GC-ion trap MS

Thursday, 01 January, 2009 | Supplied by: Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Thermo Scientific ITQ 700, ITQ 900 and ITQ 1100 ion trap mass spectrometers provide GC/MS platforms suitable for applications from research to routine analysers.

From a small-footprint, entry-level QA/QC instrument to a research-grade system with MSn functionality, the series offers a range of standard features options. Plus, the series offers upgrade options to expand instrument capabilities and add flexibility and versatility for future developments.

The ITQ Series is supported by workflow-oriented software packages. It features the ability to upgrade and add options to match the system to laboratory needs.

The series features MSn scan functions designed to improve performance and enhance the ease of use of the system. These features are standard on the ITQ 1100 system and are optional for the ITQ 700 and the ITQ 900.

The Automated Collision Energy (ACE) function is designed to simplify the use of MS/MS by making optimisation of collision energy automatic. ACE automatically calculates an estimated optimal collision energy based on product ion m/z and damping gas flow rates. Any changes to precursor ion or damping gas flows are automatically considered, eliminating the need to re-optimise methodology every time a change is made.

The systems also feature: Pulsed Q Dissociation Mode (PQD), to improve the overall spectral quality; an external ionisation ion source, with independently controlled heating from 125 to 300 °C for stable operation; and chemical ionisation, for added selectivity and sensitivity.

Both positive and negative chemical ionisation modes are supported. Digital reagent gas flow control improves method stability and reproducibility.


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