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BEST Lab Instrumentation Pty Ltd

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Cecil Instruments IonQuest ion chromatography system

The IonQuest ion chromatography system is suitable for analysing complex samples, such as primary potable waters, finished waters, effluent waters, processing fluids, blood plasma, pharmaceuticals, foods and beverages, semiconductor processing fluids, etc.

Cecil Instruments UV/Visible spectrophotometers

Cecil Instruments has added extra software and accessory options to its UV/Visible spectrophotometers, making them even easier to use. The spectrophotometers provide for fast, easy and precise measurements, with wavelength ranges extending to 1100 nm.

Food and wine test kits

Scil Diagnostics has released the Enzytec range of rapid test kits.

ABB Bomem MB3000 FTIR spectrometer

The ABB Bomem MB3000 FTIR spectrometer is suitable for use in the space, chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. It is easy to use and maintenance free, and will provide constant analysis results. It offers a compact design to save on bench space.

UV visible spectrophotometer

BEST Lab Instrumentation has announced a range of high-performance, visible and UV visible range spectrophotometers.

Microtitre plate washer

The Atlantis microtitre plate washer from ASYS Hitech (Austria) has automated and affordable aspiration and dispensing facilities for 96 or 384 well plate analysis to suit all laboratories using microtitre plates for routine assays.

Microwave synthesis system

The use of microwave energy for controlled heating of small volumes of volatile liquids under pressure has revolutionised organic synthesis reactions in traditional organic R&D as well as drug discovery. Reactions which previously took days to complete now run in minutes and give much higher recovery levels. This allows scientists to perform many more synthetic reactions in a short space of time and then optimise recovery conditions quickly and automatically.

Microtitre plate readers

The Expert 96 Plate Reader from ASYS Hitech offers robust construction, high throughput and reliability in a low cost visible, or UV/vis plate reader. The Expert 96 system light sources have an expected lifetime of 10 million readings. In combination with a range of Windows-compatible software and a precise 8 channel optical system the Expert 96 system allows high throughput of plates. With reading speeds of around 5 s/plate and OD capability to 4.00 ODs, integral shaking and a small footprint, the Expert 96 is suited to the busy laboratory. The Expert 96 covers a wavelength range from 340 to 800 nm, or 400 to 800 nm for the non-UV version, and a selection of wavelength filters is available, with up to 6 filters mounted simultaneously.

Microtitre plate dispensers

The FlexiSpense 2 and FlexiSpense 6 Microtitre Plate Dispensers from ASYS Hitech offer automated dispensing solutions to the repetitive reagent addition tasks that are part of 96 or 384 well plate analysis.

LA300 particle size analyser

The LA300 is a QC instrument designed for liquid dispersion work in the range 0.1 to 600 µm, and is suitable for pharmaceutical applications. It is compact, easy to use, and able to handle difficult sample types with ease.

Nitrogen Analyser

The Primacs SN Protein Nitrogen Analyser from Skalar Analytical offers a solution to solid sample analysis for nitrogen. The unit features fast, accurate results, with ease of operation and low maintenance.

Hygiene Monitoring System

The new Lumitester PD10, Portable Luminometer, and Lumipac W, hygiene test swabs, offer a quick and simple hygiene test for anyone in the food production, delivery, restaurant, catering or medical industry where confirmation of the status of bacterial contamination is needed.



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