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Lonza Bioscience is a leader in several high-value segments of the life-science industry, providing products and services to support the discovery and commercialisation of human therapeutics. Customers include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, academic and government institutions. Product applications include cell and molecular biology research and endotoxin detection.

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Lonza human cord blood CD34+ haematopoietic stem cells

Lonza has expanded its human stem cell offering to provide human cord blood CD34+ haematopoietic stem cells (CB-CD34+ HSCs) in large batch sizes, meeting a rapidly expanding market need.

Lonza 4D-Nucleofector cell transfection platform

Lonza's Nucleofector technology is a non-viral cell transfection method that can be used even for hard-to-transfect cells, such as primary cells and pluripotent stem cells.

Lonza PyroTec PRO with PyroWave Reader for endotoxin testing

Lonza has announced an expansion to its PyroTec PRO automated robotic system for endotoxin testing. The PyroWave Reader add-on has been designed specifically for use with the sustainable PyroGene Recombinant Factor C (rFC) Assay.

Lonza cryopreserved Leukopaks

Lonza has expanded its human primary cell offerings with the launch of fully customisable, high-quality cryopreserved Leukopaks for biopharmaceutical researchers across the globe.

Lonza HLA-typed cells

Lonza now provides an expansive selection of high-resolution human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-typed primary cells spanning all major cell and tissue types.

Lonza CellBio Services custom cell biology services

Lonza has introduced CellBio Services — a comprehensive portfolio of custom solutions designed to meet specific, individual research application needs.

Lonza Lucetta 2 Luminometer

The Lucetta 2 Luminometer is a single-tube system designed to simplify and accelerate mycoplasma detection in cell cultures.

Lonza Verified for Spheroids Human Hepatocytes

Lonza has expanded its hepatocytes portfolio characterisation with the addition of Verified for Spheroids Human Hepatocytes, which are pre-screened for their ability to promote rapid spheroid formation in cell culture.

Lonza DonorPlex Hepatocytes

Lonza has launched DonorPlex Hepatocytes, a line of high-quality cryopreserved pooled donor suspension hepatocytes. Researchers within DMPK and ADME laboratories can now benefit from this robust product offering for studying the hepatic metabolism of drugs.

Lonza PyroTec PRO for automated endotoxin detection

The PyroTec PRO, from Lonza, is a fully automated, plate-based robotic solution for endotoxin detection. The system has been designed to meet the needs of rapidly changing requirements of QC testing laboratories for fully automated processing of simple to complex sample matrices.

Lonza MODA-ES Software Platform

Lonza's next-generation electronic batch record execution platform, the MODA-ES Software Platform, offers a flexible solution for consolidating and managing batch and quality data produced across cell and gene therapy manufacturing processes.

Kirkstall Quasi Vivo cell culture system

Kirkstall's Quasi Vivo system consists of interconnected cell-culture chambers and a peristaltic pump to create a continuous flow of media over cells.

Lonza XS Pichia 2.0 Expression and Manufacturing Platform

Lonza has developed an expression and manufacturing system that provides high product titres (up to 6 g/L) along with a fast, robust and scalable manufacturing process suitable for commercial production. The XS Pichia 2.0 system is said to deliver high cell viability for improved product quality; reduced fermentation times that approximate E. coli processes; and ease of implementation in large-scale plants.

Lonza human and animal hepatocytes for ADME-Tox testing

Lonza now offers a comprehensive portfolio of fresh and cryopreserved human and animal hepatocytes for ADME-Tox testing.

Lonza IPF airway cells

Lonza now offers cryopreserved lung fibroblasts isolated from donors diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) for use in research into this potentially fatal condition.

Lonza BulletKit Growth Media

BulletKit Media provides researchers with added flexibility and reduced variability across their experiments as the same media can be used to support the growth of both cell lines and primary cells.

Lonza 4D-Nucleofector LV Unit for non-viral primary T-cell transfection

Lonza has announced its 4D-Nucleofector LV Unit, the latest addition to the 4D-Nucleofector System, which expands non-viral primary T-cell transfection to a closed, larger-scale format.

