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Biotage Isolute PLD+ protein and phospholipid removal plate

24 January, 2014

Isolute PLD+ is a protein and phospholipid removal plate for the clean-up of blood-based matrix samples for analysis by LC-MS/MS. The plates combine protein and phospholipid removal in a single product, providing effective and simple sample clean-up for LC-MS/MS analysis.

Bandelin Sonorex Super RK ultrasonic baths

22 January, 2014

The Bandelin range of ultrasonic baths offers users an intense, thorough equipment clean. The company’s ultrasonic cleaners feature PZT transducers for maximum cleaning power operating at 35 kHz.

VWR Ultrasonic Baths

21 November, 2013

The VWR Ultrasonic Baths provide effective and efficient cleaning of laboratory glassware, instruments and a range of industrial applications. All models are supplied with a lid, basket and support rack.

Biobase Auto Microplate Washer

17 July, 2013

Biobase has produced the Auto Microplate Washer, controlled by a microprocessor, which is precise and easy to use. The washer can automatically complete single- or multi-row washing.

Affymetrix USB High-Throughput ExoSAP-IT reagent

31 May, 2013

Affymetrix USB has developed High-Throughput (HT) ExoSAP-IT for enzymatic PCR cleanup. Specifically designed for the requirements of high throughput automated platforms and multichannel pipettes, the reagent has both a longer lifetime at higher temperatures and a decreased viscosity for robotic pipetting.

VWR PureStep tacky mats

17 April, 2013

The VWR PureStep multi-layered, adhesive-coated mat removes dirt and dust from foot traffic and wheels prior to entry into a critical manufacturing environment. A consistent coat weight of adhesive produces a higher-performing mat without excessive tack issues.

Kartell Pipette & Burette Rinsing Solution

12 February, 2013

Suitable for laboratories where pipette and burette cleaning is required, the Kartell Pipette & Burette Rinsing Solution is a range of products that offer a high-quality option for washing pipettes and burettes up to 600 mm long, easily and safely.

Phenomenex roQ QuEChERS Kits

30 January, 2013

Phenomenex has introduced roQ QuEChERS kits for the cleanup of multiple pesticide residues in food prior to HPLC or GC analysis.

Schuett Solaris loop steriliser

03 October, 2012

The Schuett Solaris loop steriliser is an alternative to the safety Bunsen burner, suitable when an open flame is to be avoided.

Biosafe Life Sciences effluent decontamination systems

30 September, 2012

Biosafe Life Sciences produces effluent decontamination systems (EDSs) to treat laboratory wastewater/effluent produced within biocontainment boundaries. EDSs are recommended and/or required by law for facilities classified as Biosafety Level 3 and Level 4 (PC 3 and 4 as defined in AS/NZS 2243.3-2010).

Enware ZeoMed cytotoxic body-fluid spill kit

24 July, 2012

Enware Australia has released its ZeoMed cytotoxic body-fluid spill kit, designed to protect healthcare workers and carers from spills of body fluids from patients undergoing cytotoxic drugs treatment.

GE Healthcare illustra ExoStar PCR and sequence reaction clean-up kit

26 May, 2012

The GE Healthcare illustra ExoStar is optimised to purify PCR and sequencing set-up reactions quickly, efficiently and reliably, with no loss of PCR product. It provides more efficient primer digestion than ExoSAP-IT.

Aktivlab 72 peg CT40.1 drying rack

06 March, 2012

The Aktivlab 72 peg CT40.1 one-piece moulded poly-drying rack comes with a selection of large and small removable pins to suit a wide range of container sizes in almost any configuration.

Bioquell Z-2 HPV bio-decontamination system

06 February, 2012

Targeted at the pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare industries, the Bioquell Z-2 hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) generator is a complete solution for room/zone bio-decontamination offering user-friendly operation with parametric cycle control, eliminating the necessity for gas cycle development studies (non-GMP facilities).

UK scientists produce world's first magnetic soap

06 February, 2012

Scientists from Bristol University have developed a soap, composed of iron rich salts dissolved in water, that responds to a magnetic field when placed in solution. The soap’s magnetic properties were proved with neutrons at the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) to result from tiny iron-rich clumps that sit within the watery solution.

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