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METTLER TOLEDO Rainin PipetteX and SmartStand for pipette calibration tracking

PipetteX monitors pipette inventories both by reading from and by writing to pipettes on SmartStands.

METTLER TOLEDO RAININ SmartCheck pipette verification tool

The RAININ SmartCheck is an innovative instrument from METTLER TOLEDO that quickly verifies the performance of any brand of single- or multichannel pipette that dispenses volumes between 10–1000 μL.

Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-series X-ray inspection systems

Mettler-Toledo's range of Safeline X-ray systems is said to offer manufacturers significant benefits when installed on production lines.

Mettler-Toledo Rainin SmartStand intelligent pipette stand

Mettler-Toledo's Rainin SmartStand is an intelligent, customisable and highly scalable pipette asset management system that is easily adapted to any laboratory's standard operating procedures.

Mettler-Toledo ProdX 2.0 data management software system

Designed for use on food lines, as well as in pharmaceutical and chemical processing, the ProdX 2.0 data management software system connects product inspection equipment across the entire production line into a single, unified network.

METTLER TOLEDO Rainin TerraRack pipette tip rack

METTLER TOLEDO's Rainin TerraRack is said to be sturdy as a conventional pipette tip rack, yet made with less than half the plastic and completely recyclable.

Mettler-Toledo LabX data handling software

LabX is a ready-made, configurable system that drives workflow standard operating procedures (SOP) directly through the user's instruments.

Mettler-Toledo M_one vacuum mass comparator

The Mettler-Toledo M_one is a suitable reference instrument for mass comparison under a controlled environment.

Mettler-Toledo XPE Precision Balance

Mettler-Toledo's stable, durable and easy-to-clean XPE Precision Balance offers good repeatability when weighing minute forces without use of a draft shield.

Mettler-Toledo AX1007CP automatic mass comparator

The AX1007CP automatic mass comparator allows fast and accurate mass comparisons to enable national measurement institutes to disseminate traceability from their national standard at high resolution.

Mettler-Toledo Thornton 7000RMS real-time microbial monitoring system

Mettler-Toledo Thornton has announced its 7000RMS analyser for real-time, continuous measurement of bioburden in the pharmaceutical industry. The technology will assist companies in validating water systems in real time, thus reducing offline sampling costs and helping to eliminate false-positive tests.

Mettler-Toledo ME-T entry-level balance

Mettler-Toledo has launched its entry-level balance, the ME-T. Designed to meet all essential needs, it offers a high-performance weighing cell and a large, intuitive 4.5″ colour TFT screen, as well as three interface connections for easy data handling.

Mettler Toledo X-10 Automated Lab Reactor Control

The RX-10 Automated Lab Reactor Control controls jacketed lab reactors with third-party heating and cooling systems, liquid addition, stirrers and process analytical technology (PAT) tools.

Mettler-Toledo Collect+ data collection and visualisation software

Mettler-Toledo has introduced its Collect+ data collection and visualisation software. The software shows users a visual overview of their operations, taking complicated process data and making it easy to understand at a glance.

Mettler-Toledo Thornton DCC1000 Degassed Cation Conductivity System

Mettler-Toledo Thornton's DCC1000 Degassed Cation Conductivity System, for use in pure water applications in power plants, will help technicians make decisions for increasing load as well as for plant operations.

Mettler Toledo ParticleView V19 with PVM technology probe-based video microscope

The next-generation inline PVM tool, ParticleView V19 with PVM technology, is now available. The in situ probe-based particle vision and measurement tool continuously captures high-resolution images under a wide range of process conditions.

Mettler Toledo XS balance line

Mettler Toledo's improved XS balance line includes analytical and precision balances as well as a dual-range microbalance. Ergonomic design details mean users no longer need to suffer the stresses and strains from working for long periods in front of the balance.

Mettler Toledo LabX laboratory software platform

The LabX software platform, from Mettler Toledo, supports balances, melting point instruments, Quantos weighing solutions, density meters, refractometers and now titration. The centrally managed software system controls several different instruments.

Mettler Toledo Rainin Pipet-Lite XLS+ and E4 XLS+ pipettes

Mettler Toledo has released an upgrade of its single- and multichannel Pipet-Lite XLS+ manual and E4 XLS+ electronic pipettes. Now, all pipettes branded XLS+ feature wet seals for smooth operation, corrosion-resistant tip ejectors and liquid ends that can be autoclaved.

Mettler Toledo MS Precision Balances

Mettler Toledo's MS Precision Balances are said to maintain the company's reputation for innovation, performance, reliability and robust design. The balances incorporate a number of features to ensure many years of precise and reliable weighing.

Mettler Toledo IND890form software for weighing terminal

The latest software application for the IND890 weighing terminal, from Mettler Toledo, offers formulation control for flexible use in industrial applications.

Mettler Toledo Excellence XPE analytical balances for detecting electrostatic charge

Automatically detecting external effects to the weighing results due to electrostatic charges makes balance operation simpler and more dependable. The Excellence XPE analytical balances from Mettler Toledo incorporate StaticDetect technology which quickly and automatically detects electrostatic charge when a load is placed on the balance.

Mettler Toledo Rainin 20 µL Liquidator 96 pipetting system

Mettler Toledo presents the low-volume 20 µL Liquidator 96. With a volume range of 0.5 to 20 µL, the platform is a viable option for many low-volume applications, particularly in the areas of genomics and proteomics.

