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Bonnet Equipment Pty Ltd

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Ultrapure laboratory water

The Neptune Ultimate system is the latest addition to the Select Neptune range from Purite. Designed to provide ultrapure water for use in both analytical and molecular science laboratory procedures, the system offers efficient production rates of up to 2 L/min and incorporates ultraviolet photo-oxidation technology at 185 nm, bactericidal UV irradiation at 254 nm and nuclear-grade ion exchange polishing resin, ensuring ion-free ultrapure water at a resistivity of 18.2 from a feedwater source of <20 µs/cm.

Membrane filters

Membrane filters are specially tested for microbiology. 0.45 µm white gridded membranes are tested for coliform, faecal streptococci and serratia marcescens. All 0.65 µm white gridded membranes are tested for complete retention and optimal recovery of faecal coliform and saccharomyces cerevisieae.


Membrane filters are micro-porous plastic films with specific pore size ratings. Membranes retain particles or microorganisms larger than their pore size primarily by surface capture.



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