Lonza Overcoming Interference e-Learning Module

Lonza has announced the release of the Overcoming Interference e-Learning Module for its QC Insider Toolbox, which covers the causes of interference in the bacterial endotoxins test (BET) and provides the user with solutions to help ensure compliance.

Lonza RAFT 3D Cell Culture System

The RAFT 3D Culture System, from Lonza, allows researchers to overcome some of the challenges previously associated with working with 3D cultures. The cell culture system uses a high-density collagen scaffold to closely mimic the extracellular matrix of native tissues.

Lonza PowerCHO Advance Media

Lonza has launched PowerCHO Advance Media, the latest addition to the company's range of specialised, chemically defined, serum-free media for culturing Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells.

Lonza Poietics hMSCs

Lonza has enhanced its range of Poietics human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) by expanding the characterisation of the cells to meet industry guidelines for translational and cell therapy research applications.

Lonza RAFT 3D Cell Culture System

Lonza's RAFT (Real Architecture For 3D Tissue) 3D Cell Culture System uses a patented absorber technology to create cell layers in high-density collagen that mimic the in vivo environment. This allows for the formation of complex models and facilitates an understanding of cellular growth, differentiation and cell-to-cell interactions.

Lonza L7 PBMC Reprogramming Bundle for the generation of hiPSCs from PBMCs

Lonza has released the latest addition to its L7 hPSC System for the generation of human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) and the maintenance of stem cells from a variety of sources.

Lonza L7 hiPSC Reprogramming and hPSC Culture System

Lonza introduces its L7 hiPSC Reprogramming and hPSC Culture System for basic stem-cell research, disease modelling, drug development and regenerative medicine. The offering includes tools to simplify and streamline the stem-cell culturing and reprogramming workflow.

Roche MycoTool PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit

The MycoTool PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit from Roche can be used to obtain results in hours by using PCR instead of culture-based testing.

Lonza primary, diseased primary and stem cells

Lonza has available primary, diseased primary and stem cells. Research shows that non-transformed, non-immortalised cells isolated directly from tissue provide conditions that closely simulate a living model and yield more physiologically significant results.

Lonza nucleic acid and protein electrophoresis

Lonza, with extensive experience in protein and nucleic acid electrophoresis, has an extensive range of products optimised for the unique requirements of most critical molecular biology techniques.

Lonza ProSieve EX running and transfer buffer system

The ProSieve EX running and transfer buffer system is said to speed up separation and transfer time by over 90 min using standard protocols.

Nucleofector kits and protocols for adherent cells

Lonza has available Nucleofector kits and protocols for adherent cells, including neurons. The company’s optimal protocols provide good adherent Nucleofection of primary neurons using Lonza Nucleofector systems.

Lonza Resource Notes - Fall 2011

Lonza’s Resource Notes - Fall 2011 are now available for download from its website:

Lonza Clonetics NHAC-kn-Normal Human Articular Chondrocytes

Clonetics NHAC-kn-Normal Human Articular Chondrocytes are performance tested and positive for type ll collagen and sulfated proteoglycans after differentiation.

Lonza CalciFluor Bone Resorption Assay kit

The CalciFluor Bone Resorption Assay kit provides reagents for the sensitive and quantitative measurement of in vitro bone resorption in a rapid and homogeneous format.

Lonza 4D-Nucleofector X and Y units

Electroporation-based methods have so far required cells to be in suspension for transfection. The Nucleofector technology in Lonza’s 4D-Nucleofector X unit and Y unit allows direct Nucleofection of adherent cells, eg, neurons.

Lonza resource notes - Spring 2011

The Lonza Spring 2011 resource notes are available for download from

Lonza AdipoLyze Lipolysis Detection Assay

The AdipoLyze Lipolysis Detection Assay is a fast, sensitive, fluorescent in vitro assay that can be used for detecting small quantities of glycerol in cells undergoing lipolysis.

Lonza GelStar nucleic acid gel stain

GelStar nucleic acid gel stain is a highly sensitive fluorescent stain for detecting both DNA and RNA. It detects as little as 20 pg of dsDNA or 3 ng of RNA.

