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Monday, 10 August, 2009 | Supplied by: Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Thermo Fisher Scientific Integration Manager is a flexible data transformation tool for automated data acquisition and point-to-point data distribution across the enterprise.

Integration Manager provides connectivity to all parts of the laboratory workflow and translates the data generated by any of the instruments, services or third-party enterprise applications that may be used in an organisation. This integration tool is another example of the Thermo Scientific Connects solution set that helps streamline and improve the transfer of knowledge between laboratory-generated data and enterprise-level information systems.

Most laboratories utilise many different types of instruments that generate data locally. This approach requires human intervention to access data from each of the instruments individually before preparing a report that makes use of the collected data. Data collection is most often completed through re-keying of report data, where human error can result due to time-consuming transcription of data. With Integration Manager, data are collected electronically and stored in a central database, regardless of the individual report formats required for each instrument.

Integration Manager acts as a translator of all the individual languages of the various data sources, accepting and delivering data in the format appropriate to each intended recipient. Organisations save time in preparation of manual reporting, save costs in personnel time and eliminate potential errors created during manual processes. In addition, Integration Manager is built on open standards architecture that is highly configurable for the specific needs of each enterprise.

Overall, enterprise-wide connectivity yields a greatly enriched user experience that allows individuals and organisations to not only manage and capture their data more efficiently and securely, but also to simplify their daily workflow and communicate more effectively. At a higher level, enterprise connectivity allows management to make decisions based on current data and aggregated information from the entire operation.

Integration Manager is a key component of Thermo Scientific Connects, a set of offerings that leverage the company’s breadth of laboratory information management systems and chromatography data systems capabilities, as well as expertise in enterprise systems integration to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between laboratory-generated data and enterprise-level information systems.

Connects assists organisations in integrating application-specific workflows, thereby transforming laboratory data into relevant business information and maximising a company’s enterprise system investments to better support critical management decisions in today’s resource-constrained environment.

A brochure - Enterprise Connectivity for Better Decision Making - is available at for those interested in more fully integrating laboratory-generated data with existing enterprise resource planning systems.

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