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Schott AG is the world leader in specialist glass manufacturing. Schott Duran laboratory glassware has set the standard for borosilicate 3.3 glass in physical and chemical specifications.

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SCHOTT glass-ceramic range and technical glass tubing

SCHOTT has released the NEXTREMA glass-ceramic family for use in high-temperature applications, as well as tubing, rods and capillaries for various technical applications. Both product groups offer product developers special functionality and innovative design options.

Hirschmann Rotarus peristaltic pump

Complementing its line of liquid-handling products, Hirschmann's product range now includes continuous dispensing pumps. The company's Rotarus offers continuous delivery, precise dispensing, intelligent control, comfortable use and rapid handling.

Duran Youtility laboratory bottle system

Duran laboratory bottles are widely used in scientific research for activities such as sampling, storage, mixing and sterilisation of liquids. The Youtility bottle system addresses the critical issues of safe handling and bottle identification through the systematic design of the individual components.

Duran 10 mL laboratory glass bottle

Duran has produced a miniature size 10 mL bottle. This is a suitable size for the testing of products.

Duran GLS 80 wide neck bottle in 250 and 3500 mL

The Duran GLS 80 wide neck bottle has an 80 mm opening. The wide neck, along with a blue screw cap and pouring ring, allows for optimum filling, pouring and cleaning, while the quick release closure allows the bottle to be opened and closed in less than one turn.

Schott KL 2500 LED

The KL 2500 LED has a brightness level equivalent to a 250 W halogen cold light source.

Duran Pure glass bottle range for pharmaceutical packaging

The Duran Pure glass bottle is covered with a dust cover during the production process to avoid contamination of the inner surface of the glass bottle during transportation. Glass properties are type I according to USP <660>, EP 3.2.1 and JP 7.01 Method 1.

Schott Duran GL 25 and GL 45 premium caps

Designed to fit on all Schott Duran laboratory bottles, the GL 25 and GL 45 premium caps are made from TpCh260 with a PTFE coated silicone seal.

Duran 125 mL narrow neck Erlenmeyer flasks

Duran has added a 125 mL intermediate size flask to its range of narrow neck Erlenmeyer flasks. There are now a total of 13 different sizes in the range.

Duran GL45 screw cap connection system

The connection systems for Duran laboratory glass bottles have been expanded to include the GL 45 screw cap with two hose connections.

Schott Duran GL45 laboratory glass bottles

Schott Duran has extended the range of volumes available in its GL45 laboratory glass bottles to include 150, 750 and 3500 mL bottles.

Schott Duran GL45 laboratory glass bottles

Schott Duran has extended the range of volumes available in its GL45 laboratory glass bottles to include 150, 750 and 3500 mL bottles.

Duran Super Duty beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks

For mechanically demanding work, Schott has added Super Duty beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks to its Duran product range.

Schott Conturax Pro non-round glass tubing

Schott Conturax Pro non-round glass tubing is made from Duran borosilicate glass.

Laser-coding system

A laser-coding system enables glass containers for parenteral use to be clearly coded at the glass syringe manufacturer and tracked from production to end user, enabling a track and trace system and reducing mix-ups of syringes and batches. It also counters drug counterfeiters.

Permeable membrane cap

The Schott Duran permeable membrane cap can release gases to relieve pressure in a sealed bottle.

DG laboratory safety caps

The DG Safety Cap is designed specifically for laboratories that handle highly aggressive gas-forming liquids or solvents that need to be transferred safely and cleanly.

Pressure- and vacuum-resistant glassware

The Schott Duran Pressure Plus laboratory glass bottle permits safe working under vacuum and pressure and provides increased safety to technicians and security to contents. The pressure and vacuum resistance is from -1 to +1.5 bar.

Glassware traceability

Schott Duran has introduced the Retrace Code, an eight-digit batch code shown on Schott Duran laboratory glass bottles, beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks and reagent bottles that allows the bottles to be retraced to the point of production, including the matching batch.


SCHOTT to acquire Australian microfluidic expert MINIFAB

SCHOTT, an international technology group in the areas of specialty glass and glass ceramics, has entered into a purchase agreement to acquire Australian microfluidic company MINIFAB.



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