Interview: Revolutionizing Global Vaccine Shipments with Releye

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Wednesday, 01 May, 2024

Interview: Revolutionizing Global Vaccine Shipments with Releye

In the world of pharmaceutical logistics, adopting new technologies and innovative solutions is essential to ensure that life-saving vaccines reach every patient on time in optimal condition.

We interviewed Paul Wolstencroft, Head of Global Logistics at CSL Seqirus, to find out more about how adopting the Releye® RAP solution and its integrated data capabilities has impacted their operations.

What sort of challenges do you face when transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products globally?

In our world, every second matters. We’re dealing with vaccines, a critical product with no safety stock and a constant need for just-in-time delivery. Maintaining the integrity of vaccines during transit requires a delicate balance between strict temperature control and the unpredictable nature of global logistics. Fluctuations in temperature, whether due to climate variations or unforeseen delays in transportation, can jeopardize the efficacy of vaccines. Because of the nature of the product and the sometimes complex trade lanes, having shipment data available on time and easily accessible can at times make or break a shipment. The challenges are immense, and precision is key.

How has adopting the Releye solution affected your operations?

The Releye RAP has been a game-changer for us. Staying innovative is crucial and we’re always looking for the latest technology to keep us on the front foot. Releye provides us with real-time tracking capabilities, allowing us to monitor critical shipments closely, ensuring they adhere to the required temperature conditions. My team, as well as other key stakeholders such as the airline and forwarder, are all able to access this information at any point in the shipment through the Envirotainer Portal, meaning we all can see the exact same information in real-time. This visibility is paramount. For us, Releye is a catalyst for change, risk reduction, and building a reputation for reliability in the industry.

How did you find the process of qualifying the Releye solution?

We found the process for qualifying Releye incredibly simple. Once we were aligned internally that we would qualify the Releye RAP, the qualification support package Envirotainer offers meant that we were able to have access to all the relevant documentation and test reports, so we were about to qualify without needing to do any physical shipments for Performance Qualification. This saved us time, effort and cost as well as having a positive impact from a sustainability perspective.

How has moving from using purely traditional trackers to having the additional data from the Releye integrated data sensors contributed to risk mitigation and redundancy?

Transitioning to Releye is not just about cost savings; it’s about having a lower risk profile. We’re dealing with products worth millions, and the peace of mind that comes with reducing the risk of any deviation from the required conditions is invaluable. It’s about building a robust system with redundancy to ensure the integrity of our vaccine shipments and being able to act if something unexpected happens such as the shipment being delayed in customs.

Compliance is a critical aspect when transporting vaccines, how does Releye align with your regulatory requirements?

While there were no new regulatory drivers for us to start using Releye, our focus is always on mitigating and reducing risk and proving visibility. Compliance is a baseline, and we aim to exceed those standards. Releye has been instrumental in demonstrating our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in vaccine logistics.

Internally, how has this new visibility affected confidence and trust within your team?

Real-time data builds confidence and trust internally. It shows that we, as a function, know what we’re doing, and that we’re constantly looking to improve. It’s not just about external stakeholders; it’s also about fostering a culture of excellence within our team.

Looking ahead, what are your thoughts on the future role of technology when transporting vaccines globally?

I see us moving beyond traditional data loggers. I want to rely on telematics, explore newer technologies, and optimize our processes further. It’s about staying ahead, embracing change, and ensuring that we are at the forefront of technological advancements in logistics.

About Releye: Setting a new standard for temperature-controlled shipments, the Releye containers are designed to meet the strictest requirements in pharmaceutical air freight. With industry leading autonomy, Releye will maintain the temperature and protect the cargo longer than any other available active solution, without the need for recharging.

All Releye containers are connected and the Live Monitoring service enables a unique insight into product condition, location and progress of the shipment. Our Control Tower operators monitor your cargo worldwide 24/7 with a response to any critical event within 15 minutes.

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