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waters_connect MS Quan application

The MS Quan application for waters_connect provides laboratories with an efficient means of processing and reviewing data and identifying batch-to-batch variations.

Waters BioAccord System with ACQUITY Premier

The integrated, high-resolution LC-MS system is designed to simplify multi-attribute monitoring of biotherapeutics by improving analyte recovery and assay-to-assay reproducibility.

Waters Arc Premier System for liquid chromatography

The Waters Arc Premier System is a liquid chromatography system optimised for chromatographic separations on 2.5–3.5 µm columns.

Waters SELECT SERIES MRT high-resolution mass spectrometer

The Waters SELECT SERIES MRT is a high-resolution mass spectrometer that combines multi reflecting time-of-flight (MRT) technology with both DESI and MALDI imaging sources.

Waters BioAccord LC-MS System

Waters has introduced a peptide multi-attribute method (MAM) workflow for the Waters BioAccord LC-MS System, enabling drug development, manufacturing and QC scientists to monitor efficacy and safety through the analysis of critical quality attributes (CQAs) of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and other protein-based drugs.

Waters ACQUITY RDa Detector mass spectrometer

Waters has released the ACQUITY RDa Detector featuring SmartMS, a time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometer (MS) for small molecule analysis for pharmaceutical, academic, food and forensics applications.

Waters ACQUITY PREMIER Solution for liquid chromatography

The universal LC solution has been designed to improve analytical data quality and eliminate the need for time-consuming passivation.

Waters Otto SPEcialist Positive Pressure Manifold

Waters has introduced the Otto SPEcialist Positive Pressure Manifold, designed to improve the reproducibility of solid-phase extraction (SPE).

Waters RADIAN ASAP System

Waters has introduced the RADIAN ASAP System, a novel direct mass detector engineered for non-mass spectrometry (MS) experts to conduct fast analyses of solids and liquids with minimal sample prep.

Waters Arc HPLC System

The Waters Arc HPLC System is a high-performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) for routine testing in the pharmaceutical, food, academic and materials markets.

Waters ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector

With the ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector from Waters, users can minimise the risk of unexpected coelutions or components and confirm trace components with the analytical confidence of mass detection.

Waters Xevo G2-XS QTof and Xevo TQ-S micro mass spectrometers

Waters has introduced the Xevo G2-XS mass spectrometer, a high-performance benchtop quadrupole time-of-flight (QTofTM) mass spectrometer, and the Xevo TQ-S micro, a compact benchtop tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer.

Waters Cortecs 2.7 micron columns

Waters has expanded its family of Cortecs columns with the 2.7 micron silica-based, solid-core particle columns. Designed for analytical scientists who need to maximise performance on their existing LC systems, Cortecs 2.7 micron columns run at low pressures while delivering high efficiencies.

Waters Acquity UPLC M-Class System

The Waters Acquity UPLC M-Class System is a nano- to microscale UltraPerformance LC (UPLC) system rated for 15,000 psi operation. Coupled to Waters' mass spectrometers, the system delivers the sensitivity to quantify and identify vanishingly small concentrations of key molecules.

Waters Acquity QDa Detector

The Waters Acquity QDa Detector brings high-quality, mass spectral data to chromatographic separations. The product is said to address the barriers of complexity, size and cost that have hindered the adoption of mass spectrometry for everyday use.

Vicam Global Mycotoxin Regulations Tool

Vicam, a Waters Corporation business, has introduced a single-source online tool that provides access to a comprehensive, simple-to-use database of global mycotoxin regulations. The Global Mycotoxin Regulations Tool, available as a web-based or mobile application, allows users to locate global mycotoxin limits by geography and commodity or food type in seconds.

Waters Cortecs Columns

Waters Corporation has introduced Cortecs Columns, a family of 1.6 µ solid-core UltraPerformance LC columns. The columns are said to bring higher efficiency to chromatography.

Waters Synapt G2-Si Mass Spectrometer

The Waters Synapt G2-Si Mass Spectrometer integrates a third dimension of resolution and separation power into a suite of untargeted and targeted LC/MS/MS workflows.

