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Mecmesin MultiTest-dV precision control tension and compression tester

Mecmesin has a range of universal testers with a focus on precision control. Its positional resolution of 0.001 mm means the MultiTest-dV offers control even for entry-level systems.

Mecmesin Helixa Torque Tester

The Mecmesin Helixa Torque Tester is suitable for measuring low and medium torque variations with high accuracy and control on a variety of delicate or finely engineered products. Its sensitivity and precise alignment make it useful for testing high-quality assemblies such as those found in the cosmetics, medical, pharmaceutical and jewellery industries.

Mecmesin Texture Analyser FTA 2.5 i

Mecmesin has released the Texture Analyser FTA 2.5 i. The product is controlled by the company’s Emperor software, directly connected to the testing centre to control the machine and capture the data.

RheinTacho EchoTach Optical Tachometer

RheinTacho, through its Australian distributor, SI Instruments, has released the EchoTach handheld, non-contact optical tachometer for checking rotational speeds quickly and accurately.

SI Instruments Tiedemann Ring Loadcells

Tiedemann Ring Loadcells, from SI Instruments, offer high precision instruments for mechanical force measurements of tensile and compressive forces. The capacity of the loadcells ranges from 50 N to 200 kN.

Mecmesin FTA 2.5 Xt Texture Analyser

The Mecmesin Texture Analyser FTA 2.5 Xt is based on the Mecmesin MultiTest 2.5 Xt, the 2.5 kN test centre for tension and compression. The FTA 2.5 Xt is controlled by a Windows 7 tablet PC, directly connected to the testing centre to control the machine and capture the data. The FTA 2.5 Xt can be preprogrammed for routine testing and it is possible to select up to five of these tests as ‘favourites’ which allows operators to load their test with one press of the button, ready for testing.

Mecmesin Vortex-xt torque tester

A versatile touch-screen controlled torque tester, the Mecmesin Vortex-xt can be used to bring quality control measurement straight to the point of manufacture.

Mecmesin coefficient of friction (COF) tester

The Mecmesin coefficient of friction (COF) tester can be used to improve production methods and reduce wastage by assessing the ‘slip’ properties of plastic film, paper and packaging products.

Rheintacho RT strobe pocket LED stroboscope

With up to 300,000 flashes per minute, the Rheintacho RT strobe pocket LED provides light emission of 1500 lux at 6000 FPM at 20 cm.

Mecmesin MultiTest-xt test stand

Mecmesin has released a console driven test stand, the MultiTest-xt. This will be the first product for Mecmesin using touch-screen technology and will involve the development of software offering new and improved features including a much more intuitive user interface, the ability to save test routines which can then be run with only two button presses and load-holding capability.

Mecmesin Advanced Force Gauge

The Mecmesin Advanced Force Gauge (AFG) is a versatile and fully featured digital force gauge that has been specifically designed to measure force in tension and compression (push or pull) with optimum precision and performance.

Mecmesin Emperor tension and compression testing software

Mecmesin Emperor software for tension and compression testing has been designed for use in quality control laboratories where the mechanical properties of manufactured products need to be assessed on a routine basis.

Shore Digital Durometer hardness testers

Shore Digital Durometer Hardness Testers can be used to measure the hardness of rubber and plastics according to ASTM D2240, DIN 53505, ISO 868 and ISO 7619. Shore A scale is applicable for rubber and soft plastics whereas Shore D is for hard rubber and thermoplastics.

RheinTech Rotaro Digital handheld tachometer

The RheinTech Rotaro Digital handheld tachometer features two measuring options: an optical, non-contact method that measures up to 99,999 rpm; and a mechanical method, using an adapter and various probes measuring up to 19,999 rpm.

Handheld tachometer

The compact RheinTech Rotaro Digital handheld tachometer has two measuring methods: the optical and therefore non-contact method measures up to 99,999 rpm and the mechanical method, using an adapter and various probes to measure up to 19,999 rpm.

Capping head load tester

SI Instruments has released TehloTest, a wireless edition of its Head Load Tester which is used in wineries throughout Australia.

Twin column test stands

Mecmesin twin column testing frames provide the opportunity to test physically larger specimens and apply loads up to 25 kN. The increased load allows samples up to 400 mm wide and 950 mm high to be accommodated. Each test frame has been designed to deliver high stiffness — often necessary in high load, low elongation testing applications — and are driven by twin, pre-loaded, synchronised ballscrews.

Texture analyser

The TMS-Pro System provides precise, objective and repeatable measurements of the texture of food products.

Tension and compression test stand

The Mecmesin MultiTest-d test stands are available in 1 and 2.5 kN capacities. The stands work in conjunction with a Mecmesin digital force gauge and form an entry-level motorised test system for users who wish to evaluate quality control parameters of their products in tension and compression.

Tension and compression tester

The Mecmesin MultiTest-d test system is available in 1 and 2.5 kN capacities. The tester works in conjunction with a digital force gauge and forms an entry-level motorised test system for evaluating quality control parameters in tension and compression.

Coating thickness gauge

ElektroPhysik has released the MiniTest 700 range of digital coating thickness gauges featuring SIDSP technology.



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