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John Morris Scientific Pty Ltd

John Morris Scientific specialises in the supply, installation and servicing of laboratory instrumentation and consumables. They are your exclusive source for: Gilson pipettes; Sigma centrifuges; Christ freeze dryers; Julabo heaters and chillers; Milestone microwave digesters; Fritsch grinders and mills as well as Cole-Parmer and Masterflex products. For Cole-Parmer products contact 1800 552 724 or email John Morris Scientific has been supporting Australian and New Zealand scientists for over 50 years. Make them your preferred supplier today. For your service needs call 1800 338 132 or email

Phone: 1800 251 799
Fax: 02 9417 8855
61-63 Victoria Avenue , Chatswood NSW 2067 (Directions)


Dolomite Microfluidics Telos system microfluidic chips

Dolomite Microfluidics has launched a number of microfluidic chip options for its innovative Telos system, providing a genuinely scalable option for droplet, particle and flow product generation across a wide range of industries.

Syrris Atlas HD jacketed reactor systems with upgraded firmware

Syrris has upgraded the touchscreen firmware for its Atlas HD jacketed reactor systems to offer many of the automation features previously only available using the system's PC-based control software.

Dolomite Microfluidics Single Emulsion Systems for alginate synthesis

Dolomite Microfluidics Single Emulsion Systems are enabling reproducible production of monodisperse alginate beads, overcoming the challenges associated with traditional batch techniques.

PAC ISL OptiPMD mini-distillation analyser

PAC has introduced OptiPMD, the latest version of ISL's robust and portable micro-distillation analyser. The product performs a physical atmospheric distillation in 10 min using only 10 mL of sample, allowing users to make fast decisions for process optimisation.

Gilson Extractman magnetic bead platform

Gilson's Extractman magnetic bead platform offers a fast, single-step purifying method that better retains weakly bound protein complexes.

Dolomite Bio Injection Valve and Sample Loop for single-cell RNA sequencing

Dolomite Bio has launched an Injection Valve and Sample Loop for single-cell RNA sequencing workflows. This option enables straightforward, gentle introduction of evenly distributed mRNA capture beads into the company's RNA-Seq System for individual encapsulation of cells.

Syrris Atlas HD automated jacketed reactor system

The Atlas HD automated jacketed reactor system is designed to offer flexibility and ease of use, combining intuitive touch-screen control with a wide range of options to suit virtually any reaction set-up.

Syrris Orb Pilot jacketed reactor

Syrris has announced the Orb Pilot jacketed reactor, which is designed to offer flexible and pilot-scale batch chemistry. The user-friendly, floor-standing, scale-up jacketed reactor provides a combination of good performance and versatility.

JULABO PRESTO W50 and W50t temperature control systems

JULABO's PRESTO models W50 and W50t provide a high dynamic temperature control system that can handle temperature ranges of -50 to +250°C.

Syrris Orb jacketed reactor system

Orb, a novel jacketed reactor system from Syrris, combines high-quality construction with user-friendly features and good performance for batch chemistry.

JULABO CORIO refrigerated and heating circulators

JULABO has released the CORIO series of refrigerated and heating circulators, suitable for applications in research, science, laboratories, pilot plants and the process industry.

Syrris Atlas Nanoparticle System for quantum dot synthesis

Syrris has launched the Atlas Nanoparticle System for the automated synthesis of quantum dots. The fully automated system offers complete control over temperature, mixing, dosing and sampling, allowing the production of nanoparticles with a narrow size distribution.

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories TA-NTF Noodle Tensile Fixture

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories has released the TA-NTF Noodle Tensile Fixture for use with the Brookfield CT3 Texture Analyser. The fixture is designed to test the extensibility and tensile breaking strength of noodles, pasta and other similar food items.

Martin Christ Epsilon 1-4 LSCplus and Epsilon 2-4 LSCplus benchtop freeze dryers

The Martin Christ Epsilon 1-4 LSCplus and Epsilon 2-4 LSCplus benchtop freeze dryers are high-performance, universal laboratory and pilot systems for lyophilisation of solid or liquid products in ampoules, vials, glass flasks, plasma bottles or dishes.

