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Michell S8000 -100 chilled mirror hygrometer

Michell's S8000 -100 is a high-precision, low-dewpoint hygrometer designed to meet the demands of humidity calibration and standards laboratories.

Michell Instruments HygroCal 100 and Optidew 401 package for traceable humidity calibrations

The ability to perform traceable humidity calibrations of probes in-house is being brought within the reach of more users, with the help of a package offered by Michell Instruments.

Bronkhorst ES-FLOW Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Bronkhorst presents the latest generation of ES-FLOW Ultrasonic Flow Meters for low flow rates of water, additives and other liquid substances.

IKM Instrutek TC65 portable dry block temperature calibrator

IKM Instrutek's TC65 calibrator features a touch display and an extended calibration interval of up to three years.

Michell Instruments XTP501 Oxygen Analyser

Michell Instruments has launched a lightweight oxygen analyser to provide control of oxygen from 500 ppm O2 to oxygen purity in safe-area applications.

ECD Triton DO82 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Analyser

The ECD Triton DO82 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Analyser is a complete solution for long-term dissolved oxygen measurements in wastewater aeration basins, aquaculture and all types of environmental water.

Beamex CENTRiCAL workshop calibration test bench

The CENTRiCAL workshop calibration test bench is designed to combine ease of use, versatility and ergonomics for performing calibrations in a workshop.

Michell Instruments S8000 precision hygrometer range

Michell Instruments has launched its upgraded S8000 chilled mirror hygrometer range, including the S8000 RS, the S8000 Remote and the mid-range S8000 Integrale.

Michell Optidew chilled mirror hygrometer range

The Optidew chilled mirror hygrometer range, from Michell Instruments, is designed to provide a fast response to changes in temperature and humidity, while also improving the drift-free accuracy of the fundamental chilled mirror technique by 25% to ±0.15°C.

AII portable oxygen analysers with ATEX certification

The portable galvanic electrochemical oxygen analyser range from Advanced Instruments Inc (AII) now has ATEX approval for use in atmospheres containing acetylene and/or hydrogen.

Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) S80-T80 modular liquid analysers

The S80-T80 range of modular liquid analysers from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) is designed to provide engineers and managers with the process data they need to obtain and maintain a range of global, regional and local quality, environmental, safety and other certifications.

Michell Instruments HygroSmart HS3 probe

The HygroSmart HS3 probe from Michell Instruments has been designed to withstand the kind of harsh and demanding conditions found in industrial processes.

Michell XGA301 industrial gas analyser for glove boxes

Glove boxes are used extensively to handle hazardous or sensitive materials, often with a protective or highly controlled atmosphere. Michell's XGA301 industrial gas analyser provides a method to monitor for air leaks combined with moisture measurement.

Electro-Chemical Devices CA-6 UV spectroscopic analysers

Water engineers responsible for municipal or industrial water and wastewater will find the single- or dual-parameter CA-6 UV family of spectroscopic analysers from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) can monitor any two selected parameters in separate measurement ranges for ammonia, nitrate or chemical oxygen demand (COD 254 nm).

optekis Haze Control 4000 photometric converter

The Haze Control 4000, from optekis, is a powerful, microprocessor-based converter. Its modular design has been specifically engineered for high-precision haze (turbidity) measurements.

Michell S8000 Integrale MKII chilled mirror hygrometer

Michell Instruments has redesigned its S8000 Integrale chilled mirror hygrometer to take advantage of improvements in technology since its introduction in 2007. The improvements cover three areas: mechanical design for increased durability and strength; improved sensor head for faster readings at lower dewpoints; and increased simplicity of use with a touch-screen interface with intuitive menus.

PAC Herzog OptiFlash Pensky-Martens flash point instrument

PAC has announced the release of its next-generation flash point instrument, the Herzog OptiFlash Pensky-Martens. The product is simple to use, easy to clean and safe to operate. It detects flash points up to 400°C.

