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Gallay Medical & Scientific

Gallay Medical & Scientific is an Australian owned company specialising in laboratory, medical, & pharmaceutical products. They supply a range of portable fume hoods which allow greater flexability and safety in laboratory environments. The fume hoods, also referred to as ductless fume cabinets are supplied across Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, & Queensland.

Phone: 03 9590 0688
Fax: 03 9590 0622
13-19 Dunlop Road , Mulgrave VIC 3170 (Directions)


Erlab Captair Molecode S automated recirculating fume cabinet filter alarm system

The Erlab Captair Molecode S automated recirculating fume cabinet filter alarm system can be used for laboratory managers working with strong substances who require the assurance that their fume cabinet is keeping the workplace safe.

Captair Shelf 812 filtered chemical storage cabinet

The Captair Shelf 812 filtered storage cupboard is suitable for users requiring an easy-to-access and ergonomic storage unit for small quantities of chemicals.

Bandelin Sonorex ultrasonic cleaner range

The Bandelin 2011 range of Sonorex Ultrasonic Cleaners features the industrial-strength Long Life model which has been designed for extreme volume and high-intensity applications.

Smeg GW1060 laboratory washer/disinfector

The Smeg GW1060 laboratory washer with liquid dose pump, thermal convection drying and dual customisable programs is suitable for schools, universities and small research laboratories.

Gonotec Osmomat 030 Cryoscopic Osmometer

An updated version of the Gonotec Osmomat 030 Cryoscopic Osmometer is available with option 3P that allows calibration with water and two further adjustable calibration points, creating a more reliable and accurate standard curve.

Belimed Vapofix steriliser

The Belimed Vapofix steriliser features a square chamber, small footprint, touch-screen user interface and long-life door seals, and is suitable for medical, dental and laboratory applications.

Captair Flex recirculating fume cabinets

The Captair Flex range of ductless recirculating fume cabinets features an improved gel-based filter sealing material, internal lighting standard across the range, an onboard CPU and display for real-time cabinet data and a phenolic resin work surface for use with aggressive substances.

Smeg GW3060 laboratory glassware washer

The Smeg GW3060 laboratory glassware washer features precise, dual peristaltic dosing pumps to ensure long-term, reliable cleaning results. The ergonomically designed membrane keypad allows adjustment of all significant parameters quickly and, with the addition of the new optional LAN connection, remote centralised control and monitoring are possible.

Captair ductless fume cabinets

Gallay Medical & Scientific is often asked for advice relating to fume extraction. What are the key differences between ducted and ductless fume hoods? Do ducted fume cupboards deserve their ‘energy hog’ reputation? And what are the benefits of choosing a ductless fume cabinet?

Smeg washer/disinfector

The Smeg GW3060 next-generation laboratory washer-disinfector with a range of new and improved features is available from Gallay Medical and Scientific.

Portable fume cabinets

The Captair range of ductless recirculating fume cabinets is suitable when safety and low energy consumption are key priorities.

Glassware washer/disinfector range

The Smeg laboratory glassware washer range features six models, including the popular GW3050 (featuring 20 standard programs and 10 custom programs).

Flammable cabinet extraction system

Gallay Medical and Scientific has announced the creation of a system to remove potentially harmful fumes and odours from existing chemical safety cabinets.

Ductless vapour filtration

The Venticap system removes potentially harmful fumes and odours from existing chemical safety cabinets.

Smeg laboratory glassware washer

Washing laboratory glassware can be both monotonous and a waste of time. The Smeg GW1050 laboratory glassware washer features a fully stainless steel exterior and interior. The unit is functional, durable, stylish and affordable.

Large capacity autoclaves

The Varioklav 65T Steam Steriliser from H+P has a deep square chamber so the total usable capacity is increased over the conventional round chamber design. The 65T can hold up to 18 x 1 L round laboratory flasks at one time. On top of this, the bench design allows smarter use of space.

Fridges and freezers

Gallay Medical and Scientific has introduced the Fiocchetti range of laboratory and medical refrigerators, freezers and ice makers.

Glassware washing accessories

A range of specific accessories is available for washing glassware in laboratories.

Ultra low temp freezers

The Ilshin range of ultra low temperature freezers includes chest and upright versions with sizes varying from 191-730 L.

Automatic cryoscopic osmometer

Gonetec has added the Osmomat Auto multiple sampler to its cryosopic range of osmometer units for the determination of osmolality in aqueous solutions.

Ductless fume cabinets

The Captair range of ductless recirculating fume cabinets is suitable when the installation of a fully ducted system is difficult or uneconomical within an existing work environment. Duct route, exhaust location or existing walls can make a ducted system too expensive and complicated.

Glassware washers

The Gallay laboratory glassware washer, Lab 999, can be adapted to suit different laboratory glassware cleaning needs. The Lab 999 has 20 standard and 10 optional programs plus a specialised range of stainless steel accessories to process a wide variety of laboratory glassware.

Glassware Washing Machine

The Gallay Lab200M automatic laboratory glassware washing machine has been designed and developed specifically for the laboratory.

Cryoscopic Osmometer

The Osmomat 030 automatic cryoscopic osmometer can be used for total osmolality measurements in medical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and botanical applications.



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