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Pall Life Sciences

Pall Life Sciences provides a range of laboratory filtration and separation products specifically for drug discovery, biopurification and quality control applications based on Pall''s proprietary and innovative membrane and manufacturing technologies.

Phone: 1800 635 082
Fax: 1800 228 825
1-2 Wandarri Court , Cheltenham VIC 3192 (Directions)


Pall AcroPrep 24-well filter plates

Pall's AcroPrep 24-well filter plates clarify and sterile filter high-density cell cultures in one device in minutes.

Laboratory technical support

Filtration, separation and purification technologies are changing rapidly as manufacturers keep pace with the demanding requirements of both traditional and emerging laboratory applications. Users require technical support that is fast, knowledgeable and readily available. Pall Life Sciences is responding to these needs with the expansion of its Laboratory Technical Support team to provide global, 24-hour-a-day, live technical support.

Bioprocessing filtration cassettes

Omega T-Series Membrane Cassettes offer enhanced processing efficiencies and greater product recovery. The cassettes are constructed with high-performance materials that reduce extractables to deliver high-purity biological solutions. These cassettes assure effective mass transfer of proteins.

Flexible containment system

Protecting workers and the surrounding environment from exposure to hazardous compounds poses an increasing challenge to pharmaceutical manufacturers as new and more potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) enter the processing pipeline, such as cytotoxic drugs to treat cancer.

Process chromatography

The Mustang XT5000 capsule is claimed to provide greater throughput, good binding capacity, and fast processing in a capsule format for use in a wider range of process chromatography applications.

Laboratory water system

Pall Corporation has introduced Cascada laboratory water systems that provide optimum water quality to support diverse laboratory needs from sensitive applications to general-purpose use.

Multi-well membrane bottom plates

The AcroPrep and AcroWell Filter Plates are a range of 96 and 384 well membrane bottom filter plates, which are available with microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes. All plates are single piece construction and are made of polypropylene. Plates are available in a selection of natural, white and black.

Protein capture and concentration

Pall Life Sciences' disposable 25 mm Acrodisc unit with Mustang S chromatography membrane is a strong cationic exchange device delivering high dynamic binding capacity and flow rates. Mustang membrane technology offers high capacities for positively charged proteins and large biomolecules. The disposable and stackable chromatography units serve as useful proof of concept tools for validation, process development, and offer direct scale-up to larger gram, and multi-gram Mustang S systems.

96-Well Plates with Binding Membranes

The AcroWell 96 Filter Plate with GHP Membrane is available in a chemically resistant natural polypropylene housing and is also available in opaque-white polypropylene housing for high throughput cell and bead-based radioactive and chemiluminescent assays. The GHP membrane (hydrophilic polypropylene) is the key to the plate's low background fluorescence.



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