Processing DNA data in 30 minutes

Thursday, 29 May, 2014

Software company Genalice is upgrading its next-generation sequencing (NGS) DNA data processing software Genalice Map. To be launched at the European Society of Human Genetics conference in Milan, the product can process the DNA data of an entire human genome with 40x depth within 30 min on a commodity dual Intel Xeon E5 server.

“The two key processing steps after DNA has been sequenced are short read alignment and variant calling,” noted Genalice CEO/CTO Hans Karten. “In our first release we only included the alignment part. We are extremely pleased to upgrade our software suite with our ultrafast and highly accurate variant caller.

“Both steps normally take one to two days on a similar hardware configuration. By mastering both steps in less than 30 minutes now, we have created a processing pipeline that offers our customers spectacular benefits. Exome data or panels can be processed in near real time.”

The company has tested its product with reference datasets like Genome in a Bottle and has used the Genome Comparison & Analytic Testing (GCAT) tool from BioPlanet to directly compare the sensitivity and specificity with commonly used conventional tools. The results have been drafted in a white paper and GCAT report, which can be found at


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