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Peak Scientific Instruments Pty Ltd

Global manufacturing and supplier of laboratory and industrial scale gas generation solutions covering nitrogen, hydrogen, zero air, zero nitrogen and clean dry air systems. Global supplier to major instrumentation OEM’s and direct to end users. General instrument specific and custom solutions

Phone: 1300 965 352
Fax: 03 4208 1155
Unit 1 , Geelong West NSW 3218 (Directions)


Peak Scientific Genius XE SMZ nitrogen gas generator

Peak Scientific's Genius XE SMZ has been designed to provide a long-term gas solution for Shimadzu high-flow LC-MS/MS systems.

Peak Scientific Genius XE SCI 2, MS Bench (G) SCI 2 and MS Bench SCI 2 gas generator suite

Developed in collaboration with and exclusively for SCIEX, the suite of products comes in three variants for use with the SCIEX Triple Quad 7500 LC-MS/MS System – QTRAP Ready.

Peak Scientific TOC 1000 total organic carbon generator

Employing the latest gas generation technologies, the product has been designed with a small form factor for labs with limited space or for field use.

Peak Scientific Solaris XE nitrogen generator

The Solaris XE nitrogen generator can deliver up to 35 L/min at purity levels of up to 99.5%, making it a suitable gas solution for LC-MS.

Peak Scientific GC Gas Calculator

Peak Scientific has created an online calculation tool to help laboratories that use gas chromatography (GC) to quickly find the optimal gas solution for their specific GC instrument.

Peak Scientific Genius 1024 gas generator

The Genius 1024 nitrogen and dry air generator has been designed to meet the needs of SCIEX LC-MS systems and has been approved by SCIEX for use on all its RUO LC-MS systems.

Peak Scientific Infinity XE 50 Series nitrogen generator

Peak Scientific has unveiled its Infinity XE 50 Series nitrogen generator. Designed to cater for numerous applications across a typical laboratory, from a single source solution, the series provides a variable flow of nitrogen gas ranging from 11 to 432 L/min and at purities up to 99.5%.

Peak Scientific Fixed Price Preventative Maintenance (FPPM) plan

Peak Scientific has introduced a maintenance plan for its gas generators that allows customers to fix maintenance costs for a set number of years.

Peak Scientific Solaris nitrogen gas generator system

Peak Scientific has announced the launch of the Solaris benchtop nitrogen gas generator system. The product provides a compact and convenient gas source for labs using ELSD (evaporative light scattering detector) instruments and compact mass spectrometers, which typically require lower flow rates and specific purity.

Peak Scientific FLEXFLOW gas subscription service

FLEXFLOW, a monthly gas subscription service, gives users an alternative to high-pressure cylinders, without the need to purchase and maintain generator equipment.

Peak Scientific Genius 3051 dedicated gas generator solution

Peak Scientific has launched a dedicated gas generator solution for Shimadzu, based on Peak's Genius 30 Series platform. The Genius 3051 has been designed to provide a complete gas solution for Shimadzu's LC-MS 8050 and LC-MS 8060 systems.

[Peak Protected] Supported Maintenance for gas generators

Peak Scientific now enables sites to service laboratory gas generation systems that do not contain an internal air compressor. The company will send a preventive maintenance kit to the generator's site automatically when maintenance is due, alongside clear technical instruction of how to perform the maintenance safely and proficiently.

Peak Scientific Precision Series 3PP gas generator

Peak Scientific's Precision Series has been made available by Agilent Technologies as a 3PP gas generator. The move will make it easier for users to enjoy the benefits of Peak’s on-demand GC gas solution for those requiring nitrogen, hydrogen or zero air for carrier, detector or make-up gas.

Peak Scientific Precision Hydrogen Trace 250 hydrogen generator

For those currently using hydrogen or considering hydrogen as a carrier gas for GC and GC-MS, the the Precision Hydrogen Trace 250 delivers 250 cc/min of hydrogen at 99.99% purity.

Peak Scientific Precision Zero Air 7L and 18L gas generators

The Precision Zero Air models integrate seamlessly with Precision Hydrogen and Precision Nitrogen models GC-dedicated gas generators, allowing users to mix and match modules in a single stack tailored to their specific GC gas needs.

Peak Scientific Precision Nitrogen Trace 1000 laboratory gas generator

Peak Scientific has introduced the Nitrogen Trace 1000, adding further capability and flexibility to its Precision line of gas generators. The product is designed for GC analysis and can now provide the same ultrahigh-purity output at flows up to 1000 cc/min.

Peak Scientific i-FlowLab high-purity nitrogen generator

The i-FlowLab from Peak Scientific provides on-site generation of nitrogen gas, delivering a continuous and consistent supply of high-purity nitrogen at the pressure and flow rates required to meet the demands of the user's laboratory or research facility.

Peak Scientific Precision series GC-dedicated gas generators

The Precision series of GC-dedicated gas generators, from Peak Scientific, are specifically engineered with a space-saving, stackable design and compact footprint, delivering a convenient, dependable and practical solution for GC instrument gas requirements.

Peak Scientific Precision modular gas generators

Peak Scientific's Precision range of gas generators offers a modular system providing a GC gas solution specific to the user's laboratory needs. Its stackable, space-saving design allows users to make the most of their valuable lab space.



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