Biotage Extrahera SLE and SPE automation system

The Biotage Extrahera is an automated system for the processing of supported liquid extraction (SLE) and solid-phase extraction (SPE) methods in both plate and column formats, making the system a flexible option for a wide variety of analytical laboratories.

Syrris batch and flow reactors

Batch and flow reactors from Syrris are suitable for a variety of nanoparticle applications, offering benefits to scientists who work in the field. Simple to assemble with no tools required, the easy-to-use reactors enable conditions such as temperature, time, mixing, reagent ratios and concentrations to be quickly varied for rapid process optimisation.

Biotage ACI accelerated chromatographic isolation

Biotage has launched ACI (Accelerated Chromatographic Isolation), converting simple flash purification into a faster and more economical way to isolate pure compounds.

Applikon Biotechnology micro-Matrix microbioreactor

micro-Matrix offers an integrated, easy-to-use technology platform for the rapid handling and growth of large numbers of microbial strains, clone libraries, mutant banks and cells.

Gilson Pipetmax automated liquid-handling platform

The Gilson Pipetmax is said to reduce technical replicates and maximise reproducibility. Bringing a multitude of applications to the user's disposal, such as qPCR, NGS, cell-based assays and more, the product is claimed to increase the reproducibility and pace of experiments.

Brookfield DV2T viscometers and DV3T rheometers

Brookfield has improved viscosity measurement by combining the ease of touch-screen technology with the features of its DV-II Viscometers and DV-III Rheometers. The result is the Brookfield DV2T viscometers and DV3T rheometers.

Biotage Isolute PLD+ protein and phospholipid removal plate

Isolute PLD+ is a protein and phospholipid removal plate for the clean-up of blood-based matrix samples for analysis by LC-MS/MS. The plates combine protein and phospholipid removal in a single product, providing effective and simple sample clean-up for LC-MS/MS analysis.

Biotage Isolera Dalton mass directed flash purification system

Biotage has launched the Isolera Dalton - a fully automated miniaturised mass directed flash purification system. The system integrates a miniaturised mass detector and a flash chromatography system into one platform.

Biotage Isolera Spektra flash purification software

Biotage has announced the launch of an updated version of its Isolera Spektra software with improvements to the time- and solvent-saving step gradient optimisation feature.

Biotage Initiator+ Alstra automated microwave peptide synthesiser

Biotage has introduced an innovative synthesis platform for peptide researchers. The Biotage Initiator+ Alstra is a fully automated, single-channel, programmable microwave peptide synthesiser.

Biotage Evolute Express 96-well plates for SPE

Biotage has introduced Evolute Express, a family of 96-well plates that simplify polymer-based SPE by employing a streamlined three-step protocol: load-wash-elute.

Cannon TE-BBR Pro Thermoelectric Bending-Beam Rheometer

Cannon’s Thermoelectric Bending-Beam Rheometer, the TE-BBR Pro, has been designed as an advanced controlled stress instrument for research of asphalt emulsions, binders, mix designs and forensic studies.

Cannon Instrument’s miniAV-LT low-temperature automatic viscometer

Cannon Instrument’s miniAV-LT has been developed for low-temperature (subzero) kinematic viscosity measurement and is said to provide affordable sub-zero D445 automation.

Sulfur, nitrogen, halides detection

The Antek MultiTek by PAC is said to be the only all-in-one instrument that combines testing for sulfur, nitrogen and halides.

PAC ISL MPP 5G mini cloud pour point analyser

PAC’s ISL MPP 5G mini cloud pour point analyser complies with the procedures of the ASTM D7689-11 Standard Test Method for Cloud Point of Petroleum Products (Mini Method). Precise measurement of the cloud point is critical for petroleum-blending operations. The new ASTM D7689-11 test method determines the cloud point in a shorter time period than ASTM test method D2500.

Cannon Instruments miniAV and miniAV-X viscometer heated sample options

Cannon Instruments has introduced two heated sample options for the miniAV and miniAV-X viscometer. Both options are suitable for testing heavy (residual, bunker, etc) samples.

