Rigaku Desktop Alchemist liquid handling system

Wednesday, 04 August, 2010 | Supplied by: Meeco Holdings Pty Ltd

The Rigaku Desktop Alchemist liquid handling system for protein crystallisation optimisation is a cost-effective laboratory automation tool. Complex fine screens can be set up in under 3 min, with an entire screen competed in under 25 min. From intuitive and easy-to-use software, to high dispense accuracy and precision across all viscosities, the system delivers reproducible fine screens on the user’s benchtop.

Built upon the Rigaku Alchemist platform, but with a compact footprint, the system offers the ability to dispense reagents from ethanol to 100% glycerol with accuracy and precision, ensuring reliable and repeatable results without wasting any additives, detergents or other chemicals.

Employing Eppendorf Combitips Plus positive-displacement non-contact dispensers, in conjunction with Rigaku Tapper technology as part of the BirdFeeder assembly, ensures that the correct volume is dispensed - regardless of the density or viscosity of the liquid - down to 1 µL with a total CV of less than 2%. The BirdFeeder technology also provides self-contained liquid dispensing and individual stock solution management, with bar-code tracking, individual syringes that eliminate cross-contamination and integral long-term storage, all in one design that allows for direct dispensing into VDX, Linbro or Nextal plate formats.

The system works hand in hand with CrystalTrak, a software package that allows users to simplify the design and set-up experiments. CrystalTrak also solves the stock solution storage and management problem as it includes a database that holds thousands of stock chemicals that can be added or removed from the 26 position deck in a matter of seconds, using the bar-coded BirdFeeder assemblies.

Protein crystallography represents a core structural biology technology in the modern endeavour of rational drug design to eliminate or mitigate human diseases. In order to obtain three-dimensional X-ray crystal structures of proteins and protein complexes, high-quality protein crystals are an absolute requirement. The system provides researchers a fast, reproducible and affordable solution for finding optimal crystal growth conditions so as to more rapidly advance our understanding of structural biology.

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