Malvern Kinexus series rotational rheometers

Sunday, 01 October, 2017 | Supplied by: ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

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The Malvern Kinexus series is a rotational rheometer that enables optimal flexibility for advanced research, to define material characteristics from viscosity to viscoelasticity. Sequence-driven rSpace software allows fully customisable test design and SOP operation.

Kinexus rheometers provide greater understanding of flow and deformation behaviour compared to viscometers by enabling several key benefits.

The rheometers enable a broader range of test capabilities to extend viscosity flow curves, using a low-friction air bearing that enables measurement of even low-viscosity samples and solids. A complete range of rheological tests can be performed with full control of sample strain history.

The rheometers also make it possible to gather more relevant yield stress data than can be measured using a viscometer, for every sample type, thereby supporting faster, more effective formulation.

Unlike viscometers, the rheometers allow oscillatory testing to probe the viscoelasticity of a sample. They can thus be used to characterise microstructure and control solid-liquid transitions, providing a microstructural fingerprint to quantify stability and to refine critical aspects of product performance.

Axial testing is used to quantify tack, or stickiness, and extend viscosity measurement capabilities. Precise normal force and gap control makes it possible to measure tackiness and the rheology of samples with high solids fractions.

The rheometers also make it possible to apply sophisticated test sequences that directly simulate in-use behaviour to delve deeper into process and product performance, providing valuable data for product optimisation.

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