm ID columns for high-speed productivity. The entire FactorFour line, now comprised of nine phases for various environmental and industrial applications, offers a very low bleed specification.



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