PAC IRIS Software for lab instrument data integration

PAC has launched its instrument data integration software designed specifically for PAC laboratory instruments. IRIS Software provides users with the advantage of connecting their PAC laboratory instruments and managing these instruments from a single computer.

PAC AC Reformulyser M4 gas chromatography analyser

PAC has released the latest edition of its multidimensional gas chromatography analyser for fast group type analysis of gasoline and gasoline blend streams - the AC Reformulyser M4.

PAC Alcor JFTOT 230 Mark IV jet fuel thermal oxidation analyser

PAC has released its latest jet fuel thermal oxidation analyser, the Alcor JFTOT 230 Mark IV (JFTOT IV). It adds enhanced safety features and simplified operational capabilities to its previous versions, increasing operator productivity, in a smaller, streamlined package.

Noshok 820/821 Series Digital Temperature Indicators

Noshok 820/821 Series Digital Temperature Indicators are a suitable replacement for bimetal, liquid bulb and glass thermometers in applications including pharmaceutical, food preparation, utilities and municipal, refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, paper mills and hydraulics.

Michell Instruments Condumax II transportable hydrocarbon dewpoint analyser

Michell Instruments has developed a transportable version of its hydrocarbon dewpoint analyser, the Condumax II. The latest version enables engineers to provide a fast response for investigations into the quality of natural gas wherever it is needed.

Michell Instruments DT722 RH and temperature transmitter

Maintaining reliable RH measurements in harsh or corrosive environments is difficult, as the conditions can degrade the sensors and equipment in short time periods. Michell Instruments’ DT722 RH and temperature transmitter provides a solution to this problem.

Yamatake Thermoplus model ATT60/70 temperature transmitter

The Yamatake ThermoPlus model ATT60/70 temperature transmitter is a field instrument that converts inputs from thermocouples, mVs and resistance thermo-bulbs into analog (4 to 20 mA) and digital signals and transmits them to receivers. Various parameters can be remotely set and self-diagnosis can be performed through the Smart Field Communicator (SFC).

Noshok 800 Series precision test gauges

Noshok 800 Series precision test gauges meet the specification of ASME Standard B40.1 Grade 3A. The gauges are suitable for use in laboratories on calibration test stands, on sophisticated aerospace equipment used in launching space vehicles and in gauge repair facilities.

Beamex Integrated Calibration Solution FB and MB dry blocks

Beamex is launching a range of temperature calibration products and services that it claims will provide a smarter, more efficient and accurate solution for calibrating temperature. It is a complete solution for temperature calibration with various different products and services, such as a series of high-quality dry blocks for field and laboratory use, smart reference probes and temperature calibration laboratory services.

Vacuum Calibration

The Beamex PGV is an efficient vacuum pump generating vacuum quickly using a pulling action. The volume control provides fine adjustment of generated vacuum. The compact, sturdy and lightweight construction is designed for use in tough field environments. The PGV can draw a vacuum up to -0.95 bar.

Temperature Calibrator

The Tek Know TC2000 temperature calibrator offers a combination of dry block and bath in the same unit. The design is a system which combines a dry block well with a liquid bath. By changing the insert, the Tek Know TC2000 is transformed from a dry block to a bath. With the TC2000's flexibility users can combine the best features of a dryblock well with a liquid bath on the same calibrator. The TC2000 has a built-in computer that enables the user to easily set up an automatic multipoint calibration system.


AMS appointed distributor for Bronkhorst flow instrumentation

AMS Instrumentation & Calibration has been appointed the exclusive distributor for the Bronkhorst range of thermal, Coriolis and ultrasonic flowmeters and controllers for low flow rates of gases and liquids in Australia and its territories.

AMS Instrumentation & Calibration appointed Australian distributor for Michell Instruments

AMS Instrumentation & Calibration has been appointed exclusive distributor for the Michell Instruments range of analytical instrumentation for Australia. The company manufactures dewpoint transmitters, cooled mirror hygrometers, relative humidity sensors, process moisture analysers, hydrocarbon dewpoint analysers, moisture in liquid analysers and oxygen analysers.



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