Beckman Coulter Echo 525 Liquid Handler for miniaturisation of genomic workflows

Wednesday, 01 April, 2020 | Supplied by: Beckman Coulter Hong Kong Ltd


Beckman Coulter’s Echo 525 Liquid Handler is said to be the first rapid acoustic liquid handler designed specifically for biochemical and genomics reagent transfer, enabling scientists to spend more time looking at data. Protocol creation and implementation in the Echo Software Applications are fast and do not require extensive training. Designed for use with the Echo system, the Access Laboratory Workstation expands the Echo 525 Liquid Handler’s utility and further frees up time.

Precise, low-volume transfers enables assay miniaturisation. The product is said to build assays 50–100 times faster than traditional liquid handlers, giving the lab higher capacity from one instrument. The suite of Echo Software Applications guides creation of complex protocols for a variety of applications. The product also eliminates pipetting variances that affect assay success and integrates into the Labcyte Access Laboratory Workstation for increased throughput.

The flexibility, speed and precision of the liquid handler should enable researchers to build assays that are not possible with traditional liquid handlers. The use of acoustic sound energy removes the traditional boundaries of tip and pin tool based liquid handlers. Transfer variable fluid heights and viscosities from one source plate to enable rapid assay creation in one fluid transfer run. The liquid handler moves fluids from any well to any other well, enabling researchers to design the experimental plates they need to make discoveries.

Assay assembly and the transfer of one reagent to many wells is simplified using the Echo Qualified Reservoir. With the capability of transferring up to 2.5 mL from each micro-well, users can build assays without requiring an instrument change.

The liquid handler transfers a wide range of fluids during one transfer including distilled water, buffers, nucleic acids, and reagents containing up to 50% glycerol. With its versatile fluid range, transfer volume range, any well to any well transfer capability and powerful applications software, the product supports a wide range of genomic assay workflows, including gene synthesis, PCR and qPCR assay set-up, RNA and DNA NGS sequencing workflows, Sanger sequencing assay set-up and single-cell sample preparation.

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