Tecan's MagicPrep™ NGS — the walkaway solution for your NGS library prep needs

Tecan Australia
Tuesday, 01 November, 2022

Tecan's MagicPrep™ NGS — the walkaway solution for your NGS library prep needs

The MagicPrep NGS system is a complete automated solution for NGS library preparation that just works. Now anyone can produce high-quality, reproducible NGS libraries with a >99% mean success rate* at just a touch of a button.

The MagicPrep NGS system combines robust technology with cartridge-based reagents and consumables for unprecedented ease of use. Anyone can start a run in less than 10 minutes after approximately 30 minutes of training. Eliminating the need for mixing or aliquoting numerous reagents, MagicPrep NGS offers consistent, reproducible results minimizing the possibility of user errors. With no other user interactions required, start a run whenever you are ready and continue with your day.

Tecan’s MagicPrep NGS system offers many benefits and features:

  • >99% mean success rate*. Confidently generate NGS libraries with push button ease. The prealiquoted reagents, pre-optimized scripts, and robust automation provide a reliable solution for library preparation with minimal errors.
  • Set up a run in 10 minutes. Spending hours or days on manual pipetting is over. Start a MagicPrep NGS run in less than 10 minutes and then just walk away.
  • No installation. No scripting. No master mixes. Eliminate costly mistakes during library preparation with optimized reagents, consumables and simple setup for error-proof operation and consistent data. Anyone can do it.

Automated library preparation for everyone

One key obstacle for sequencing is the length and complexity of manual library preparation. This has several consequences in the lab:

  • Reduces the time available for other experiments, leading to reduced productivity.
  • Long workflows increase the possibility of errors which can result in increased time and cost of results.
  • Requires extensive training for efficient, reproducible library preparation.
  • Introduces variability between data sets, reducing the ability to compare data.

The MagicPrep NGS system and kits provide everything you need for library preparation. Simple, intuitive consumables, workflow, and software virtually eliminate the requirement for training and possibility of errors. The simple 10-minute run setup and fully automated library preparation provides reproducible libraries and more time for other experiments increasing lab productivity.

Book a remote demo to learn more.

*Success rate is based on mean internal data. Sample quality and variability may have an impact on the success rate. For more information, visit tecan.com/magicprep-ngs/reliability

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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