Mettler Toledo IND890fill filling and dosing software

A software application for the IND890 weighing terminal from Mettler Toledo offers filling control for flexible use in industrial applications.

Mettler Toledo Rainin XLS+ pipettes

Mettler Toledo has made ergonomic design the key focus for the Rainin pipette range. The Rainin XLS+ pipettes contain both manual and electronic multichannel pipettes.

Mettler Toledo EasyPlus compact titrators

Mettler Toledo has launched a compact and affordable family of titrators. EasyPlus titrators are designed for basic requirements and first-time users of automatic titrators in the food and chemical industries.

Mettler Toledo and Thermo Fisher Scientific Titration-IC system

The Titration-IC (ion chromatography) system offers complete automation for testing properties and ions in drinking, ground, surface and waste water.

Mettler Toledo Excellence DMA 1 dynamic mechanical analyser

Mettler Toledo has launched its latest Excellence dynamic mechanical analyser, DMA 1. The highly flexible analyser offers six different deformation modes to more accurately gauge materials performance.

Mettler Toledo SevenExcellence pH and conductivity meters

Mettler Toledo has introduced SevenExcellence - a benchtop meter range for precise measurements of pH, conductivity, ion concentration or oxidation reduction potential (ORP).

Mettler Toledo ReactIR 15 Stirling Engine MCT reaction monitoring system

Mettler Toledo has announced that its ReactIR 15 Stirling Engine (SE) MCT model is now available. The compact, easy-to-use, fourier transform infrared (FTIR) reaction monitoring system offers an effective alternative to traditional MCT detectors in situations where liquid nitrogen is too costly or unsafe for routine use.

Mettler Toledo 100 mL Hastelloy Pressure Reactors EM20-100-HC and EM60-100-HC

The 100 mL Hastelloy Pressure Reactors EM20-100-HC and EM60-100-HC are designed for use with the EasyMax, the synthesis workstation which enables the development of robust chemical processes at lab scale.

Mettler Toledo Rainin E4 XLS ‚Äčelectronic pipette

The Mettler Toledo Rainin E4 XLS electronic pipette features high performance and ease of use. The company has drawn on advances in mobile phone and gaming technology to simplify navigation and make operation fast and easy.

Mettler Toledo WX weighing modules

Mettler Toledo’s WX weighing modules range is designed for high-precision automated as well as manual weighing in instruments, machines and isolators. The compact design means that installation is straightforward and space saving.

Mettler Toledo Rainin AutoRep S manual adjustable repeater pipette

Mettler Toledo has announced the release of its Rainin AutoRep S manual repeater pipette. This lightweight, positive displacement repeater pipette gives laboratory researchers and technicians a simple, robust solution for applications that involve tedious, repetitious pipetting of liquid samples.

Mettler Toledo NewClassic density kit

Density determination is used in many areas to characterise certain properties of a product or material. The density determination is performed using the gravimetric measuring method by means of Archimedes’ principle (buoyancy method), which states that a body immersed in a fluid apparently loses weight by an amount equal to the weight of the fluid it displaces.

Mettler Toledo Quantos automated powder dosing system

Mettler Toledo has addressed the everyday challenge of manually weighing hazardous substances and presents Quantos, an automated powder dosing system complete with process-specific safety enclosure.

Mettler Toledo FiveGo dissolved oxygen meter

The Mettler Toledo FiveGo dissolved oxygen (DO) meter claims to make measuring dissolved oxygen simple. The intuitive, user-friendly operation and the low maintenance requirements of the galvanic DO sensors make inexperienced users also feel at ease. The instrument is suitable for numerous food and beverage applications as well as for use in other industry segments.

Analytical and precision balances

METTLER TOLEDO has released the NewClassic balance range which is said to allow you to speed up your weighing processes and offer precise results, easy cleaning and handling and a design made to last.

Plug-and-play titration sensors

Mettler Toledo has released a range of plug-and-play titration sensors, designed for precise measurement of mineral oils and derived products.

Thermal analysis systems services

Mettler Toledo has introduced a portfolio of services that combine knowledge and experience to help users improve cost control and reaction time, increase output and minimise risk of failure.

Automated synthesis tool

Mettler Toledo has introduced EasyMax 102 automated laboratory reactor system for the synthesis laboratory and the synthetic organic chemist.

Electrochemical measurement

Mettler Toledo has introduced the Series Seven instrument series for pH, conductivity and ion measurement.

Portable Refractometers and Density Meters

The Densito 30P density meters and the Refracto 30P refractometers will achieve almost the same level of efficiency and comfort as a benchtop, but are designed for one-hand operation. In addition to displaying plain measured values, both the Densito 30P and the Refracto 30P automatically compensate temperature and can directly calculate the concentration of a sample in common units, such as percent alcohol or Brix. A correction feature allows the instrument to easily switch calculations when different samples are measured. The instruments can also be customised so that the user can define specific calculation formulas.


Data integrity in the laboratory

Mettler-Toledo will be holding data integrity seminars in Sydney and Melbourne in July.

Good Titration Practice goes mobile

Mettler Toledo has launched the Mobile Good Titration Practice app for mobile devices.

White Papers

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UV/VIS spectroscopy is a powerful method used on a daily basis in many laboratories. It is easy to perform, takes little preparation and provides near-instant results in the analysis of nucleic acids, proteins and bacterial cell cultures.



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