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Cobalt 05-01 Series DPSS lasers

Cobolt has released four higher power lasers on the single-frequency DPSS laser platform 05-01. No diode light leakage during high-speed modulation for applications using laser-induced fluorescence is essential.

Warsash Scientific Lynx Silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) module

The Lynx SiPM Module, available from Warsash Scientific, is a compact, easy-to-use, analog module based on the C30742 Series low-noise, ultrafast timing resolution, low crosstalk SiPM chips.

Lamerholm 298 ShockLog motion-monitoring instrumentation

The Lamerholm 298 ShockLog range offers users a complete motion-monitoring instrumentation solution. It combines tri-axial piezoelectric accelerometer technology with the latest in MEMS electronic accelerometers in a single unit, providing a visible deterrent to incorrect operation and handling.

Coltraco Portalevel MAX portable liquid level indicator

The Portalevel MAX, from Coltraco, is a portable liquid level indicator for monitoring fire suppression systems comprising CO2, FM200, NOVEC, Halons, and other liquid-based Halon replacement extinguishants. It employs easy-to-use, clean, environmentally safe ultrasonic technology.

Filmetrics aRTie spectral reflectometer

aRTie from Filmetrics is an easy-to-use spectral reflectometer. Reference and background steps are not required and it is powered through USB cable - no other connections or set-up are required.

Craic Technologies kinetic microspectroscopy package for the 20/20 PV UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer

Warsash Scientific has announced the addition of kinetic spectroscopy capabilities to the 20/20 Perfect Vision UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer. The product integrates a high-speed spectrophotometer with a UV-visible-NIR range microscope and easy-to-use software.

Craic Technologies MP-2 advanced microscope photometer

Warsash Scientific has announced the release of the MP-2 microscope photometer from Craic Technologies. The product is an all solid-state system designed for photometry of microscopic samples in many fields including biology and cytophotometry.

Xenon Corporation Sinteron 2010 sintering system

Warsash Scientific delivers even greater flexibility for sintering conductive Cu and Ag metallic inks, curing thin-film substrates and for solar and surface modifications with the Sinteron 2010 from Xenon Corporation. The product allows for digitally programmable pulse widths, making it very flexible and valuable to process development.

Warsash Scientific Physik Instrumente PILine XY microscopy stage series M-687 with linear drives

PI (Physik Instrumente) has developed PILine driven XY microscopy stage series M-687 with high resolution linear scales to add to the standard product range available from Warsash Scientific.

Ahura Scientific TruScreen liquid explosive screening

Ahura Scientific’s TruScreen, suitable for the commercial aviation industry and designed to complement existing security measures, rapidly and accurately screens for potential liquid explosives, quickly distinguishing between benign substances and threat-listed materials, such as explosives and precursors.

Thermal chambers for cell microbiology

Linkam Scientific Instruments has developed the Incubatrix 35, the entry level stage in the range of cell biology microscope stage chambers. The sample temperature is accurately controlled to 0.1°C by feedback from a Pt100 sensor placed in the sample solution within the Petri dish. The sensor is encased in a thin non-reactive ceramic sheath and can easily be disconnected and sterilised in an autoclave. Sample temperature is maintained by warm air generated from a small heater within the stage.

Portable spectroradiometer

A compact and truly portable spectroradiometer, which is powered by a USB connection and provides NIST traceable data to yield CRI (colour rendering in-dex) characterisation, has been introduced by International Light.

Billirubin exposure monitor

A NIST traceable exposure monitor that is dedicated to measuring the lamp output in neo-natal hyperbiliru-binemia exposure chambers is being introduced by International Light.

Handheld light measurement system

Labsphere has introduced the HLMS-200P handheld light measurement system - an easy-to-use, precision photometric instrument designed for use in the field, laboratory, or production floor. The instrument measures luminous flux from divergent sources such as LEDs, small lamps, and fibre-illuminators.

Vibration measurement

Polytec has released a modular vibrometer controller to meet the needs of advanced vibration measurement applications. The design adds digital processing with a range of features that make non-contact vibration analysis more precise, simple and flexible. The OFV-5000 includes improved vibration resolution and dynamic range from digital/analog decoders, remote focus and focus memory with the advanced OFV-505 sensor head, more capacity for a wider range of modules and digital filtering.

Portable digital vibrometer

Polytec's portable multi-purpose non-contact vibration system, the PDV-100 combines optics and digital signal processing to measure surface vibration velocity without contact, utilising Laser Doppler Vibrometry (LDV) technology. The system yields good measurement performance, ease of use and long-term calibration stability in a portable and robust package.

Fibre optic temperature measurement

The Luxtron Fluoroptic Thermometry (FOT) Lab Kit allows users to easily and accurately measure temperature in hostile environments involving high voltages, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and strong radio frequencies (RF).

Raman microspectroscopy

Warsash Scientific has released the InVia Reflex fully automated Raman microscope from Renishaw. They add simplicity of operation to the performance and flexibility to Renishaw's high optical efficiency Raman microspectrometer design, with a directly coupled Leica DMLM microscope.

Raman microspectroscopy

Warsash Scientific has released the InVia Reflex fully automated Raman microscope from Renishaw. They add simplicity of operation to the performance and flexibility to Renishaw's high optical efficiency Raman microspectrometer design, with a directly coupled Leica DMLM microscope.

Automated confocal Raman microscope

The InVia Reflex fully automated Raman microscope adds simplicity of operation to the high performance and flexibility of Renishaw's high optical efficiency Raman micro-spectrometer design with a directly coupled Leica DMLM microscope.

High Temperature Microscopy Stage

The Linkam TS1500 High Temperature Stage is 104 x 95 x 29 mm. It produces a temperature range from ambient to 1500°C and contains a type S PI-10% Rh/P1 thermocouple. A 7 mm sapphire sample disc makes contact with the thermocouple to ensure an accurate temperature measurement from the sample.

UV Sterilisation Lamp Monitoring

A line of radiometers for monitoring UV sterilisation lamps to validate that their operation is consistent with government health requirements is available.

Hartmann Analyser

The Spiricon Hartmann Analyser provides wave front phase information and propagation characteristics to supplement the intensity profile of a laser beam. The system allows users to predict beam distribution quickly and easily.



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