EVAC AG vacuum and process technology

John Morris Scientific has been appointed as the distributor for EVAC AG within Australia, New Zealand and the islands of the South West Pacific. EVAC AG is a provider of quick-release connections for high-demand vacuum and process technology applications including ultrahigh-vacuum and high-pressure hydraulics.

Petrospec Turbine Diesel Portable Process Analyzer

Petrospec’s Turbine Diesel Portable Process Analyzer (TD PPA) provides a global analysis of diesel and jet fuel blends in 3 min using only 10 mL of sample and no sample preparation.

ISO/IEC 17025 accreditations for the Lovibond Gardner Colour Scale and Platinum-Cobalt Colour Scale

Lovibond Tintometer (UK) has been awarded two ISO/IEC 17025 accreditations for the Gardner Colour Scale and the Platinum-Cobalt Colour Scale.

PAC PetroSpec QuickSpec analyser

PAC’s PetroSpec QuickSpec analyser delivers simple, fast and accurate analysis of gasoline-grade ethanol in the field.

Fritsch Planetary Ball Mills range

Fritsch’s Planetary Ball Mills feature sunken grinding bowls which enable rotational speeds of up to 1100 rpm and revolutionary acceleration of 95 times the force of gravity. This results in ultrafine grinding results in shorter time frames.

Julabo Presto temperature control systems range

Julabo’s range of Presto temperature control systems includes the air-cooled A30 and A40 and the water-cooled W40. The range has been designed for precise, temperature control applications as well as rapid temperature changes, making them suitable for reactor vessels, material stress tests or temperature simulations.

Fritsch Pulverisette 14 centrifugal mill

Fritsch’s Pulverisette 14 centrifugal mill can be used for fast size reduction of medium-hard to soft materials or even for dispersion and homogenisation of dry samples.

Adixen ASH 2000 hydrogen leak detector

The Adixen ASH 2000 leak detector for hydrogen tracer gas can be used to assist users to achieve shorter cycle times.

Atago PAL-α pocket refractometer

The Atago PAL-α refractometer is suitable for almost any food sample and has a Brix measurement range of 0.0 to 85°. Measurement values are displayed within 3 s.

ISL Vida density meter

ISL’s Vida density meter can be used to analyse volatile to highly viscous crude oil and petroleum products.

Adixen Lyotrack online moisture measurement system

Adixen’s Lyotrack, an online moisture measurement system for freeze dryers, is designed to monitor the water vapour concentration under vacuum conditions inside a freeze dryer.

Fritsch compact Analysette 22 MicroTec plus Laser Particle Sizer

Fritsch’s compact Analysette 22 MicroTec plus Laser Particle Sizer is designed for quality and process control, as well as research and development.

Gilson Pipetman M motorised pipette

Gilson has released its Pipetman M that at 120g is fully motorised and requires virtually zero pipetting force.

Fritsch Pulverisette 25 power cutting mill

The Fritsch Pulverisette 25 power cutting mill is suitable for course crushing of soft to medium-hard dry materials such as plastics, wood, coal, nonmetallic waste, grains, animal feeds, dried meat, bones, tobacco and confectionery. It has a maximum feed size of 120 x 85 mm and a throughput of up to 85 L/h.

Martin Christ LyoCube 4-8 LSC front-loading benchtop freeze dryer

The Martin Christ LyoCube 4-8 LSC front-loading benchtop freeze dryer for Alpha units features wireless shelf technology (WST), a front-loading chamber and individual temperature control of each shelf.

Kurt J Lesker ALD 150LX atomic layer deposition system

The Kurt J Lesker ALD 150LX atomic layer deposition system can operate as a stand-alone or fully integrated cluster tool system. It is suitable for use in nanofabrication, microelectronics, optics, MEMS, semiconductor, photovoltaics, photonics, catalysis and fuel cells, wear resistance and OLED/organic electronics applications.

Kurt J Lesker NANO 36 thin film deposition system

The Kurt J Lesker NANO 36 thin film deposition system has been designed to accommodate most thermal evaporation processes and magnetron sputtering (including: RF, DC and pulsed DC). It is suitable for entry- to mid-level users in university, industrial and government R&D laboratories.

