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Asia gets serious about bio-IT

09 October, 2002 by David Binning

Great strides made in the areas of genomics, proteomics and other key features across the developing biotech landscape have dramatically altered the playing field for bioinformatics groups Asia is now expected to realize a massive surge in demand for IT systems as the region races to catch up with the rest of the world.

New-look Autogen touts Merck deal

08 October, 2002 by Melissa Trudinger

Acting chairman Brett Heading introduced a "new" Autogen to friends and supporters of the company today at the launch of its new high-throughput genotyping facility at the Toorak campus of Deakin University in Melbourne.

BioMelbourne Network to become independent agency

08 October, 2002 by Melissa Trudinger

The BioMelbourne Network has received a boost from the Victorian government in the form of $750,000 funding over the next three years to launch the organisation as an independent state-based biotechnology agency.

CSIRO bets on Beowulf cluster

04 October, 2002 by David Braue

Life science researchers at CSIRO will soon get access to a powerful new computing cluster as the nation's largest scientific organisation prepares for the February launch of a dedicated bioinformatics supercomputer.

Big bucks for infrastructure in latest ARC round

04 October, 2002 by Iain Scott

Life science related infrastructure projects have been funded to the tune of nearly $10.5 million in the latest round of Australian Research Council linkage, infrastructure and equipment (LIEF) grants.

Cytopia's Linux investment speeds molecular candidate modelling

30 September, 2002 by David Braue

A month after its installation, a major computerised modelling system, based on the Linux operating system, is delivering substantial cost and time savings for biotech venture Cytopia.

Melbourne-based science journal ranks high on the world scale

24 September, 2002 by Melissa Trudinger

Melbourne-based journal Human Mutation has become one of the top international journals in the genetics field.

Genetics congress tipped to be Australia's biggest science event

24 September, 2002 by Iain Scott

The Genetics Congress 2003 will be the biggest scientific event to have ever been held in Australia, organisers claim.

Bionomics files patent on 114 novel angiogenesis genes

23 September, 2002 by Graeme O'Neill

Adelaide gene-discovery company Bionomics has announced it has successfully filed a patent under the international Patent Cooperation Treaty on 114 novel genes involved in angiogenesis, the process of blood-vessel growth.

Ace bio-IT team formed to spearhead phenome research

19 September, 2002 by Pete Young

A star-studded cast of researchers strongly seasoned with Australians has launched an ambitious bid to develop the next-generation bioinformatics needed to unravel the complexities of the phenome.

CAREER SPECIAL: The biotech gold rush

17 September, 2002 by Graeme O'Neill

The biotech gold rush is creating huge demand for people with many strings to their bow, as Graeme O'Neill discovers

CAREERS SPECIAL: Keeping the pace

17 September, 2002 by Graeme O'Neill

Australia's biotech industry is flourishing and the jobs are definitely out there, reports Graeme O'Neill

Benitec develops new knockout method for animal genes

16 September, 2002 by Melissa Trudinger

Queensland company Benitec has developed a new method of knocking out genes in animals, combining its proprietary RNA interference (RNAi) technology with standard transgenic techniques.

The fine art of getting funding

09 September, 2002 by Pete Young

The Centre of Bioinformatics and Biological Computing is a Western Australian research institute that has made thinking laterally about sources of funding into an art form.

GTG in third US licence deal

09 September, 2002 by Melissa Trudinger

Melbourne-based Genetic Technologies has licensed its non-coding DNA patents to a third US genomics company, Perlegen Sciences, for about $1.6 million in cash and securities.

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