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Miele Professional PG85 lab washers

04 May, 2016

The lab washers in the PG85 range, from Miele Professional, are said to require less water, electricity and process chemicals than other lab washers while being more powerful.

Smart Sinks Filtration Bin

05 April, 2016

The Smart Sinks Filtration Bin is a fully mobile system suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The unit is suitable for tradespeople needing to clean equipment when working in high-rise construction sites or remote locations.

Cleaning procedures to protect Parkinson's researchers

12 January, 2016

Scientists have revealed the cleaning procedures that best protect Parkinson's disease (PD) researchers from alpha-synuclein, a protein that makes up Lewy bodies and Lewy neurites in PD patients and self-assembles into fibrils in vitro.

Wash your hands with flaxseed oil

01 December, 2015

Start-up company Kayban has developed what is claimed to be the world's first antimicrobial healthcare range made from organic flaxseed oil.

Tudertechnica hygienic hose assemblies

15 September, 2015

Tudertechnica designs and manufactures specialty technical hoses for a wide range of applications in food, chemical and other industries requiring high-performance specifications. It maintains all the essential ISO certifications, together with global testing certifications.

Interscience Anabac autoclave deodorant

21 August, 2015

The Anabac autoclave deodorant eliminates bad smells caused by autoclaving. Just one capsule is enough to provide a pleasant perfume for a comfortable working environment.

Suncombe EDS+ BioWaste Treatment System

08 July, 2015

Suncombe has announced the release of the EDS+ BioWaste Treatment System for biologically hazardous waste decontamination and growth media sterilisation. The product is designed for waste levels from BSL1 to BSL4 and is typically used in the biopharma sector, laboratories and research institutes.

The light way to reduce HAIs

29 June, 2015

North American hospitals now have the opportunity to acquire Indigo-Clean — a light fixture that uses Continuous Environmental Disinfection technology to continuously kill harmful bacteria linked to hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).

Vileda Professional SpillEx disposable floor cloth for liquid spillages

28 May, 2015

Spillages on hard floors - such as blood, urine, chemical or bodily fluids in operating theatres and general laboratories - can cause considerable problems. SpillEx from Vileda Professional is a disposable, super-absorbing floor cloth that takes care of liquid spillages in minutes.

VILEDA CleanTech Duo microfibre-laminated mop

29 April, 2015

VILEDA's CleanTech Duo microfibre-laminated mop is suitable for meeting the high demands required for effective cleaning and disinfection of floors, walls and ceilings in cleanrooms and other controlled environments.

Priorclave QCS H150 front-loading autoclave

25 April, 2015

The Priorclave QCS H150 front-loading autoclave is suitable for any laboratory aiming to increase its sterilising throughput. The 150 L laboratory autoclave has a stainless steel, 500 mm-diameter sterilising chamber accessed via a wide door opening that allows easy loading - even of heavy loads, which may be delivered direct by trolley.

Actril Cold Sterilant

16 February, 2015

Actril Cold Sterilant is a ready-to-use disinfectant and sterilant for hard surfaces commonly found in laboratories and pharmaceutical cleanrooms. It is suitable for surfaces made from non-porous materials such as plastics, stainless steel or glass.

Kartell wash bottles

07 August, 2014

As part of the plastilab range (general-purpose labware), Kartell manufactures a series of polyethylene (PE) wash bottles for cleaning laboratory glassware and other laboratory equipment. The wash bottles are suitable for use with alcohols, acids, alkalis, aldehydes, esters and ketones, and comply with international standards making them safe for use with foodstuff.

Molecular Devices MultiWash+ Microplate Washer

23 May, 2014

MultiWash+ is an automated microplate washer that provides maximum flexibility with a minimal footprint. The MultiWash+ Microplate Washer can be configured for both 96- and 384-well plates and comes with four wash/rinse bottles and one waste bottle for out-of-the-box use.

ClioCell device for removing dying and dead cells

20 March, 2014

ClioCell is an ex-vivo device for removal of dying and dead cells, improving viability and quality of cell populations and their subsequent productivity.

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