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Menarini Silicon Biosystems DEPArray PLUS image-based cell sorter

The robust, image-based, cell-sorting technology combines microelectronics and microfluidics in a platform to isolate rare cells from mixed cellular samples.

Menarini Silicon Biosystems CellMag product line for CTC capture

Menarini Silicon Biosystems has launched the CellMag product line for the manual enrichment and staining of rare circulating tumour cells (CTCs), whose presence in blood has been associated with poor prognosis in metastatic carcinomas.

Silicon Biosystems DEPArray cell microarray

The DEPArray, from Silicon Biosystems, is an automated platform that is designed to isolate, characterise and collect rare cells, such as circulating tumour cells (CTCs), based on a lab-on-a-chip technology for downstream analysis.

Biomatrica DNAgard Blood and DNAstable Blood & Buffy Coat blood storage products

Biomatrica has launched two more products in its sample stability at room temperature portfolio: DNAgard Blood and DNAstable Blood & Buffy Coat.

Automated tissue arrayer

The Beecher Instruments ATA-27 automated tissue arrayer makes construction of high-density tissue microarrays fast, accurate and reliable. The instrument can accommodate nearly all current tissue cassettes and can be easily adapted to array large or odd-shaped specimens.

Tissue microarray analysis software

Tissue microarrays (TMAs) considerably facilitate the immunohistochemical sample processing. Instead of incubating samples one slide at a time, hundreds of tissues can be assayed with just one slide.

Real Time Thermal Cycler

The Smart Cycler System from Cepheid is a versatile and efficient thermal cycler with precise real-time optical detection.

Gene expression detection

Digene has introduced the HC Express Array Kit, a method for gene expression detection on microarrays that offers previously unattainable levels of accuracy, speed and ease of use. With no labelling or target amplification, all that is needed is 1 µg of total RNA. The system is fast enough to give quantitative data in less than six hours and is reproducible.



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