Boosting CHO Cell Culture Scale-Up

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Sunday, 01 September, 2019

Most widely used cell lines for biopharmaceutical production of therapeutic proteins originate from CHO cells. These cells are robust in culture and can produce a variety of recombinant glycoproteins at high levels in large scales. Chemically defined, animal-derived component free media are the mainstay of CHO cell bioproduction, and in an optimised process protein yields greater 5 g/L can be delivered.

In the drug development timeline, cell culture medium and any associated supplements should be introduced and tested right from the R&D phase. Same media system can be further optimised during the process development phase. This can help minimise variations in product quality and yield as the molecule moves towards the clinical trials and production phase.

GE HyClone ActiPro medium and Cell Boost 7a and 7b supplements are designed and optimised for large-scale protein production in fed-batch suspension culture using recombinant CHO cells. Chemically defined with no peptides or hydrolysates, ActiPro medium and Cell Boost supplements are animal-derived component free (ADCF) and manufactured using current good manufacturing practices (cGMP). As ActiPro medium and Cell Boost 7a and 7b supplements do not contain hypoxanthine or thymidine (HT), their formulation supports the dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) gene amplification and selection system. ActiPro medium and Cell Boost 7a and 7b supplements can be used together in a fed-batch process or the medium and supplements can be used in combination with other products to increase productivity of an existing process.

This application note compares cell growth and recombinant protein production of multiple CHO cell clones when cultured in GE HyClone ActiPro basal medium and Cell Boost 7a and 7b feeding supplements. Results from shake flask cultures show high viable cell densities and protein production. In addition, scalability of the culture process was demonstrated in 2 and 50 L bioreactor cultures. Cell density and protein production were shown to be comparable between scales. Protein yields reached as high as 5 g/L in shake flasks and as high as 5.5 g/L in bioreactor cultures.

CHO DG44 (mAb producer) cell growth and productivity in 50 L bioreactor using HyClone ActiPro medium.

Read the detailed application note to learn more about the methods and results with other CHO cell lines here.

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