Waters UNIFI Scientific Information System version 1.6 for biopharmaceutical, bioanalysis and screening solutions

Waters Corporation is now shipping UNIFI Scientific Information System version 1.6 for the Waters Biopharmaceutical Platform Solution, Regulated Bioanalysis Platform Solution, Screening Platform Solution, Pesticide Screening Application Solution and Metabolite Identification Application Solution.

Waters Empower Software for Dani headspace and gas chromatography instruments

Waters Empower Chromatography Data Software now provides control for Dani headspace and gas chromatography instruments.

Waters Beginner’s Guide to Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

Waters Corporation has published a 212-page Beginner’s Guide to Solid Phase Extraction (SPE).

Waters Aquity UPLC CSH130 C18 and XSelect HPLC CSH130 C18 columns

Waters Corporation’s CSH130 particle technology columns offer selectivities for UPLC and HPLC peptide mapping and proteomics applications.

Waters GlycoWorks glycan analysis kits

Waters Corporation has introduced three GlycoWorks kits for glycan labelling and sample preparation. The line of consumable products brings together everything needed for the preparation of glycans for analysis.

Vicam DON-NIV WB Immunoaffinity Column

Vicam, a Waters Business, has introduced the DON-NIV WB Immunoaffinity (IA) Column, said to be the only IA column on the market to simultaneously screen for deoxynivalenol (DON) and nivalenol (NIV). Coupled with liquid chromatography analysis, the column provides over 90% recovery of both DON and NIV and increases the productivity of commercial, government, and food safety research laboratories.

Waters Acquity UPLC and Xevo TQ-S for detection of carbendazim in orange juice

Waters Corporation has confirmed an analytical technique to rapidly determine residue levels of the fungicide carbendazim in orange juice, with no sample preparation, at regulated levels, by using the ultra-high sensitivity of its Xevo TQ-S mass spectrometer and Acquity UPLC I-Class system.

Waters TruView LCMS certified vials

TruView LCMS certified vials are low-adsorption sample vials certified for LC/MS/MS analyses where analyte concentrations are of the order of ng/mL or pg/mL and where analytical sensitivity and accuracy are critical.

Vicam Vertu digital lateral flow reader for mycotoxin quantitation

Vicam has launched Vertu, a digital lateral flow reader for fast, easy mycotoxin quantitation.

Waters Acquity UPSFC system

The Waters Acquity UPSFC system is a holistically designed analytical system combining the advantages of sub-2 µm particle technology and the efficiency of supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC). Built on the company’s ultra performance LC (UPLC) technology, the system claims to reduce run times by up to ten fold, reduce solvent usage by as much as 95% and cutting the cost of analyses by as much as 99%, while giving laboratories a greener alternative to normal phase chromatography for chiral and achiral separations.

Waters Patrol UPLC Laboratory Analyzer

The Waters Patrol UPLC Laboratory Analyzer has been designed to meet the needs of process development laboratories for real-time quality analytical data. Built on the company’s ultra performance LC (UPLC) technology, the system provides scientists with mission-critical analytical data to guide decision-making at the earliest stages of manufacturing process development.

Waters Xevo G2 TOF mass spectrometer

The Xevo G2 TOF mass spectrometer with UPLC/MSE and QuanTof technology has been released.

Waters NuGenesis Data Management System 7.1

Waters NuGenesis Scientific Data Management System 7.1 Service Release 7 (SR-7) has been structurally validated to support Microsoft’s Windows 7, both Professional and Enterprise 32-bit versions, and Waters Empower 3 Chromatography Data System (CDS).

Waters SDMS Form Designer 2.1

The Waters NuGenesis scientific data management system (SDMS) Form Designer 2.1, a module for SDMS Vision Publisher, converts standard operating procedures (SOPs) from several analytical technologies into one electronic form to support prescribed analytical workflows.