Lonza TheraPEAK FGM-CD fibroblast growth medium

TheraPEAK FGM-CD fibroblast growth medium - chemically defined and without phenol red and antibiotics - is designed to support the growth and proliferation of primary human dermal fibroblasts in culture.

AdipoRed adipogenesis assay reagent

The AdipoRed adipogenesis assay reagent can be used for assessing the effect of compounds on the differentiation of preadipocytes or on lipid utilisation in mature adipocytes.

Lonza PAGEr Gold precast polyacrylamide gels

PAGEr Gold Precast Gels are designed for optimal separation of a wide range of proteins. They contain a stacking gel and a resolving gel for separating denatured and native proteins.

Clonetics Diabetic Type I and Type II human skeletal muscle myoblasts

Clonetics Diabetic Type I and Type II human skeletal muscle myoblasts (HSMM) are isolated from donors diagnosed with either Diabetes Type I or Diabetes Type II. Additional donor information is available by contacting Lonza’s Scientific Support.

Lonza EasyDiff supplements for bone marrow CD34+

Primary human bone marrow hematopoietic progenitors are multipotent cells that can differentiate into several lineages. EasyDiff supplements allow differentiation of CD34+ cells into three different hematopoietic lineages (myeloid, erythroid and megakaryocytic) in 96-well plates.

Lonza Platinum UltraPak Bioprocess single-use containers

The Platinum UltraPak Bioprocess single-use containers can be used for packaging of cell culture media, reagents and buffers as well as containment and storage vessels for final product yielded from downstream manufacturing processes.

Odyssey Thera compounding profiling service

Using cutting-edge Protein-fragment Complementation Assay technology from Odyssey Thera, Lonza is able to offer profiling services that can shape and influence critical decisions about drug candidates.

Lonza Nucleofector human melanocytes kits and Amaxa protocols

Various Nucleofector Kits and corresponding Amaxa optimised protocols are available for the transfection of human melanocytes using the different Nucleofection platforms.

Lonza GeneSieve Bioanalysis software tool

The GeneSieve Bioanalysis software package enables users to find the most appropriate StellARray qPCR arrays or gene lists associated with a particular research area or gene

Lonza MetaPhor intermediate melting temperature agarose

MetaPhor Agarose is an intermediate melting temperature agarose that is claimed to provide twice the resolution capabilities of the finest sieving agarose products.

Lonza bone marrow and cord blood mononuclear cells

Lonza’s bone marrow and cord blood mononuclear cells are prepared by centrifugation in a density cell separation medium (Ficoll-Paque, Amersham Pharmacia).

Lonza Lucetta single-sample luminometer

The Lucetta single-sample luminometer can be used for the detection of bioluminescence and chemiluminescence.

Lonza NHEM-Neo/NHEM-Ad normal human epidermal melanocytes

NHEM-Neo (Neonatal) and NHEM-Ad (Adult) normal human epidermal melanocytes with optimised growth media can be used in a variety of skin-related research including: pigmentation and cosmetics testing; cellular differentiation; antigen expression; melanoma; UV and sun damage studies; and dermal disorders.

Lonza GelBond film for agarose gels

GelBond film is a transparent, flexible polyester film designed to support agarose gels.

Lonza Human Diabesity 384 StellARray qPCR Array

The Human Diabesity 384 StellARray qPCR Array can be used to profile the expression pattern of genes that have been identified as important in diabetes and obesity research. Users can perform an extensive gene expression profile of Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Lonza PPiLight inorganic pyrophosphate assay

The PPiLight assay is a non-radioactive bioluminescent assay for the detection of inorganic pyrophosphate (PPi).

Lonza BioWhittaker ProNS0 protein-free media

The BioWhittaker ProNS0 is a chemically defined, protein-free medium, with HEPES and Pluronic and without L-glutamine, phenol red or cholesterol.

Lonza Nucleofector human keratinocyte kits and Amaxa protocols

The Nucleofector kits and corresponding Amaxa optimised protocols are now available for the transfection of human keratinocytes.

