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Rudolph Research Analytical Smart Measure J457 refractometer

The Rudolph Research Analytical Smart Measure system for the J457 refractometer overcomes incorrect measurements linked to cross-contamination caused by the previous sample being inadvertently mixed with the current sample being measured.

Rudolph Research Analytical J Series refractometers

Rudolph Research Analytical J Series high-precision refractometers includes standard and wide-range versions for research and QC applications.

FMS PowerPrep SPE automated One Step Extraction and Concentration System

The PowerPrep SPE system replaces older techniques such as liquid-liquid extraction or LLE and automates existing manual SPE techniques. The PowerPrep SPE automated One Step Extraction and Concentration System is built by design to simplify, improve and increase productivity by automating the manual steps in a sample preparation process.

Rotary evaporator

The Strike Rotary Evaporator is suitable for laboratory-scale evaporation or larger industrial-scale use.

Vinification multiparameter analyser

Enotech is a random access analyser for automatic, multiparameter analysis for enzymatic and colorimetrical tests for process control of vinification as well as the quality of the end product. Parameters that can easily be automated include glucose/fructose, malic acid, acetic acid, free and total SO2, copper, amino nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen as well as many more.

Titrex automatic titrator

Titrex titrator systems have been designed to suit laboratory needs and to carry out simple, potentiometric titration for a wide range of applications including acid-base, redox, argentometric and complexometric titrations.

Precision refractometers

Rudolph Research Analytical manufactures high-precision refractometers for research and QC applications.

STRIKE 300 rotary evaporator

The STRIKE 300 rotary evaporator has been designed for safety and optimal performance.

Automated diluting and pipetting

The WellPro 3000 liquid handling device facilitates high-throughput screening as it can operate in either a 12-channel mode for 96-well plates or 24-channel for 384-well plates.

Flow analysers

The Futura flow analysers reach very low detection limits, while still extending the reporting ranges of results and speeding up the operation by reducing the number of dilutions.

Solvent Track solvent recycler

The Solvent Track solvent recycler is a system designed to recycle uncontaminated solvents used in isocratic HPLC systems. In most systems, a proportion of the mobile phase can be recycled and re-used, saving consumption and disposal costs.

Automated block digestion

The Vulcan 84 automated workstation combines sample digestion and sample work up. The system combines the advantages of block digestion with the automation capabilities of a computerised workstation.

Microbiology system

The Biomic V3 Microbiology System now performs semi-automated reading for all varieties of Etest (AB Biodisk) strips. An enlarged plate image with the Etest strip(s) and its drug-specific MIC scale is displayed on-screen. The user selects the appropriate MIC value, triggering an S-I-R interpretation. Etest results can be printed or transferred to an LIS. High resolution colour Etest images can also be saved for future review.

Liquid GC autosampler

The HT300APlus is a liquid GC autosampler that also supports automated MEPS (micro extraction by packed sorbent).

Headspace analyser

The HT280T is a single unit combining static headspace analysis, liquid sample injection and SPME (solid phase microextraction).

Automated solid phase extraction system and sample injector

The new HT400E is a fully automatic solid phase extraction system and HPLC autosampler for unattended sample preparation and HPLC analysis.

Automatic density meter

The newly released DDM 2911 has unique features for today's industries.

Autopol Series Polarimeters

Rudolph's Autopol Series Polarimeters offer a complete line of polarimeters and accessories including units featuring 21CFR11 compliance, electronic temperature control, sample specific programs and simple process control.

Evaporative light scattering detectors

SofTA evaporative light scattering detectors employ Thermo-Spilt technology in instruments designed with a flexible configuration, yielding real advantages in many common HPLC applications.

Solvent degassers

Sanwa offers two lines of solvent degassers to suit most applications. Both lines, the Degasys Ultimate and Degasys Populaire, are available in flow rates of 1, 3 and 10 mL/min max with a choice of between one and 10 channels.



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