BOD bottles

Thursday, 21 April, 2005 | Supplied by:

The EPA has approved the Environmental Express' biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) bottles. BOD refers to the amount of oxygen that would be consumed if bacteria oxidised all organic materials in 1 L of water.

This test is important as it determines the level of aerobic bacteria in organic rich material. If aerobic bacteria consume dissolved oxygen in water, it becomes unavailable to other aquatic animals and plants resulting in potential devastating consequences.

Environmental Express BOD bottles are disposable, eliminating the problem of contamination from sample carryover or detergent residue. Environmental Express' BOD bottles have an amorphous carbon coating which keeps oxygen from diffusing into or out of the sample, providing uniform blanks, high standard recoveries and quality test data. Lightweight, unbreakable and recyclable, Environmental Express' BOD disposable bottles offer safety as well as convenience.

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