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Monday, 02 November, 2020

Thermo Scientific™ SkanIt provides excellent usability and flexibility, even for the most challenging assays. Optimise your research with an easy-to-read visual workflow, effortless data analysis, and flexible exporting capabilities. With SkanIt software you have full control over the instrument settings for all your Thermo Scientific microplate readers. The file-based data management system makes it easy to store data securely, through cloud-based file-sharing services.

The easy-to-learn SkanIt software is designed to conveniently serve multiuser environments. The operation is simple and straightforward, whether you need only basic plate-reading capabilities or more complex protocols and powerful analysis. At the same time, it offers flexible and versatile features for advanced applications. The SkanIt software is an open license platform that authorizes unlimited installation privileges, which means you can create measurements and analyse results on your computer inside or outside of the lab and you can easily transfer sessions between different computers.

The SkanIt software features automatic path length correction functionality, which normalizes absorbance values measured on a microplate to correspond with absorbance values measured at a 1 cm path length (standard cuvette). The path length correction enables DNA/RNA concentration calculation directly from absorbance values. In addition, pre-determined K-Factors for commonly used solutions are included with the SkanIt software. This makes path length correction very simple. After the measurement the SkanIt software displays two result steps in the Results view.

The SkanIt software package is specifically designed for Thermo Scientific Multiskan FC, Luminoskan Fluoroskan, Varioskan and our NEW Multiskan SkyHigh microplate readers. The software is available in two editions: a research edition for scientists working in life science research and a drug discovery edition with features for compliancy with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Key features of SkanIt Software include:

  • Multi-instrument software platform compatible with all Thermo Scientific microplate readers
  • Open license software for unlimited installation to multiple computers
  • Research Edition for life sciences; Drug Discovery Edition with features for compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • Optional separate user accounts for controlling access
  • Robotic automation interface
  • Measurement sessions are easy to set up and navigate
  • Intuitive Virtual Pipetting Tool assists in defining the plate layout
  • Capable of endpoint, kinetic, spectral, bottom-reading multipoint, and kinetic-spectral measurements
  • Fluorescence SpectraViewer tool for optimizing fluorometric measurement
  • Single- or multiple-wavelength measurements and even multi-technology measurements
  • Results data show in real time during the measurement
  • Merge data from multiple measurements into one kinetic data set
  • Transfer data to an Excel file with a single click
  • Manually or automatically export data to .xlsx, .pdf, .xml, and .txt file formats
  • Automatically load measurement data into a predefined Excel template file

Easily analyse your data directly in the SkanIt software

Select from a variety of data processing tools:

  • Subtraction of blank averages
  • Average, SD, and CV% from sample replicates
  • Curve fitting for typical biological responses, including dose-response studies and ED50 determination
  • Curve fitting including back-calculation of samples and standards for QC or assay verification
  • Basic calculations such as ratio, subtraction, division, and multiplication
  • Quality control, for checking the validity of the assay
  • Classification, for dividing samples into categories
  • Normalization of data to your selected reference sample (e.g., for calculation of cell viability percentages)
  • Calculations for reduction of kinetic or spectral data
  • Merging multiple measurements into a single kinetic data set for better data analysis
  • Advanced calculation tool for creating custom formula

Enjoy the freedom to access your data remotely with Skanit software’s cloud capabilities

  • Upload measured data to your cloud account
  • Securely store, access, share, and manage your data remotely
  • Monitor the status of your instrument from your PC/Mac or mobile device
  • Reserve the instrument using the “Schedule Instrument” tool
  • Receive automatic notification of new instrument software updates

Discover our new and improved Multiskan SkyHigh with SkanIt software

Multiskan SkyHigh Microplate Spectrophotometer is a UV/Vis microplate reader designed to be convenient and easy to use for any photometric absorption or turbidimetric research applications and especially DNA, RNA and protein analysis.

Designed for academic, biotech and pharma researchers performing a variety of photometric assays and demanding high-quality results effortlessly, we provide the Multiskan SkyHigh that offers innovative solutions enabling ease of use, flexible data handling capabilities, top performance and confidence.

This microplate reader is ideal for multi-user environments where a variety of endpoint, kinetic and spectral assays are performed. Multiskan SkyHigh is available in different configurations. Touchscreen models offer the flexibility to use the system as stand-alone, or together with Thermo Scientific SkanIt software for PC control. A model with a cuvette reading option is also available.

Multiskan SkyHigh features:

  • Monochromator-based optical system for free selection of wavelengths from 200 nm to 1000 nm
  • Compatible with 6- to 48-, 96- and 384-well microplates or cuvettes with maximum plate height of 19.5 mm including possible lid
  • Reads µDrop and µDrop Duo Plates for micro-volume DNA/RNA and protein analysis
  • Separate optimized measurement modes for absorption and turbidimetric measurements
  • Allows kinetic, spectral, and endpoint measurements for a variety of applications
  • Fast operation: full spectrum of a well is done in less than 10 seconds; typical DNA spectrum can be measured in less than three seconds and a full 96-well microplate is read with one wavelength in 6 seconds
  • Performs onboard shaking and incubation for temperature-critical or cell-based assays

For more information about software benefits, visit SkanIt Microplate Reader Software. To learn more about the microplate readers powered by SkanIt Software, visit Thermo Scientific Microplate Readers.

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