VEGA VEGABAR 80 series pressure transmitters

Wednesday, 15 July, 2020 | Supplied by: VEGA Australia Pty Ltd

VEGA has released the VEGABAR 80 series of three pressure transmitters, with which it claims that all conceivable applications can be covered. The VEGABAR 82 with a ceramic measuring cell can cover 80% of all applications, while the VEGABAR 83 with a metallic measuring cell is suitable for high-pressure applications. The VEGABAR 81 with a chemical seal can be deployed when high temperature and chemical resistance are required.

Ceramic measuring cells have many advantages, but also some weaknesses: for example, their susceptibility to thermal shock and moisture. When sudden temperature changes occur, it can take several minutes before sensors with ceramic measuring cells begin delivering correct readings again.

VEGA’s CERTEC ceramic-capacitive cell, along with temperature shock compensation, is said to reduce these problems for the VEGABAR 82. In addition to the usual temperature sensor on the backside of the CERTEC cell, there is a second sensor in the glass joint directly behind the ceramic diaphragm that is used to detect thermal shock, allowing it to be compensated by means of an algorithm.

Any two instruments from the VEGABAR 80 range can also be combined into an electronic differential pressure system. A standard VEGABAR 82, for example, can be combined with an additional sensor, selecting the ‘slave’ electronics version, and connect them together to form a differential pressure system. There are no oil-filled capillary tubes that need to be insulated to avoid environmental influences such as temperature changes or strong vibration and the resulting measurement errors.

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