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Labtek supply a range of general laboratory products including Laboratory Consumables, Equipment, Clean Room, Filtration, Interchangeable Glassware, Pathology, Safety and Water Analysis products.

Labtek is the supplier of a range of Standard Solutions, Volumetric Solutions, Elemental Standards and Chemicals in various grades (Analytical Grade, Laboratory Grade, Technical Grade, and Pharmaceutical Grade)

Other products include Indicator Strips, Microscopy/Histology Chemicals, Cytology Fixative, Freeze Spray, Glucose Tolerance Test Drink, Ready to Use Spray Solution, Sodium Hypochlorite, Distilled Water, and Deionised Water.

Phone: 1300 881 318
19 Leonard Crescent , Brendale QLD 4500 (Directions)


IKA Pette vario single-channel pipettors

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the IKA Pette vario range of pipettors is available in eight different sizes from as little as 0.1–2 μL and as large as 1–10 mL.

LabCo Low Speed Micro Centrifuge

The LabCo Low Speed Micro Centrifuge has a six-place, built-in, fixed-angled rotor that can hold 15 mL centrifuge tubes; 10, 7 and 5 mL Vacutainer tubes; and 1.5 and 2 mL microcentrifuge tubes.

LabCo Magnetic Stirrer 1.5L

The LabCo Magnetic Stirrer is a small-volume stirrer capable of mixing up to 1.5L of liquid solution (H2O), designed with an electrode holder with clamp.

LabCo Electronic Pipette Filler

The LabCo Electronic Pipette Filler is a motorised pipette-filling device allowing fast aspiration and dispensing of liquid.

IKA Midi MR 1 digital magnetic stirrer

The stirrer has a flat and sturdy stainless steel casing with high corrosion resistance and is easy to clean.

Lovibond XD series spectrophotometers

The Lovibond XD series spectrophotometers are equipped with reference beam technology, used for the analysis of water-based solutions in the UV and UV-VIS wavelengths.

Rocker Chemker 600 series vacuum pumps

The Rocker Chemker 600 series vacuum pumps are chemical-resistant diaphragm pumps capable of achieving a flow rate of up to 65 L/min and vacuum of up to 7 mbar.

Rocker Alligator liquid diaphragm pump

The Rocker Alligator is a compact liquid diaphragm pump that is used to transfer liquid directly to waste or a drain.

Rocker Lafil 300-BioDolphin suction system for cell culture and laboratory waste

The Rocker Lafil 300-BioDolphin provides an all-in-one, space-saving solution for the suction of cell culture and laboratory waste. The complete system integrates a vacuum source, waste bottle and suction kit.

Lovibond MD 610 multiparameter water testing photometer

The MD 610 is a modern, mobile photometer for rapid water testing. Measuring over 120 pre-programmed parameters in one photometer, with a range of reagents available in powder packs, tablets or liquid form, the product should suit the majority of applications in the water testing industry.

IKA Oven 125 control dry

IKA's versatile 125 L oven is suitable for temperature regulation, drying, ageing and heating tasks for industrial laboratories, schools, universities, quality control or general scientific applications.

BioClean-D Coverall with Hood

The BioClean-D Coverall with Hood is a disposable garment featuring a front zip with protective flap, elasticated hood, back, cuffs and ankles, and thumb loops to ensure a secure hold.

Rocker MF series magnetic filter holder

Rocker MF series magnetic filter holders with double-layer magnets are designed to ensure a tight seal between the funnel and support base. The user-friendly design allows one-handed operation and prevents possible twisting and tearing of the membrane.

IKA ROTAVISC viscometer

The IKA ROTAVISC viscometer series determines the viscosity of liquids in all areas of application, ranging from the laboratory to quality control. Regardless of a simple or demanding viscosity measurement, the viscometer delivers rapid and precise results.

Lovibond XD7500 UV-Vis spectrophotometer

Lovibond's latest UV-VIS spectrophotometer, the XD7500, includes a premium optical system with reference beam, automated vial detection and over 150 pre-programmed methods.

IKA 125L universal oven

The IKA 125L universal oven can be used for tempering, drying, ageing and heating tasks up to 250°C.

IKA Plate (RCT digital) magnetic stirrer

Featuring a hardened glass top enclosure for maximum visibility, chemical resistance and safety, the IKA Plate (RCR digital) features a fast-responding digital display with Alnico magnet technology for good temperature stability and high residual induction.

IKA EUROSTAR overhead stirrers

IKA's overhead stirrer technology is designed to optimise complex stirring applications. The EUROSTAR digital series features a digital speed display and overload protection.

LabCo electronic pipettor

The LabCo electronic pipettor is a versatile, motor-driven pipetting instrument designed to deliver precise performance in liquid handling. Its design and operation are based on the principle of air displacement and use disposable pipette tips.

Advantec MCE sterile membranes for dispensers

Advantec’s mixed cellulose ester (MCE) pleated band sterile membranes are said to offer the same high quality and reliability as the individually wrapped MCE membranes which Advantec industry partners have used for many years.

LabCo variable volume pipettors

The LabCo variable volume pipettors offer choices for the user’s pipetting needs. Thirteen pipettors cover a range from 0.5 µL to 10 mL in the single-channel model and 0.5 to 300 µL for the 8- and 12-channel models.

15 and 50 mL centrifuge tubes

Manufactured from ultra-clear polypropylene, the LabCo centrifuge tubes are certified non-pyrogenic and DNase/RNase-free.



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