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Tuesday, 26 June, 2001 | Supplied by: Carl Zeiss Pty Ltd

Axioplan 2 imaging MOT is claimed to offer the research and routine microscopist a number of new features. This specifically applies to examinations which are mainly performed using fluorescence techniques, eg, the examination of chromosomes and living cells in genetics and cell biology. The microscope's benefits include its high-speed shutter, the motorised double TV tube, improved operation, and optimised motor control.

With an optimised light path, the integrated high-speed shutter permits short exposure times in fluorescence of down to 20 ms. This protects the specimens against bleaching.

The new motor control enables the fast, vibration-free positioning (SoftStop) of objectives, reflector modules and filter wheels to prevent pixel shift in multichannel fluorescence, for example. Further benefits are better acceleration, higher resolution and the improved reproducibility of the Z-drive. In 3D photos the Z-resolution is a major success factor. Furthermore, the motor control permits optimised automated processes which are now performed in less than half the time. It reduces noise, saves time, and protects both the instrument and the specimen.

The motorised double TV tube permits image recording with two cameras, with manually or software-controlled neutral or dichroic beam splitting. A third camera can be attached via the double video adapter.

The motorised coarse/fine drive is designed like a or manual coaxial drive ie, it combines the benefits of motorised focus and the easy handling of a manual stand. SmartContrast, an upgraded Light Manager, allows the user to switch between two contrasting techniques at the press of a single button, since all the objective and contrast-dependent settings are assigned automatically once they have been saved. Accessible diaphragm planes in the reflected-light beam path permit the use of specific diaphragms or the coupling of laser beams. The new motorised aplanatic-achromatic condenser 0.9 H, D, PH, DIC covers the objective range between 1.25x and 100x.

The Axioplan 2 imaging MOT can be fitted with the Carl Zeiss image analysis system Elispot for the automatic evaluation of Elispot assays, and integrated into the Axiopath telemicroscope system. For multidimensional image recording, it is available with the Cell Observer. In the LSM Pascal or 1510 systems, it is also available for confocal multiscopy. The Axioplan 2 imaging MOT is compatible with many software configurations from other manufacturers.

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