14th World Congress on Inflammation

15 September, 2019 to 19 September, 2019 ( International Convention Centre Sydney )

With inflammation lying at the heart of almost all disease, WCI 2019 will enable attendees to engage with clinicians, industry representatives and biomedical researchers...

19th biennial meeting of the International Council for NIR Spectroscopy

15 September, 2019 to 20 September, 2019 ( Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre )

This six-day conference will showcase advances in hardware, spectral processing and chemometric development.

International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering 2019

16 September, 2019 to 18 September, 2019 ( Pullman Albert Park )

This three-day conference will highlight current issues and latest findings in materials science, based on the theme “Fuelling the core of innovations in Materials Science”.

South Pacific Congress 2019

17 September, 2019 to 19 September, 2019 ( Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre )

The theme for the joint Australian and New Zealand Institutes conference is ‘New Wave Science’.

IUMRS International Conference 2019

22 September, 2019 to 26 September, 2019 ( Perth Convention Centre )

This year’s five-day event will gather scientists and engineers interested in all aspects of materials research, including synthesis, fabrication, characterisation,...

Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Conference 2019

01 October, 2019 to 03 October, 2019 ( Esplanade Hotel Fremantle )

This three-day event will feature a number of presentations, including specialty lectures, poster presentations and an E/MCR mini-symposium.

19th Annual AGTA Conference

07 October, 2019 to 09 October, 2019 ( Pullman Albert Park )

This year’s AGTA conference will provide an opportunity to hear from some of the brightest national and international researchers and how they are applying genomic...

Melbourne ACS 2019

13 October, 2019 to 16 October, 2019 ( Melbourne Cricket Ground )

ACS 2019 will be a three-day conference preceded by a one-day workshop, covering a wide range of research, translational and clinical aspects of cytometry.

AACB 57th Annual Scientific Conference

15 October, 2019 to 17 October, 2019 ( Adelaide Convention Centre )

This year’s conference aims to showcase how optimising use of clinical biochemistry and laboratory medicine can ‘add value’ to laboratory testing by improving patient...

2nd International Conference on Cell and Stem Cell Research

24 October, 2019 to 25 October, 2019 ( Osaka, Japan )

This conference is focused on the theme ‘Novel insights and innovations in cell and stem cell research’.

AusBiotech 2019

30 October, 2019 to 01 November, 2019 ( Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre )

This conference will bring Australian and international biotech leaders and stakeholders together for three days of education, skills building and networking.

2019 Australasian Laboratory Management Conference

11 November, 2019 to 13 November, 2019 ( Rosehill Gardens )

This three-day event will feature workshops and a range of speakers on topics including LIMS, process development, managing change and legislative and safety updates.

Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA) Annual Scientific Meeting 2019

12 November, 2019 to 14 November, 2019 ( Adelaide Convention Centre )

This year’s event will focus on urological cancers, including prostate cancer, testicular and bladder cancers, as well as other related issues such as symptom control and...

5th International Symposium on the System of Radiological Protection

17 November, 2019 to 21 November, 2019 ( Adelaide Convention Centre )

This year’s conference will focus on ‘Mines’, ‘Medicine’ and ‘Mars’. Professionals, experts and researchers will have the opportunity to discuss concerns and challenges...

Graphene Enabled Smart Cities Conference 2019

19 November, 2019 to 19 November, 2019 ( Swinburne University of Technology )

This conference will explore graphene’s role in revolutionising the functionality of buildings and improving productivity in construction, infrastructure, energy and...

The 2nd ChemLinked Food Regulatory Conference — Oceania 2019

20 November, 2019 to 20 November, 2019 ( Park Royal Hotel Darling Harbour )

This event will explore ways food researchers, manufacturers and brands can remain compliant with China and Southeast Asia’s food regulations while meeting consumer demands.

14th GeneMappers Conference 2019

20 November, 2019 to 22 November, 2019 ( Q Station )

This year’s conference will explore analysis of rare events, Mendelian traits and families; Biobank studies; GWAS; gene expression and functional genomics; population...

12th Australian and New Zealand Society for Magnetic Resonance Conference

25 November, 2019 to 28 November, 2019 ( Pullman Bunker Bay Resort )

This conference aims to cover a variety of topics in magnetic resonance, including liquid and solid-state NMR spectroscopy, imaging, EPR and theory and method development.

Tev Particle Astrophysics 2019

02 December, 2019 to 06 December, 2019 ( Sydney Nanoscience Hub )

This five-day conference aims to gather the field’s leading scientists to discuss the latest research, ideas and prospects for the future of astroparticle physics.

10th International Conference on Spontaneous Coherence on Excitonic Systems

28 January, 2020 to 31 January, 2020 ( Arts Centre Melbourne )

This four-day event aims to gather researchers studying quantum collective phenomena in different electronic excitations in solids and related phenomena in other physical...

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