Fritsch Analysette 12 DynaSizer laser particle sizer

The Fritsch Analysette 12 DynaSizer laser particle sizer uses a dynamic light scattering technique to enable the measurement of particle size distributions between 1 and 6000 nm. It also has a wide concentration range of 0.0003% to 40 wt%.

ThalesNano H-Cube Pro flow hydrogenation reactor

The ThalesNano H-Cube Pro flow hydrogenation reactor, an upgrade to the H-Cube, has been designed to provide higher throughput and enhanced control, a wider temperature range and greater chemistry capabilities. It retains H-Cube features including fast reactions, safe high-pressure hydrogen generation from water, catalyst cartridges and ease of use and improves on them. The H-Cube Pro features active cooling for more selective reactions and a user-friendly interface.

John Morris Scientific website

John Morris Scientific offers online purchasing for all laboratory needs. With over 60,000 items from Cole Parmer, the website is a single source for all laboratory instrumentation and consumables.

ThalesNano O-Cube flow reactor

The ThalesNano O-Cube flow reactor has been designed to take the risk out of ozonolysis and other low-temperature reactions and enables chemists of any level to safely perform ozonolysis in a laboratory environment while achieving the same results.

Cole Parmer picoSpin miniature spectrometer

The Cole Parmer miniature spectrometer, the picoSpin, is a portable, benchtop NMR spectrometer that expands the availability of NMR spectroscopy for a wide range of applications.

PAC-Antek Sulfur Express sulfur detector

The PAC-Antek Sulfur Express sulfur detector uses the ASTM D7620 - 10 standard test method for the determination of total sulfur in liquid hydrocarbon-based fuels by continuous injection, air oxidation and ultraviolet fluorescence detection (doesn’t require compressed gases).

Gilson Trackman portable light box

The Gilson Trackman portable light box can be used to keep track as users pipette from one microplate to another. The tool is claimed to simplify laboratory work, improve productivity and reduce pipetting errors and cross-contamination.

Atago RX-5000i automatic digital refractometer

The Atago RX-5000i is an automatic digital refractometer for the measurement of refractive index, Brix and various liquid concentrations. The device has a measurement accuracy level of Brix ±0.03% and refractive index ±0.00004, and features touch-screen navigation and a USB port.

Fritsch Analysette 22 NanoTec plus laser particle sizer

Fritsch’s laser particle sizer, the Analysette 22 NanoTec plus, features a practical modular design that can be quickly and easily connected to various dispersion units for dry or wet samples.

Gilson PLC 2020 personal liquid chromatography system

Gilson has developed a ‘personal’ liquid chromatography system, the PLC 2020, designed to support individuals or small groups of chemists. The system is suitable for normal/reverse phase HPLC and flash purification applications.

Syrris Asia modular flow chemistry systems range

Syrris has launched its Asia range of modular flow chemistry systems. The high-performance, flexible and easy-to-use system is scalable and modular, making it suitable for any flow chemistry requirements.

Syrris Globe jacketed reactor platform

Syrris has released the easy-to-use Globe jacketed reactor platform which has been designed by chemists to offer high reaction flexibility.

Dolomite Mitos P-Pump

The Dolomite Mitos P-Pump provides a pulseless liquid flow, using a precise pressure-driven pumping mechanism. With a good response time and accuracy, this pressure-driven flow is suitable for microfluidic systems where a highly stable flow is required. This includes applications such as compartmentalised chemistry and alginate polymerisation, which necessitate the stable formation of oil-in-water or water-in-oil droplets; however, their monodispersity (size consistency) is key to obtaining accurate and repeatable results.

Syrris Atlas Potassium Pressure System

Syrris has launched the Atlas Potassium Pressure System, a modular 3 bar pressure reactor. With the ability to be controlled automatically or manually, this easy-to-use system can be supplied with glass vessels ranging from 100 mL to 3 L, which can be changed in less than 1 min.

Fluid aspiration

Vacuubrand’s BVC 21 NT family can be used for safe and efficient fluid aspiration with applications in biochemistry, medicine and life sciences, including supernatant aspiration from microtitre plates, petri dishes and cell culture bottles.

