CellBox for temperature- and CO2-controlled live cell transport

Tuesday, 01 September, 2020 | Supplied by: ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

Transporting living complex cells while retaining their full viability and functionality can be challenging, as traditionally cells and other biological material have been stored and transported at low to cryogenic temperatures. During this process, cells often suffer from exposure to suboptimal life-sustaining conditions (eg, temperature, pH, etc) as well as damage due to shear stress. Not only does cell viability need to be considered, but inadequate cryopreservation may introduce variations between different batches or could even cause genetic and epigenetic modifications.

CellBox is a portable CO2 incubator that enables safe shipping of intact cell/tissue constructs from one facility to another that overcomes these obstacles. Suitable for air and ground transport, CellBox provides a regulated CO2 environment and can maintain temperatures between 28 and 37°C while also monitoring the health of cells via the CellBox app.

Specially developed for the transport of sensitive cells and cell cultures, the product is suitable for iPSCs and iPSC-derived cells, such as sensory neurons, microglia and cardiomyocytes. Cells can be transported under laboratory conditions in the CellBox while avoiding unwanted changes in metabolism, gene expression and protein profiles.

Long-term cell storage and biobanks can benefit from receiving fresh material and performing the cryopreservation in-house. Recipients can benefit by receiving thawed and recovered cells from a biobank, ready to use. Lab-on-a-chip or tissue-on-a-chip products can meanwhile be seeded with living cells before shipping under laboratory conditions in the CellBox.

See webinar “The Challenges of Building & Transporting Organoids” https://youtu.be/5GSonHnJ8kw

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