Shimadzu LabSolutions Version 5 chromatography workstation

Tuesday, 08 February, 2011 | Supplied by: Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Oceania) Pty Ltd

The LabSolutions Version 5 chromatography workstation enables efficient operation of various analysis tasks in laboratories from LC/GC system operation to confirmation of measurement results.

Up to four LCs and/or GCs or a mix of these systems can be controlled simultaneously on a single PC, allowing the operating status of all systems to be centrally monitored and displayed.

The software contains functions for automating all data acquisition operations from system start-up and column equilibration to schedule data acquisition and system shutdown. Cancellation of data acquisition, re-injection and other operations can be automatically controlled by judging the results of the system suitability test.

The software allows easy calculation of impurity amount, judgments based on accuracy/deviation % in the measurement results, chromatogram noise and S/N ratio, and other measurement results that have previously been calculated on calculators or in spreadsheet software.

The software features an automatic retention time correction function (AART) for estimating and correcting the retention time from the retention index of components to be analysed and reference compound measured values. Even if the retention time deviates due to changes in the system environment, for example, when a column from a different lot is used, the Compound Table can be easily corrected.

In addition to system configuration information, methods and data, the software incorporates an audit trail function for batch tables and report formats. The illegal access monitoring function ensures full security, even in a networked environment. The software is also equipped with a PDF output function for promoting the paperless laboratory.

Phone: 02 9684 4200
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