Cell and tissue culture magnetic stirrer

2mag’s magnetic stirrers can be used for the careful and protective mixing of cell suspensions and culture media. The BioMixDrive has a stirring volume of up to 5000 mL.

Oxygen generator

The Cellexus Oxygenator oxygen generator is a standalone module that takes in air and concentrates the oxygen component to generate a stream of 93% (±3%) pure oxygen.

Photometric analyser

Innovatis has introduced the CuBiAn Photometric Biochemistry Analyser, a fully automated, membrane-free chemical analyser that measures key parameters in cell culture media, including IgG. The analyser is designed to provide robust usage and high reproducibility with minimal calibration and maintenance requirements.

Cell imaging

Cellavista, by innovatis, is an image-based system that can be used for rapid visualisation of a broad range of cellular assays, while simultaneously performing image analysis.

Helium leak detector

Adixen’s general-purpose helium leak detector, the ASM 310, can find leaks as small as 5 x 10-13 Pa m3/s in vacuum test mode. The unit is semi-portable, weighs only 21 kg and features an oil-free vacuum system.

Homogenising, emulsifying, crushing and dispersion

ART’s Miccra series of mixers are designed for homogenisation, emulsification, suspension, dispersion and crushing. The mixers can be handheld or mounted on a post.

Magnetic stirrer

The 2mag BioMixDrive range of magnetic stirrers is designed for careful and protective mixing of cell suspensions and culture media, and provide a stirring volume of up to 5 L.

Chemistry vacuum pump

The Vacuubrand PC 3001 Vario automatic chemistry vacuum pumping system offers chemistry diaphragm pump technology combined with a fully automated vacuum control system. Applications include rotary evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum drying, general distillations and filtration.

Ergonomic pipettor

The Gilson Pipetman Neo is an evolution of the Pipetman P that is designed to minimise repetitive strain injuries.

Automatic chemistry vacuum pump

The Vacuubrand PC 2001 Vario automatic vacuum offers a combination of high-performance mechanics and materials with modern electronic control technology. It is completely oil free, reaches an ultimate vacuum of 2.0 mbar and has the advantages of reliable chemistry diaphragm pumps. All gases and vapour contacting parts are made from optimally chemical-resistant plastics. The PC 2001 Vario is quiet when operational vacuum level is reached.

Inline turbidimeter

Sigrist's AquaScat WTM turbidimeter offers maintenance-free inline turbidity measurement. The WTM model features contactless measurement, using a 'free-falling' stream together with programmable, automatic calibration. The AquaScat WTM has a wide measuring range from 0 to 4000 FNU covering all applications - from highly turbid raw river water, to optimally filtered pure water with 0.015 FNU. For normal measurement there is no need for a de-aeration tank, as the WTM model has an electronic, built-in bubble trap. This feature is sufficient for occasional bubbles. With an integral display and operating panel the AquaScat is fast and easy to install.

Benchtop centrifuges

The Sigma 3-18 and 3-18K high-speed benchtop centrifuges have maximum speeds of 16,000 and 18,000 rpm.

Automated HPLC liquid handler

The Gilson GX-281 Liquid Handler brings flexibility and performance to front-end automation in the laboratory. The GX-281 is specifically designed for semipreparative-to-preparative HPLC applications.

Portable refractometer

The Atago PR-101 alpha digital refractometer is designed to operate under harsh environmental conditions, including production areas of high humidity.

Flexible Parallel Synthesis

John Morris Scientific is delighted to launch a new parallel synthesis solution from Heidolph Instruments. The new Synthesis 1 is a modular system can perform solid and liquid phase reactions as well as micro-rotary evaporations.

Flash point tester

The Setaflash Series 3 flash point tester has been designed for rapid testing and spot checks for most user applications. Checking flash point is important during inspection and analysis of many products. For example, in the classification of potentially hazardous substances where storage, transport and disposal charges are based on flammability and where incorrect classification can lead to significant added costs.

Mercury analyser

The Milestone DMA-80 Direct Mercury Analyser enables direct determination of mercury content of solid and liquid samples. The need for sample digestion and chemical pre-treatment is eliminated.

EPA Titration and Ion Analysis

Man-Tech PC-Titration Plus systems combine automated titration and ion analysis in a single unit.



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