Waters Ostro Sample Preparation Plate

The Ostro Sample Preparation Plate offers a novel approach for the removal of phospholipids from biological samples. When compared to other phospholipid removal devices and traditional liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) methods, it is claimed that Ostro removes up to 30 times more phospholipids.

Waters Acquity CSH and XSelect UPLC and HPLC columns

Waters Acquity CSH and XSelect feature a wide range of selectivity choices and performance enabled by charged surface hybrid technology.

S-Matrix Corporation Fusion Method Development software

Waters has become the exclusive distributor of Fusion Method Development software, developed by S-Matrix Corporation. The software works seamlessly with Waters Empower 2 chromatography data software (CDS) and Acquity UltraPerformance LC (UPLC) to automate liquid chromatographic method development according to quality-by-design (QbD) guidelines. Fusion not only greatly accelerates method development, it enables development of more robust methods which transfer successfully and withstand the test of repeated use.

Research-only immunosuppressant assay

Waters has expanded its portfolio of products for clinical and research laboratories including a research use only (RUO) kit for quantitative measurement of Tacrolimus, Sirolimus, Everolimus, and Cyclosporin A.

Glycan characterisation

Waters has released the UltraPerformance LC (UPLCÂ) analytical solution for the characterisation of 2-AB labelled glycans from glycoproteins. The UPLC solution combines the Acquity UPLC BEH Glycan Columns with the Acquity UPLC System equipped with fluorescence detection. Current FDA regulations require that firms developing and manufacturing therapeutic proteins are able to accurately characterise the glycans attached to those proteins to ensure the efficacy and safety of a biopharmaceutical product.

Xevo TQ mass spectrometer

The Xevo TQ MS System is an advanced tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer that delivers high performance and functionality by using IntelliStart and ScanWave technologies to provide versatility and advanced quantitative capability to a broad range of applications.


Waters has released the NuGenesis scientific data management system (SDMS) for the Business and Enterprise editions of the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system platform (32 bit, Service Pack 1). Waters NuGenesis SDMS 7.1 Service Release 3 (SR3) also supports Microsoft Office 2007 with SP1 and includes updates for SDMS Vision Publisher that allow it to be validated on Vista and Office 2007.

Amino acid analysis

The MassTrak AAA Solution is a system designed for the reliable and reproducible analysis of physiological amino acids using ultraperformance liquid chromatography (UPLC).

Polar compound column

Waters has an addition to its line of XBridge analytical columns. The XBridge HILIC Columns provide improved retention of very polar compounds that are otherwise difficult to retain by traditional reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography.

Environmental sample pre-treatment

The Oasis HLB Disk is a solid-phase sample preparation product for the analysis of EPA Method 8270, endocrine disruptors, personal care products, pharmaceutical residues in surface water, and drinking water and other emerging contaminants.


Waters has released the NuGenesis scientific data management system (SDMS) for the Business and Enterprise editions of the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system platform (32 bit, Service Pack 1).

High-definition MS system

As a tool, conventional mass spectrometry is a good method for differentiating between proteins with different masses. However, as different folded forms of a particular protein have identical masses, it is virtually impossible to differentiate them by conventional means. That's where the Waters Synapt HDMS system and its embedded ion mobility technology can help.

Oligonucleotide separations technology

Waters has introduced two sets of columns for the purification and analysis of oligonucleotides. The Acquity UPLC OST C18 columns have been specifically designed to work with the Waters family of Acquity UltraPerformance LC products. The XBridge OST C18 columns are designed for advanced oligonucleotide HPLC separations. Both products are suitable for purifying and analysing synthetic oligonucleotides including siRNA, primers and probes, therapeutic drugs made by oligonucleotide manufacturers, diagnostic kit makers, government and university laboratories, and biotechnology companies.


TA Instruments has the AR 2000 advanced research rheometer with performance and convenience features. A fifth generation product, the AR 2000 can handle demanding applications in mobile and viscous liquids, gels, pastes, slurries and solid and molten polymers.


Waters to supply Daiso bulk process chromatography media

Waters and Daiso have entered into a collaborative agreement to globally market and supply Daisogel bulk packing materials for process chromatography.



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