Luxendo MuVi-SPIM single plane illumination microscope for light sheet microscopy

Friday, 01 March, 2019 | Supplied by: SciTech Pty Ltd

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Luxendo’s MuVi-SPIM is a single plane illumination microscope designed to facilitate rapid in-toto fluorescence imaging of biological specimens with subcellular resolution.

The system utilises a sheet of laser light to illuminate only a thin slice of a fluorescently labelled sample. A wide-field fluorescence microscope, placed perpendicular to the light sheet, serves to collect the fluorescence signal and images the observed region by means of an sCMOS camera. Optimised combinations of the sCMOS camera and objective lenses enable users to obtain multiple views of large samples at high speeds. The product is suitable for applications such as developmental biology, embryonic development, marine biology, neurobiology, functional imaging, long timelapse imaging and large specimens.

MuVi-SPIM provides four simultaneous orthogonal views on large living specimens, without the need for sample rotation, in order to dispel shadowing effects and facilitate long-term imaging at ultrahigh acquisition speeds. It is claimed to be the fastest SPIM on the market for analysing dynamic processes, enabling four simultaneous views at 65 fps.

The microscope avoids sample phototoxicity by sequentially illuminating a stack of small slices of an organism. It integrates modular software concepts in order to enhance flexibility in designing complex experimental layouts, and 3D image data is employed, in real time, and directly streamed to a storage and data processing server.

Features include: large field of view; close-to-confocal resolution; high imaging speed; good sample handling; low phototoxicity; high sensitivity; low noise; 360° illumination and detection; a Hamamatsu ORCA-Flash 4.0 high-speed sCMOS camera; a laser combiner with six laser positions; 2x Nikon CHI Plan Fluor 10XW 0.3NA water immersion for illumination; 2x Nikon CFI LWD 25XW 1.1NA water immersion for detection; and a mounting chamber with temperature control (15 to 40°C).

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