LeafCann and WardMM partner for BPSD clinical trial

Thursday, 30 November, 2017

LeafCann Research and Advisory has signed a clinical trial agreement with WardMM to sponsor and provide medicinal cannabis extracts for WardMM’s research and development program dedicated to the treatment of behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD).

In addition to BPSD, WardMM and LeafCann R&A will focus on developing a foundational medicinal cannabis research and development program to investigate safer medication use with clinically proven outcomes.

This clinical trial will aim to determine evidence-based efficacy for the use of medicinal cannabis with health care. Person-centred medicine is an approach tailored to each unique individual and condition, utilising identification of individualised biological and pathological differences in the absorption and metabolism of medications and adjusted to target therapeutic objectives.

Dr Jaroslav Boublik, CEO of LeafCann Research & Advisory, said WardMM’s pharmaceutical data management expertise, especially within this sector, represents a substantial advantage over other potential clinical research partners.”

WardMM will conduct its research and development using LeafCann’s medicinal cannabinoid extracts and in partnership with a number of key medical research groups as well as various bioinformatics groups from Australia and the USA.

WardMM Group CEO Stuart Ward said, “With the use of extensive data, our exciting clinical decision support system and our clinical capability, we may be able to reduce the side effects, shape safer medication regimes and provide a better quality of life for patients living with BPSD and their families. We believe cannabinoids will play a vital future role so that patients can have a better quality of life, and safer treatment alternatives available to them.”

LeafCann Group CEO Elisabetta Faenza stated, “During the last year, our efforts to leverage emerging cannabinoid markets has underlined the need for more clinical research.  With our international partners, LeafCann is developing proprietary techniques for managing the genetic expression, cultivation and extraction of active compounds from a variety of medicinal cannabis cultivars, for use in research, human trials and patient treatment, resulting in integrated personalised medicine.”

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