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Xantrex XFR 2.8 kW DC power supply

17 February, 2015

The Xantrex XFR 2.8 kW programmable DC power supply is suitable for providing power for research, production testing and development, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications. It is available to rent from TechRentals.

Don Whitley Scientific Whitley i2 Instrument Workstation for Seahorse XF Analyzers

18 November, 2014

Don Whitley Scientific has announced the Whitley i2 Instrument Workstation, developed specifically for scientists who wish to use the Seahorse Extracellular Flux (XF) Analyzers in hypoxic conditions.

Hamilton Robotics and Coastal Genomics Microlab Nimbus Select Workstation with Ranger Technology

08 September, 2014

The Nimbus Workstation with Ranger Technology provides a fast and economical automated solution to agarose gel selection of DNA fragments, generating high-quality material for downstream use in next-generation sequencing (NGS), cloning and gene synthesis applications.

Don Whitley Scientific Whitley A35 HEPA Workstation

24 August, 2014

The Whitley A35 HEPA Workstation is an anaerobic workstation with an internal HEPA filtration system. The product provides conditions for the processing, incubation and examination of samples without exposure to atmospheric oxygen.

Milestone BoneSTATION for bone decalcification

08 April, 2014

The Milestone BoneSTATION is a workstation for fixation and decalcification of bone tissues, providing the user with complete control of pre-analytical steps. The system is said to improve turnaround times for bone decalcification and provide accurate diagnostic results for morphology and molecular studies.

Don Whitley Scientific Whitley A85TG and A95TG anaerobic workstations

20 January, 2014

The Whitley A85TG and A95TG workstations are anaerobic chambers which run from three separate gases. This is claimed to make them 30% cheaper to operate than dual-gas versions, which use cylinders of ANO2 and N2.

Aerotech Ensemble LAB touch-screen control platform

10 December, 2013

A touch-screen control platform for easy automation of laboratory and light industrial motion control systems has been introduced by Aerotech. The Ensemble LAB controls up to four axes of brush, stepper or brushless AC motors.

Don Whitley Scientific A55 4-port anaerobic workstation

23 September, 2013

Don Whitley Scientific has launched a 4-port anaerobic workstation that has two airlocks, one at either end of the chamber. The workstation has been designed for busy laboratories where two people may need to use the workstation simultaneously.

Six tips for selecting a laboratory workstation

08 August, 2013 by James Anderson*

Buying technician workstations for your laboratory is a major capital expense, deserving of careful consideration to avoid making a costly mistake. Follow these six tips for selecting a laboratory workstation that meets all your current needs, while positioning you to adapt to whatever comes down the parkway.

Whitley A35 anaerobic workstation

29 April, 2013

The Whitley A35 is used when there is a need to easily process, culture and examine samples without exposure to atmospheric oxygen. The workstation provides the ability to manipulate samples in a sustainable environment where parameters can be altered to create the required conditions.

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Biomek 4000 Laboratory Automation Workstation

08 April, 2013

The Biomek 4000 Laboratory Automation Workstation features intelligent liquid handling that easily adapts to provide the reliability, flexibility and accuracy required by life scientists. It incorporates easy-to-use, icon-driven software and an enhanced work surface with interchangeable tools.

Don Whitley Scientific Whitley A95 anaerobic workstation

27 November, 2012

The Whitley A95 workstation is the largest model in the Don Whitley Scientific range of modified atmosphere chambers, with a capacity of up to 1400 petri dishes.

Hamilton easyBlood system for automated blood fractionation and buffy-coat transfer applications

20 November, 2012

Hamilton has released the easyBlood system for fully automated blood fractionation and buffy-coat isolation.

Laboratory Systems Group AirClean Systems microscope workstation range

01 August, 2012

Laboratory Systems Group manufactures the AirClean Systems range of ductless microscope enclosures to provide either a Class 100 (ISO Class 5) work environment or protect the operator from exposure to chemical fumes, vapours or particulate.

Bioquell QUBE modular sterility testing workstation

01 July, 2012

To meet the challenges of sterility testing, a fully integrated hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) workstation called the Bioquell QUBE has been launched. The product will help to ensure that the aseptic test environment is stringently controlled to eliminate false positive results.

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