Webinar series: Preparing your lab for limited access or temporary shutdown

Many labs have already been impacted by the current global situation and are changing their operations today. From having to operate with limited staff capacity to shutting down the laboratory for an extended period of time, these are just some examples that we are seeing from the trends that are happening around the region. While this is not the usual scenario that we are used to, it has become increasingly certain that the needs of the lab going forward will be different from before.

Maintaining instrument performance and keeping operations running consistently are the foundations of maximising lab productivity and efficiency. During this difficult time, and when dealing with situations that are not familiar, such as managing a lab with minimal staff or closing your lab for a period of time, Agilent is here to support you and help you navigate a new landscape. With that, we have set up a series of webinars focusing on the different areas you will need to bring your laboratory’s productivity back to where it used to be.

Webinar Series 1: How to power down your instrument properly

This series focuses on the important steps and recommendations for powering down your laboratory and properly shutting down your instrumentation, so they are ready to run again as soon as the lab starts being operational again. The webinar series is split by instrument type — gas chromatography, gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography and atomic spectroscopy products for convenience. Register for this series to listen to our Application Scientists and Product Specialists as they help you prepare for a lab shutdown.

Webinar Series 2: Maintaining your lab operations

There may be situations where unplanned and unprecedented operational changes put considerable extra stress on lab personnel and instruments. These situations will all require a different approach to maintenance of your laboratory and equipment. In this webinar series, we will cover helpful service items, support topics and proactive steps you should consider in maintaining and servicing critical instrumentation through these extraordinary times. Our Application Scientists, Field Engineers and System Specialists will help guide you through some effective strategies for getting the best out of your laboratory operations.

Webinar Series 3: How to power up your instrument properly

Just as it is important to prepare your laboratory properly for a shutdown, it is equally important to follow the correct procedure when starting your lab operations up again. In this upcoming series which will start running from May onwards, we will address the steps to starting up your laboratory equipment again after shutting it down for a prolonged period of time. A list of productivity tools will also be introduced to enhance throughput in your laboratory. Listen to our experts as they help guide you through this process.

To access our webinars, visit https://www.agilent.com/en/training-events/eseminars/preparing-your-lab.

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