Simple tricks for keeping your instrument in peak condition

Tuesday, 01 June, 2021

Believe it or not, some say almost half of all system breakdowns can be attributed to a failure to perform routine maintenance. If properly maintained and regularly serviced, ÄKTA™ systems can last over 10 years or more. By following the maintenance recommendations introduced in this article, you will experience how a few routine maintenance procedures can bring outsized impact on the reliability of your equipment.

Please note that the maintenance guidelines provided in this article are only subject to ÄKTA avant, ÄKTA pure, and ÄKTA go.

[At every run]

  • Make sure that back-rinsing solution (20% ethanol) is present for pumps.
  • Use buffer inlet filters for all used inlets.
  • Prior to experiment, purge pumps and calibrate pH monitor if used. Check for nicked tubing and tighten connectors before starting the run.
  • After experiment, run system wash, including fraction collector/accumulator. Wash and wipe off the fraction collector sensors.


  • Change pump-rinsing solution. If necessary, use a syringe to prime rinsing system.
  • Calibrate pressure sensors.
  • Perform fraction collector/accumulator wash and wipe off the fraction collector sensor.
  • Replace on-line filter in case of increased back pressure.


  • Inspect tubing connectors and valve exteriors for signs of leakage (salt crystals).
  • For optimal performance, change buffer-inlet filters.

[Every six months]

  • Clean the UV cell with detergent solution.
  • Consider replacing pH electrode (if a pH monitor is used).

Performing routine maintenance is the easiest way to keep your instrument in peak condition. However, to extend the longevity and reliability of your equipment to the next step, it is also recommended to get regular preventive maintenance (PM) service from qualified Cytiva service engineers. As PM intervals can vary by equipment and usage, please check our list of preventive maintenance documents to discover the best working solution for you. Furthermore, Cytiva offers customized in-depth hands-on ÄKTA care and maintenance trainings. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

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