TOMY SX series autoclaves for viral inactivation

01 April, 2020 | Bio-Strategy Pty Ltd

An autoclave is a device that uses steam to sterilise equipment and other objects. For those in research, TOMY offers its SX series of compact top-loading autoclaves to meet the user's sterilisation requirements.

UV Solutionz High Energy Germicidal UVC Technology

01 April, 2020 | AMT Group Australasia

UV Solutionz High Energy Germicidal UVC Germicidal Technology is used for many applications, including killing airborne and surface pathogens such as coronavirus (COVID-19), other viruses, bacteria and moulds that live, replicate and move through the building via a building forced-air HVAC system.

Malvern MicroCal PEAQ-DSC for vaccine formulation stability

01 April, 2020 | ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

The MicroCal PEAQ-DSC microcalorimeter allows the thermodynamic and kinetic stability of proteins, nucleic acids, lipids and other macromolecules to be determined.

JEOL NeoScope JCM-7000 benchtop SEM

01 April, 2020 | Coherent Scientific Pty Ltd

The NeoScope JCM-7000 from JEOL produces high magnification up to 100,000x with large depth of field.

LabBench 1278GCMS instrument bench

01 April, 2020 | Lab Bench

The LabBench 1278GCMS features stainless steel fabrication with European hardware and castors. It also offers integrated noise suppression and antivibration for roughing pumps with temperature-controlled cooling.

Proteintech CoraLite fluorescent-dye conjugated antibodies

01 April, 2020 | Millennium Science Pty Ltd

Proteintech's monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies are now available directly conjugated with fluorescent dyes: CoraLite488, CoraLite594 and CoraLite647. They act as useful tools for immunofluorescence studies requiring multiplex co-labelling studies without the need for secondary antibodies.

Vaisala Measurement Solutions for Life Science eBook

01 April, 2020 | Vaisala Pty Ltd

For best practices to help ensure compliance, high productivity and product quality in monitoring of warehouses, refrigerators and freezers, cleanrooms and other life science environments, download Vaisala's free eBook.

Beckman Coulter Echo 525 Liquid Handler for miniaturisation of genomic workflows

01 April, 2020 | Beckman Coulter Hong Kong Ltd

Beckman Coulter's Echo 525 Liquid Handler is said to be the first rapid acoustic liquid handler designed specifically for biochemical and genomics reagent transfer, enabling scientists to spend more time looking at data.

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