Lonza Poietics osteoclast precursor cells and media

Poietics osteoclast precursors yield 70% conversion to mature and functional osteoclasts when differentiated using Poietics media.

Lonza Clonetics KGM-Gold adult and neonatal keratinocytes

The Clonetics KGM-Gold NHEK normal human epidermal keratinocytes have longer guaranteed life spans than Lonza’s original KGM or KGM-2 cells.

Lonza PC-1 low-protein, serum-free medium

PC-1 is a low-protein, serum-free medium that can be used for the culture of primary cells and anchorage-dependent cell lines.

Lonza Clonetics human intestinal myofibroblasts

Clonetics human intestinal myofibroblasts, cryopreserved at passage 2 with 500,000 cells per vial, are available. The recommended media kit is SMGM-2 smooth muscle growth media.

Clonetics human cardiac fibroblasts from atrium and ventricle tissue

Clonetics human cardiac fibroblasts from atrial and ventricular tissue are isolated from adult heart tissue and cryopreserved at passage 2 with 500,000 cells per vial.

Lonza PDELight HTS cAMP phosphodiesterase assay kit

The PDELight HTS cAMP phosphodiesterase assay kit, a generic, homogeneous assay, can be used in high-throughput screening of phosphodiesterase activity.

Lonza I.D.NA agarose

I.D.NA agarose is a high gel strength, low electroendosmosis agarose developed for consistent resolution of DNA in DNA identity testing.

Lonza 384 StellARray Alzheimer’s disease qPCR array

The 384 StellARray qPCR array is designed to profile the expression pattern of genes that may increase susceptibility, contribute towards the progression or provide a neuroprotective role in Alzheimer’s disease.

Nucleofector kits for transfection of human T cells

Various Nucleofector kits and corresponding Amaxa optimised protocols are available for the transfection of human T cells using the different Nucleofection platforms.

Poietics human osteoclast precursors

Osteoclasts are large, multinucleated cells that play an active role in bone resorption. The Poietics human osteoclast precursor cell system is designed for use in high-throughput research applications in osteoporosis, bone resorption and other bone-related diseases.

Lonza BioResearch catalogue 2011-2012

The 2011-2012 Lonza BioResearch catalogue 2011-2012 can be ordered online at

Lonza 4D-Nucleofector system - video

The 4D-Nucleofector system video shows how easy it is to work with the system.

Lonza ApoGlow rapid apoptosis screening kit

ApoGlow offers sensitive, safe and rapid 20 min determination of apoptosis, necrosis and cell proliferation in a single assay. The convenient 96-well format can be fully automated. The kit is suitable for both adherent and non-adherent cells.

Poietics NHNP - normal human neural progenitor cells

Poietics normal human neural progenitor cells and media can be useful for research applications in drug development, neurotoxicity, neurogenesis, electrophysiology, CNS function and neurotransmitter disorders.

Lonza Clonetics NHA - normal human astrocytes

Clonetics NHA-normal human astrocytes are useful for experimental applications in neurogenesis research, cell physiology, injury, astrocyte-mediated neurotoxicity, drug development, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

ProFreeze non-animal origin, chemically defined freeze medium

ProFreeze serum-free freezing medium has been specifically formulated for cryopreserving cells that have been propagated in serum-free media.

Lonza PyroGene rFC assay

The PyroGene recombinant Factor C assay (rFC) assay represents a reliable, sustainable alternative to LAL.

Lonza resource notes - Fall 2010

Lonza resource notes are now available for download at

Lonza ProSieve colour protein markers

ProSieve colour protein markers contain sets of proteins and dyes for use as visible markers in SDS-PAGE gels to help monitor the efficiency of separation. In Western blotting they confirm transfer has occurred from the gel to the membrane.

Lonza Poietics rat mesenchymal stem cells

Poietics rat mesenchymal stem cells (rMSC) are isolated from bone marrow taken from the femur and tibia of female Fischer 344 rats.

Lonza BioWhittaker UltraDoma PF protein-free hybridoma medium

BioWhittaker UltraDoma with L-glutamine is a protein-free formulation designed for the cultivation of murine, human and chimeric hybridomas, myeloma growth and monoclonal antibody production.

