Portable imaging microscope for digital pathology

SciTech Pty Ltd
Friday, 01 May, 2020

The Grundium Ocus portable whole slide imaging microscope is the microscope of choice for all digital pathology. It gives any hospital, clinic or laboratory the capacity to scan slides in-house and access the pathologist or researcher remotely. You can access a global pool of pathology experts to improve healthcare levels and acquire secondary consultations. Physical slide transfers between the clinic and the lab are a thing of the past. A compact size, battery pack and wireless connectivity make the Grundium Ocus truly portable and easily shared between a group of researchers

The Grundium Ocus portable whole slide imaging microscope is a precision tool small and affordable enough to be on every professional’s desk. It is portable with a 6 MP image sensor and can be brought anywhere as it is compact and lightweight, weighing only 3.5 kg. The Grundium Ocus has multiple connectivity options for local and remote usage. It can be connected locally to a laptop, tablet or phone. It also has independent Wi-Fi and Ethernet support to enable direct internet connection, cloud support and remote access. It is easy to use, with a 500 GB internal hard drive, automated X Y stage, full (1″ X 3″) slide scanning and overview image option allowing automated trimming of areas to be scanned that are adjustable by the user.

View, digitise, record and file microscope slides in-house, at your desk. The Grundium Ocus automatically stitches scanned images and saves them on the 500 GB hard drive or swiftly exports them to your cloud storage. When paired with a mobile phone, the image files can be immediately shared with colleagues in the laboratory or with an expert or researcher anywhere in the world. Slides can also be viewed in live mode on a larger screen. Specimens can also be viewed in Z-Direction to focus on the essential layer.

Digital pathology is enabled by whole slide imaging, which means converting traditional glass slides into digital files that can be viewed, managed and analysed on a computer monitor or shared in real time with colleagues all over the world, especially for a second opinion. WSI devices enable easier patient history recording and storage. Scanned samples become part of a patient’s medical record and can be easily retrieved or shared for review.

The portability of the Grundium Ocus is advancing the level of smaller research teams in various fields of science, improving international collaboration. As an affordable device it puts digital microscopy within the means of the pharmaceutical industry, universities, and even small schools or clinics with limited capability to invest in equipment.

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