Entering a new era in specialty gases production in Australia

BOC Limited
Tuesday, 01 May, 2018

Entering a new era in specialty gases production in Australia

As Australia builds a more knowledge- and research-based economy, BOC is committed to investing in its national infrastructure and supply network to meet growing demand for specialty gases now and into the future.

Officially opened in February, BOC’s new $20 million specialty gases facility in Western Sydney has increased our capability to supply over 8,000 high-purity and scientific gas mixtures to many high technology industries including medical research, scientific research, universities and life sciences.

This new investment represents BOC’s confidence in the industries we serve and our plans to drive sustainable and innovative solutions that benefit our customers and the community.

More products and faster production

As the most significant investment into Australian mixtures and special gases in recent times, BOC’s new facility has been built with the life sciences in mind — to increase research capabilities, offer access to locally made mixtures and eliminate the need for costly imports.

With industry demand growing, BOC is positioned to give greater support for current and emerging research projects and offer customised gas mixtures within the tight timeframes required by customers. Fast-moving products can now be turned around with next-day delivery, while top tier complex products, containing 40 to 50 components, are now available in five to six weeks, where previously requiring 10 weeks.

The biggest challenge facing new productions times is the size of Australia’s supply chain — where it can take days to deliver to Western Australia. To help expedite the process, BOC has also invested heavily in new software that runs feasibility checks on 95% of new orders and automatically schedules them for production, while the remaining 5% undergo human intervention to check for feasibility and safety. From order to door, the process has been optimised to place more emphasis on longer supply chains to accommodate quicker delivery times, whether to Far North Queensland or Karratha, WA.

Best in precision, safety and quality

Backed by Linde’s world-leading expertise and history in specialty gases, BOC has custom-designed a facility that features state-of-the-art laboratory technology and information systems.

Specialty gases can now be filled at higher pressures of up to 300 bar, enabling greater volumes of gas in each cylinder — reducing the amount of orders and deliveries needed. New cylinder treatment processes also promote guaranteed stability of calibration gas mixtures and enhance the interior aluminium surface of the cylinder, which renders it chemically inert.

Exceeding International and Australian standards

Product and service excellence, backed by our accreditation to international standards on quality, safety and environmental management.

ISO 17025 for competence in testing

BOC specialty gas facilities in Australia and New Zealand are certified to ISO 17025 as testing laboratories. The purity, specification and shelf life of our HiQ® products are precisely what you request, with the stability of our gas mixtures guaranteed. ISO 17025 specifies the general requirements for the competence to perform tests, including sampling. It covers testing and calibration performed using standard and in-house methods and is applicable to all organisations undertaking analytical work.

ISO Guide 34 for reference material production

According to ISO Guide 34 ‘General requirements for the competence of reference material producers’ a reference material is produced using a metrologically valid procedure for quantification of one or more specified properties. It is accompanied by a certificate that provides the value of the specified property (composition), its associated uncertainty, and a statement of metrological traceability. HiQ specialty gas facilities in Australia and New Zealand have received accreditation to this standard by NATA or IANZ, providing you with the highest level of quality assurance.

ISO 9000 and 9001 for end-to-end quality

BOC has a quality management system meeting the requirements of the ISO 9000 series of standards, regularly assessed and approved by independent auditors. BOC facilities are also ISO 9001 certified, demonstrating that our quality control procedures are regularly subjected to scrutiny by independent auditors.

Further ISO compliance

To ensure that all gas mixtures are produced to the quality standards expected by our customers, BOC also complies with the following ISO standards where applicable:

  • ISO 6141 Requirement for certificates for calibration gas mixtures.
  • ISO 6142 Gas analysis. Preparation of calibration gas mixtures. Gravimetric method.
  • ISO 6144 Preparation of calibration gas mixtures by volumetric method.
  • ISO 6976 Specified method for the calculation of the calorific value and the Wobbe index of dry natural gas and other combustible gaseous fuels.

Supporting Australia’s growth sectors

By increasing its specialty gas capabilities BOC is now able to better support a wider range of industries and produce environmental emission standards, calibration mixtures for petrochemical and LNG. The new capability produces mixtures in Australia to support lower environmental emission control as well as Australian mining exports.

BOC supplies the majority of its specialty gas mixtures to Life Sciences, medical and cancer research. IVF specialty gas has emerged as BOC’s fastest moving in-demand product that helps grow embryos before implanting into patients. Also increasing in demand is lung function gas mixtures that are used for research into lung capacity and understanding lung function testings.

As the need for medical research grows, BOC is supporting states and territories with both guidance and gas mixtures needed to conduct research, as well as working with Australia’s leading research universities — including the top 8.

BOC also has the capability to export specialty gases into the Asia Pacific region. Supporting demand for environmental mixtures, calibration for LNG and Life Sciences (IVF and general medical research for universities and government).

Our team of experts are available today

As a leading supplier of specialty gases in Australia, BOC has been supporting the needs of the life science and research industry for many decades. We understand that precision matters and behind BOC’s investment is a promise of quality and focus on delivering on expectations. New infrastructure will increase capabilities to mix new components and create specialty gas mixtures tailored to the needs to the industry within tight deadlines. But BOC goes beyond just the supply of gas and is available to help with engineering work and customer care if questions or issues arise.

Talk to BOC’s specialty gases team today to access more than 8,000 Australian-made specialty gas mixtures.

Call 131 262 or visit www.boc.com.au/SGChanges.

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