Lonza Clonetics prostate smooth muscle cells

The Clonetics prostate smooth muscle cell system includes normal human prostate smooth muscle cells (PrSMC) and optimised growth medium.

Lonza Clonetics primary human diseased airway cells

Lonza has available a broad selection of cryopreserved primary human diseased airway cells including, bronchial epithelial, smooth muscle cells and lung fibroblasts from both COPD and asthmatic donors.

Poietics ECFCs human endothelial colony forming cells

Poietics ECFCs human endothelial colony-forming cells are a unique population of highly proliferative cells isolated from human umbilical cord blood that demonstrate endothelial behaviour in culture.

Lonza Insect-XPRESS protein-free insect cell medium with L-glutamine

Insect-XPRESS medium is a protein-free formulation designed to support the growth of insect cell lines derived from Spodoptera frugiperda (Sf9 and Sf21).

Lonza Clonetics HSeC-Human Sertoli cells

Clonetics HSeC-Human Sertoli Cells are an asset to research involving male infertility and reproductive toxicology, xeno/allograft cotransplantation, immune suppression and many other applications.

Lonza OsteoImage mineralisation assay

The OsteoImage mineralisation assay is a rapid, fluorescent in vitro assay for assessing bone cell mineralisation. The assay is based on specific binding of the fluorescent OsteoImage staining reagent to the hydroxyapatite portion of bone-like nodules deposited by cells.

Lonza Australian-origin foetal bovine serum

Lonza’s Australian-origin foetal bovine serum can be used in cell culture media, production of biological/diagnostic products and other laboratory procedures.

Lonza Clonetics mouse hippocampal neurons

Clonetics Mouse Hippocampal Neurons are a useful tool in the study of many neural diseases and disorders.

Lonza Clonetics rat hypothalamus neurons

Clonetics rat hypothalamus neurons can be used in the study of neuroendocrine-related diseases and disorders.

Lonza ToxiLight bioassay kit

The ToxiLight bioassay kit is a bioluminescent, non-destructive cytolysis assay kit designed to measure the release of adenylate kinase (AK) from damaged cells.

Lonza Serum Supreme

Lonza produces a variety of sera products for use in cell culture media, production of biological and diagnostic products, and other laboratory procedures that require quality serum.

Lonza X-VIVO serum-free hematopoietic cell medium

The X-VIVO 10 chemically defined, serum-free hematopoietic cell medium was designed to support the generation of lymphokine activated killer (LAK) cells in a serum-free environment.

Lonza ViaLight Plus cell proliferation/cytotoxicity bioassay assay kit

The ViaLight Plus cell proliferation and cytotoxicity bioassay assay kit uses bioluminescent detection of cellular ATP as a measure of viability, claimed to be the most accurate, effective and direct way of determining the number of living cells in culture.

Lonza TheraPeak MSCGM-CD mesenchymal stem cell growth medium

The TheraPeak MSCGM-CD mesenchymal stem cell growth medium is chemically defined and serum free, and contains L-glutamine, no phenol red and no antibiotics.

Lonza Amaxa 4D-Nucleofector system

The Amaxa Nucleofector technology is claimed to be the first efficient non-viral transfection method for primary cells and hard-to-transfect cell lines.

Clonetics Human RPE cells

The retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) comprises hexagonal cells organised into a monolayer that is densely packed with pigment granules. RPE cells play a critical role in visual function and photoreceptor viability.

Axiogenesis Cor.At mESC cardiomyocytes

Embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes have many of the phenotypic properties of primary cardiomyocytes and show great potential to model human diseases. The Cor.At cells are cardiomyocytes derived from transgenic mouse embryonic stem cells and are available cryopreserved in ampoules.

Poietics mesenchymal stem cells and media

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are pluripotent cells that can differentiate into several cell types and play a vital role in several research applications eg, cell differentiation and gene regulation, gene therapy and transplantation studies, and cell-based screening assays in drug discovery.

Clonetics h NHEPS human hepatocytes

Clonetics h NHEPS human hepatocytes are available as cryopreserved ampoules containing 3-6 million cells.

MycoAlert mycoplasma detection kit

The MycoAlert mycoplasma detection kit includes reagents and an instruction manual for the detection of mycoplasma contaminations in cell cultures.

Lonza QCL-1000 endpoint chromogenic LAL assay

The QCL-1000 endpoint chromogenic LAL assay is a claimed fast and quantitative endpoint assay for the detection of gram-negative bacterial endotoxin in a wide variety of samples.

FlashGel RNA system

The FlashGel System for RNA is optimised for the unique requirements of RNA and is a claimed fast and sensitive tool for analysis of sample integrity. It is suitable for verification and analysis of total RNA, quick checks of native RNA and checking RNA degradation and mRNA purity.

KGM-Gold keratinocyte growth medium

A claimed robust and versatile serum-free medium formulation for high- and low-density normal human epidermal keratinocyte (NHEK) cultures, KGM-Gold keratinocyte growth medium is designed to support both clonal growth and high-density keratinocyte proliferation.

MycoZap Plus-CL, Plus-PR and Prophylactic cell culture antibiotics

The MycoZap Plus-CL, Plus-PR and Prophylactic cell culture antibiotics have been released.

Lonza primary immune cells and media

Lonza supplies a variety of primary cells isolated from normal peripheral blood, cord blood and bone marrow along with media specifically developed for culturing primary immune cells.

Clonetics HUVEC-XL human umbilical vein endothelial cells

The Clonetics HUVEC-XL assay-ready human umbilical vein endothelial cells are primary HUVECs packaged at 10 million cells per vial that have been expanded to passage-3 and retain their endothelial properties as indicated by rigorous endothelial-specific QC testing.

Poietics human adipose-derived stem cell system

The Poietics human adipose-derived stem cell system provides 1 million viable cells cryopreserved in an ampoule with 95% purity.

Lonza SeaKem LE, SeaPlaque, NuSieve 3:1 and MetaPhor agaroses

Lonza agaroses are claimed to provide quality, purity and performance for electrophoresis.

Amaxa Nucleofector device

Amaxa’s Nucleofector technology is a highly efficient non-viral method for transfection, based on two components: the Nucleofector device that delivers unique electrical parameters and Nucleofector kits that contain cell-type-specific Nucleofector solutions.

Bar Harbor BioTechnology StellARray Gene Expression System

The StellARray Gene Expression System’s qPCR system helps users to focus on the genes relevant for their individual research area while freeing gene expression profiling from unwanted bias.

Clonetics B-ALI bronchial air liquid interface media

The B-ALI bronchial air liquid interface medium BulletKit provides scientists with a tool to investigate new areas of bronchial epithelial research in a more physiologically relevant way.

Lonza acquires Simbiosys Biowares' preclinical cell and molecular biology group

Lonza has completed the acquisition of the preclinical cell and molecular biology assets of Simbiosys Biowares India, a biology outsourcing company, expanding its cell-biology platform.

Lonza Potelligent CHOK1SV host cell line

Potelligent CHOK1SV, a host cell line for manufacturing recombinant antibodies, combines BioWa’s glycosylation Potelligent technology with Lonza’s GS Gene Expression System and CHOK1SV.

Gene expression system

The Lonza StellARray Gene Expression System can be used to reveal gene expression level changes with unbiased significance.

Gene expression system

The StellARray Gene Expression System consists of three products: the GeneSieve Query; the StellARray qPCR 96/384-well Arrays; and the Global Pattern Recognition (GPR) analysis tool.


Lonza announces new CEO, COVID-19 vaccine collaboration

Dr Pierre-Alain Ruffieux has been appointed Lonza's CEO, just a few weeks after the company announced a strategic collaboration agreement with biotech company Moderna.

Tips on how to manage low endotoxin recovery

Lonza has announced a resource that addresses a key topic of debate in the endotoxin detection community — low endotoxin recovery (LER).

Lonza launches new global company website

Lonza has launched its new global company website which will provide users with the company's complete life science market representation.



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